Best Gel Pens

Gel pens are very special, especially for students and business owners who rarely go a day without having to scribble those vibrant pigments or draw accurate and precise lines.

Even at this, choosing the best gel pen is an extreme sport for most. Some people do not even know if the pen they own is the perfect fit for the function they are using it to serve.

This is why we have written this article to talk about the best gel pen for various categories, so you can know the one to use and when to use it.

Best Overall Gel Pen- Uni-ball Sigmo UM-151

Uni-Ball Signo tops the list for best gel pens you can find out there. It is really everybody’s favorite pen. The pen makes use of pigmented inks that seamlessly glides on paper when you are working.

The pen comes in various colors and sizes so that you can choose based on the way you write and design. It is a sheathable pen, and easily retractable, so you don’t have to bother about opening a cap.

Other great features of this pen include its resistance to fade and feather, and its waterproof ability. Uni-ball Sigmo might not have the same effect as markers and highlighter pens, but its writing ability is top-notch.

Best Pastel Gel Pen- Sakura Pastel Decorese

Sakura Pastel tops the lists of pastel gel pens. The pen writing is quite wet, and you may have to wait for a while till it dries up. When the ink dries it will look exactly like a satin finish, and this is just perfect for photos or other non-porous exteriors.

Before you use this pen, make sure that you clean the fine tip with a cloth to make writing or any other operation run effortlessly. If it gets wet while working, you can clean it from time to time too.

Best Quick Drying Gel Pen- Zebra Sarasa Dry Gel Pen

If you are someone that is impatient and does not have enough spare time to wait for a pen to finish drying, then you should only be buying a quick-drying gel pen.

Sarasa is undoubtedly the best gel pen for this option. This pen makes use of exceptional dry ink technology, and in about 2 to 3 seconds your work will become dry on the paper’s surface regardless of the tip size you are using.

People that take fast notes can utilize this pen to their advantage. If you make use of Rhodia paper, the Sarasa pen will dry up in even a much quicker time.

Zebra Sarasa gel pens come in about 3 versions, and even though all of them are fast-drying, the American versions are faster and cost less than the Japanese version. You can utilize the Japanese version for more style, and its sturdiness means it is more long-lasting.

However, the only flipside to Sarasa pens is that they are not waterproof. So even though they may be a quick-drying pen, they are very susceptible to spills from water, tea, etc.

Best Ergonomic Gel Pen- Pentel Energel X

Pentel Energel is one of the pens with versatile attributes. Its writing is smooth and it is fast drying, but its ergonomic qualities are what make it stand out from other ball pens.

The pen prevents discomfort during usage with the aid of a grip made from latex, indicating a handling zone. Being lightweight also makes controlling it very easy.

Pentel Energel comes in two types of thin tip sizes, 0.5mm and 0.7mm. These sizes make it very easy for the pen to write neatly and draw accurate lines.

Best White Gel Pen- Uni-ball Sigmo Broad Pen

It is quite difficult to find the perfect white gel pen because there needs to be a combination of opaque ink and great flow. But we have done this research for you to choose easily, and the Uni-ball SIgmo Broad pen is unanimously the best for this category.

On dark papers and surfaces, the white ink will come alive. This means that the pen can also be useful for art designs. Furthermore, when writing with other pens on white surfaces, you can use the Uni-ball Sigmo Broad pen as a correctional pen.

Best Waterproof Gel Pen- Pentel Energel Permanent Pen

Pentel Energel Permanent Pen is a worthy upgrade of the normal Energel pen, and one of its great features is its ink waterproof ability. This makes it resistant to spills from your coffee and teacups.

Aside from its waterproof ability, this pen is also resistant to fade, quick-drying like other brands of Energel, and all these are not at the expense of its extremely smooth writing flow.

If you are looking for the best pen with longevity to sign important documents such as wills, bank checks, and contracts, then Pentel Energel permanent pen is unequivocally the perfect choice for you.

Best Professional Gel Pen- Parker Jotter

Do you need a gel pen that best suits an office environment? Or one you can clip to your office wear pockets and briefcases? Then Parker Jotter pen is the perfect choice for you.

This pen has been around for ages now, and it still remains the best professional gel pen you can find out there. Some of the features that make it widely acceptable for this purpose is its sleekness and aesthetics.

Its body is made up of stainless steel, and this makes it sturdy and highly durable. The pen is also well patterned and comes in various colors that you can use to match the color of your office wear.

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Best Note-Taking Gel Pen- Zebra Sarasa Mark On

For students and those in a line of work where they have to take note frequently, here is an end to smudgy notes.

The Zebra Sarasa Mark On makes use of inks developed to be water-resistant, and this makes it a perfect highlighting and note taking gel pen. The pen has a resilient binder clip, making it a great option for scribbling on hard surfaces such as binding covers.

The pen also does not budge even in the face of smear resistance mild liner.

Best Journaling Gel Pen- Zebra Sarasa Push Clip

Most gel pens are okay for journaling if you do it just once in a while. But you need the best pen if you are constantly journaling. For this, the best option is the Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Pen.

This pen ink has an effervescent pigment, and it is also resistant to fade and water. This means that the entries of your journal cannot be damaged by water or coffee spills. You can also use the pen to style your journal in various ways such as using a bright color, and stunning marble effects.

Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Pen sizes range from 0.3-1.0 mm so you can choose any writing style you want for your journal.

Best Fine Tip Gel Pen- Pilot Hi-Tec-C

Fine tip gel pens do not come better than Pilot Hi-Tec-C. This pen makes use of extremely small tips, as little as 0.25mm. In comparison, most companies’ smallest pen tip is around 0.5mm.

The pen is also one of the smoothest writing pens, and it comes in a lot of colors too. One of its best qualities is precision and for this, its tip tends to hop better than those of other gel pens. However, this could be frustrating for new users not yet accustomed to this pen. But regular users appreciate it more for this reason.

Best Art Gel Pen- Sakura Gelly Roll

Sakura Gelly Roll is the first-ever ink gel pen in the world, and today, it still stands as the best for art. This is due to consistent improvement and refining that the company employs for ink formulation.

Most gel pens manufactured for art today are modeling after Gelly Roll, this is just to show how ahead of others they are when it comes to gel pens in this category.

Features of the pen that enables art includes smooth flow, pastel pigmentations, and glittering attributes. The ink is also perfect for dark and colored surfaces, while some are equally good on surfaces that are non-porous.

Best Erasable Gel Pen- Pilot FriXion

When it comes to erasable gel pens, you cannot look beyond Pilot FriXion. This pen is perfect for temporary notes. It has a decent ink flow and combined with its effervescence, makes erasability a possibility.

Why FriXion is better than other erasable pens is because its ink is formulated to be very thermo-sensitive, so when you use an eraser to rub off the written words on a surface, the generated heat will make the ink become invisible. You can also easily write on that erased surface.

One flipside of FriXion you should know is its reactivity to heat is very high, so you should not leave it in your car or a place that is warm. Also, do not use this ink to write or inscribe on important documents.

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