5-Second Hack For Unlimited Productivity

Wanna know a secret every high performer does to be masters of their craft?

Turn off your phone notifications…

It’s that simple.

Few things have done more to improve my productivity and happiness than not looking at the red circles of death.

None of my apps have a red circle around it SCREAMING for attention. Think about it. Does Instagram really help you be productive? What about LinkedIn for you B2B folks?

I finally check my phone when I want to, not when my phone wants me to. If you’re a Millennial or Gen Z you must do this. Your brain is being hacked by tech companies working DAY & NIGHT to addict you to their products.

By eliminating notifications you’ll check for texts when you want. You’ll answer emails when you want.

Here’s an extra bonus: you’ll never miss an emergency or deadline. It’ll be in your head anyways.

Try it, like, right now. Perform a test and let me know if it works.

You’ll love how it feels, your family and friends will love you for being focused on them, and your brain will finally be able to think.


Step 1: Go To Settings

Step 2: Set Show Previews for “Never”

Step 3: Go into every app and Turn off notifications

Step 4: Breath easy!

Don’t Be A Slave.

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