Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Protect Your Eyes With Style

Americans are experiencing eye problems like never before. In fact, there’s been a rise of more than 25% in age related macular degeneration in adults within the U.S. 

This leads many scientists to ask… Why?

One leading theory is blue light from computers. 

Have you ever spent the day working on the computer, and your eyes feel fatigued and strained? 

That’s blue light causing them to over-constrict and tire out. Do this to your eyes enough times and eventually the muscle becomes weak and causes you to lose clear and sharp central vision. 

That’s why I’ve written this article about blue light glasses. It’s important to me because I’ve personally experienced chronic strain, which came along with painful migraines and blurry vision, due to long hours working on the computer. 

What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

I’m sure you can tell by their name, but blue light blocking glasses are specially designed eyeglasses that have lenses capable of blocking blue light rays from digital screens such as computers, and television. 

They also protect against ultraviolet rays and glare, which shield the retina, and eyes in general, from potential damages.

If you are looking to buy blue light blocking glasses, first have in mind that there are a lot of brands suited for various functions and reasons for using these glasses.

Below are the best options for various functions and uses of blue light blocking glasses.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Overall- TIJN 

These are yellow-tinted blue light blocking glasses that can effectively prevent 100% ultraviolet rays, and this is just one of the reasons why it is the best overall option you can find out there.

Their design is quite sleek, and for style, it takes more of a retro fashion than an in vogue style. For dimension, it has a width of 53 MM, a Bridge of 18 MM, and an arm length of 140MM. 

It is designed to be extremely lightweight, frictionless, and stable due to the incorporated metal hinges.

They are perfect for almost all functions you need blue light blocking glasses to serve.

They take a square shape, and their frame will perfectly sit on your face without falling off making you look like a nerd. They also come in various colors, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

TIJN may not be the perfect choice for prescription lenses out there, but they will still do a decent job regardless of if you make use of contact glasses.

If you work in front of a computer screen all day, TIJN blue light blocking glasses will be perfect for you. They are easy on the eyes and you will definitely not feel the weight of what you have on.

They come at a low cost, so you do not have to break the bank to buy one especially if you have a modest budget for blue light blocking glasses.

However, they have issues of rigidity and since they come in only a square shape, the choices of selection on this basis are quite limited. But because they cut across many functions, these do not stop them from being the overall best glasses for blocking blue lights

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Style- Warby Parker 

Well, who says you cannot be stylish with your blue light blocking glasses? There are many fashion brands out there with super stylish blue light blocking glasses that will look cool on you.

However, Warby Parker is the best pick of the lot for this option. Their glasses are sophisticated and come in various frame colors so you can choose the perfect choice for yourself. They are very sleek and also have various sizes and shapes.

There are options for women and men, and you can place your order based on your head size. Do not worry, the styles are available in all frame shapes.

Aside from being stylish glasses, Warby Parker does not deviate from the main essence of designing blue light blocking glass. They are a perfect choice for pixel peeping that leads to eyes fatigue. The glasses also filter more wavelength of blue light than conventional high indexes and polycarbonate glasses.

The frames are built to be extremely lightweight and tiny, and they are also a great option as prescription blue light blocking glasses.

Also, if you are a sucker for wired frame blue-blocking glasses, you are going to get a perfect deal with Warby Parker. They are very effective against both UVA and UVB rays.

Their frames are extra durable and long-lasting. They are made from high-quality stainless materials, so you can be rest assured of their resilience.

Another benefit of ordering from them is that they have a free shipping policy, and if you place an order for a frame bigger than the size of your head, there is a return back policy of 30 days where they can change it to a more befitting pair for you.

The only downside you may experience with this product is its price. But stylish things tend to be more expensive, don’t they?

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Budget- Uvex Skyper 

If you are familiar with the brand Uvex, you will know that they are one of the world’s best sellers for eyeglasses. They have been around for decades now and have manufactured various glasses styles for almost all industries around.

The brand is also popular for the comfortability and effectiveness of its products. However, Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses are more popular for being price friendly and if you are looking to purchase a blue light blocking glass on budget, this is the best option out there.

They have orange lenses that can absorb as much as 98% of blue light from computers, televisions, and other types of screen. Also, they are flexible in movement and can be adjusted to about 3 various positions for better usage and fitting. They are also perfect for the elimination of eye strains and make sleeping easier.

The orange lenses have a Spectrum Control Energy that sieves the wavelengths of blue lights. This will prevent eyes fatigue and eyes defects such as cataracts and degeneration. The glasses are also easy to clean, maintain and replacement is cheap.

The glasses also feature excellent clarity with the design of their lenses that have essential side shields. It also offers comfortability with the integrated nose bridge, tip pads at the back of the ears, and lightweight material. With these, you can wear them for a long period without feeling discomfort.

On the flip side, there have been numerous cases of the lenses causing scratching, so it would be better if scratch resistance glasses are integrated moving forward. But nevertheless, these glasses are the best budget blue light blocking glasses you can find today.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Gaming- Gamma Ray 

If you are a gamer, then these are the blue light blocking glasses you should buy. Also, people that frequently use computers or have to stare at a computer screen for a very long period have the perfect option in Gamma Rays Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

They are extremely durable but still lightweight and fitting. They are plastic made and limit straining of the eyes when using a digital screen. There have been other cases of users using the glasses and finding relief from issues such as scratchy, dry, and parched eyes.

Gamma glasses reduce the glare of blue lights emitted by games with ultraviolet protection of 400. This leads to visual comfortability, hence you can spend more time enjoying your game. You can also use them while watching television.

Apart from the plastic materials used for its design other features are aimed at making it as featherweight as possible, especially when you wear it on your face for lengthy periods. After a while, you may not even realize that you have them on due to the TR90 lightweight frames.

The amber tint and anti-glare features prevent fatigue and migraine while giving your eyes optimal protection against UV light. This is like a double-action that not all gaming blue light blocking glasses offer.

Also, be rest assured that these glasses do not affect your clear vision in any way. They are very transparent and without effect, except when you are using them for the purposes they serve.

They are also quite affordable and you do not have to break the bank before getting them. Although it is not spoken about a lot, they are also quite stylish and fashionable.

However, one issue you will most likely have with these glasses is that their frames only come in one particular size. This is mostly an issue with people that have big head sizes.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Prescription- Felix Gray 

If you are looking for the perfect reflection glasses option, then you should try out Felix Gray Roebling glasses. These glasses come in 3 classy color frame options, and you will definitely find the one that suits you.

You can also select your choice based on the width which is between narrow and medium. They are suitable for both males and females and their round frame sits perfectly on everyone’s faces.

Felix Gray Roebling Blocking Glasses are designed in Italy, the home of fashion, and their lenses are a perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency. So they are another cool stylistic option if you like.

The glasses are used only during the day, so you should not use them for sleeping at night, you may need another multi-purpose brand for this purpose. However, glasses designed for just daytime tend to be clearer, and the lenses, simpler than other ones manufactured for various reasons.

Aside from reflecting and sifting blue light rays, they completely eradicate glare and leave the user with the best watching experience. They are also a great option for reading glasses.

Felix Gray Roebling gray allows users to have the opportunity of buying blue light blocking glasses for prescription lenses. Also, you are not streamlined to a particular shape or size since everyone does not have the same head shape. There are about a dozen size options to choose from.

The downside to these glasses is that they could be a little bit more expensive, especially if you have the option of certain prescription lenses. However, the glasses are very effective, so you can be rest assured you are getting quality for your money.

Also, a lot of people buying over the internet complain about sizing issues. Some people think they know the perfect size and dimension for their face, and when the order comes through they realize it is quite different. Luckily enough, Felix Gray Roebling allows exchange at no cost for this type of situation.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids- Cyxus 

Kids have a lot of cartoon shows to watch, so it is important that you protect their eyes as much as you can, especially at their young age. Cyxus blue light blocking glasses are the perfect choice for kids. They offer up to 90% protection against light rays from television, computer, and other artificial sources that little kids are mostly exposed to.

The glasses are also sturdy and long-lasting which is suitable for children because they play around a lot and may tend to damage things. The glasses come with a wiping cloth to clean away the dust that may have settled, before wearing them.

It also comes with a light card to test the blocking ability of the glasses and a blue touch light to carry out the test. The glass case is waterproof to prevent any damage from humidity. The material used for the frames ensures that they are not allergic to the skin and have environmental protection.

Their nose pads avoid friction that causes bruises and make them comfortable on the kids. To ensure that they are not loose on the face, they have hinges that make them stable, firm, flexible, and most importantly, protect the eyes.

The lenses are clear and transparent and do not add any pigment when using the glasses. They perfectly absorb blue light rays regardless of how dense they are. They also offer protection against UV rays.

Cyxus blue light blocking glasses were designed with both comfortability and durability in mind. They can make the kids look stylish and fashionable still. They are also lightweight and offer anti glare properties.

However, some of the downsides of these glasses are that the lenses tend to pick up dust very quickly and they tend to become over reflective. But if you are looking for a perfect blue light blocking glass for your kids, this is the best choice you can find out there.

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