10 Pawtastic Dog Training Affiliate Programs

If you are considering getting involved in online advertising, one of the first things you should do is research the many pay per click that are available for dog training. It is said that a man’s best buddy is his dog. Educating your dog is an important responsibility that comes with having an animal live with you.

Canines have the potential to become members of their human families and should be cared for accordingly. This requires enough care as well as instruction.

Affiliate networks that focus on dog training are an excellent location to get started with marketing that is related to pets. To be of assistance to you, we have spent a significant amount of time investigating and compiling for you some of the top affiliate programmes for dog training that can be found anywhere on the internet.

Top Picks of Dog Training Affiliate Programs 

  • Dog Training Depot
  • Dog.com
  • EzyDog
  • Dog TRainer HandBook
  • Train Pet Dog
  • Good Life Bark Control
  • Success Dogs
  • Dog Sense Online
  • Raising Canine
  • HempMyPet

Dog Training Depot

At Dog Training Depot, both the dogs and the people who live with them receive training of the highest kind. To register as a partner of the Dog Training Depot site, animal shelters, blogs, dog walking services, groomers, and other businesses dealing with dogs can take advantage of this opportunity.

Partners can create recommendations from the site by using either their company name or a unique link that they create for themselves. The Dog Training Depot provides a choice between two distinct affiliate schemes in order to accommodate the requirements of each and every affiliate promotion.

The first programme calls for you to participate in their affiliate training course that is structured in steps. It guides you through the steps of developing a successful affiliate marketing programme. By participating in this affiliate programme, affiliates have the opportunity to earn a commission of 15% on any dog training e-books that they sell. You can also make an additional profit of up to fifty percent by selling collars and leads that go together.

This referral program for dog training offers a compensation of $200 per transaction, in extra to $100 for the enrollment of a new client, and an addition 2% reward on each order referred for the rest of the affiliate’s life. This is just one of the many benefits of becoming an affiliate.

Program Link: Dog Training Depot
Commission Rate: 15-30 %

Cookie Duration: 1 year


A brand that caters to people of all ages who have a strong affection for dogs has been launched by Dog.com, the online destination for the most innovative dog gym gear and advice. This company operates more than 800 of the most successful ecommerce websites. In furthermore, you have the potential to earn up to $ 1.000 every referral and to build a rapidly expanding list of customers who are searching for suggestions and ideas regarding how to educate their new doggy companion.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog trainer, a behaviourist, a pet owner, or just someone who wants to make their home a happier place for their pets—the Dog Training Blog is an incredible guide for you. Check out Dog.com if you have aspirations of becoming a dog trainer or if you are already in the process of trying to arrange the return of your dog following an accident.

Through the use of their partner program, partners have the opportunity to earn a fee by advertising puppy products sold on Dog.com or eBay. As an Amazon associate, you will receive a fee of 4% on any sales of services or accessory items manufactured using your connections, in addition to an 8% commission on any sales of e-books made through Amazon. There are several banner ads available to market these products, and those banners come in seven distinct designs.

The fact that they do not make dog goodies offered with their partner program is the sole drawback to working with them.

Program Link:  Dog.com
Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Because there are so many choices available to you when it comes to training your dog, making the perfect one can be difficult. It is precisely at this point when The EzyDog comes into play. After looking through a few different programmes, we determined that this one has a quite high rate of successful sales.

As a result, it creates a lot of options for partners to make a decent revenue from their work. You will receive a fee regardless of whether you run a sell dog toys, a kennel, or other types of pet goods.

The advertising programme offers generous payouts and a great deal of creative leeway. There are numerous different listings available for selection. If you are interested in online advertising, you will not have any trouble locating the model that is most suitable for you.

After you have determined which product or service would best meet your requirements, proceed to the website of the affiliates and complete your order by following the links provided by them to earn a commission. A significant number of the aforementioned kinds of programmes feature a low buy rate.

This partner scheme for dog training does need initial financial investment, which is one of the program’s disadvantages. The training resources, harnesses, dog chains, leads, dog treats, and other items will cost you a minimum of $150 and at minimum that much.

Program Link: EzyDog
Commission Rate: 9%

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Dog Trainer Handbook

Online advertising for dog training is among the best companies that can be developed online because it focuses on giving useful material to people who are passionate about dogs. If you are serious about providing dog training advice and guidance, then perhaps the affiliate programme for the Dog Trainer Handbook represents one of the best investments you can make.

Partners are given permission by The Canine Trainer Handbook to sell dog items that are specifically designed for training objectives. It provides a wide range of items that can assist your canine companion in leading a happy and healthy life. Books, instructional manuals, and classes are all included in this category. They are a relatively new internet retailer, but they are expanding rapidly and doing rather well in the industry.

DogTrainerHandbook.com has over 20 years of knowledge in the dog market, making it a fantastic destination for online marketers to find amazing items to advertise. DogTrainerHandbook.com also provides some excellent products for partners to encourage. E-books on how to train your dog, various dog equipment, and free video lessons on how to train your dog are included. You will be entitled to a 10% reward on any and all sales made as an affiliate of the company.

Program Link: The Dog Trainer Handbook  
Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Train Pet Dog

The Train Pet affiliate programme is an example of a readymade partner program that is associated with one of the most extensive pet training programmes available anywhere in the market. With just 2 easy proposals, you may get admission to more than 30 free publications, video clips, PDFs, and other resources, including free training guidance and more. Dog training is the subject of all of them.

The Train Pet affiliate programme collaborates with dog trainers to assist in the marketing of the dog trainers’ respective training programmes. It provides 14 unique advertising programs, each of which can be adapted to the customer’s business in a variety of ways.

Join TrainPetDog.com’s affiliate programme in order to get started making money right away. The Train Pet Dog Affiliate Program is created to provide partners the maximum attention possible to the various dog training items, such as dog food,  training equipment, supplies, dog toys, and other services, for which one can receive a reward. These items and services include:

Program Link: Train Pet affiliate program

Commission Rate: 15 %

Cookie Duration: 10 years

Good Life Bark Control

Good Life Bark Control Dog Training is the best dog training firm in the area, and they have over 20 years of industry experience between them. It focuses on humanitarian and non-harmful reduction techniques that dog owners can use to address undesirable habits in their pets, specifically dogs.

The programme includes a cordless collar that is simple to operate and offers 3 different levels of training. It is dedicated to preventing the execution of dogs by assisting the owners of those dogs in becoming better trainers, and it does so by giving cheap training videos and eBooks on its website.

A multiple training programme is provided by Good Life Bark Control to help you put an end to your dog’s yelling without causing it to become uncomfortable or acting out of type. Simply adhere to the directions step by step, and if necessary, follow up with regular sessions.

The partner share details by Good Life Bark Control is developed with the intention of providing its participants with the maximum number of advantages. That if anyone goes to your site through one of their interconnections and purchases one of Good Life Bark Control’s products, you will receive a fee which can be utilised to buy even more quality materials for training dogs. If anyone visits your site through one of their interconnections and purchases one of their product lines, you will be compensated.

Program Link: Good Life Bark Control Dog Training
Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Success Dogs

A leader in the industry of online dog training, Success Dogs is a website that instructs pet owners in how to educate their dogs without requiring them to learn complex procedures. The company employs a cutting-edge behavioural change technique that enables even the most challenging canines in becoming loyal in a short amount of time.

Almost thirty of the most effective dog training methods, excellent goods, and well-known trainers are all part of the Success Dogs repertoire. Participation in any of their affiliate programmes does not cost anything.

Since Success Dogs offers you with the tools needed, including tools, training methods, the support network of other successful dog trainers, and exclusive dog training advertisements, your chances of succeeding in training dogs are significantly increased.

Affiliates are eligible for a reward of up to an amazing 20% on each order, with growth averaging if the customer was referred through a partnership link. This referral program is for things that can be sold, with a focus on lifelong learning opportunities such as access to dog training courses, seminars, books,  webinars, CDs, and DVDs. Clicker training kits are also included in this programme.

Program Link: Success Dogs

Commission Rate: 20 %

Cookie Duration: Lifetime

Dog Sense Online

Dog Sense Online provides a variety of dog training services, including  training with a leash, training for large dogs, training with a spray collar, training for protection dogs and police dogs,  training for basic obedience, and more.

Customers are provided with a method that makes studying the greatest pet training ideas, methods, and tactics enjoyable and participatory. The training is delivered by professionals who have substantial expertise and a track record of providing guidance that has been shown to be effective in practise.

The online dog training program provided by DogSenseOnline.com is accompanied by a one-of-a-kind partner program. Partners receive 30% commission on the initial investment made by each new buyer of the Dog Trainer Online course.

The pay-per-lead approach is used for the affiliate programme. It indicates that partners are simply compensated for the sending of referrals rather than for the real sales made.

Program Link: Sense Online
Commission Rate: 10-30 %
Cookie Duration: 30%

Raising Canine

Another dog training company is Raising Canine whose primary mission is to inform animal lovers about all aspects of training their canine companions. It aims to provide cognitive and behavioural answers for households as well as the puppies that live in their homes.

They provide more than one hundred classes that cover important aspects of canine training including  a snack and exercise schedule, adherence training, walking on a lead, adequate attitudes at houses and in crowds, emergency procedures planning processes, and a variety of other topics.

A dog owner can learn how to prepare their pet in just 1 month with the assistance of this program. The particular kind of training that students will not be learning about is not the main focus of the class. But rather than that, it teaches you how and where to ensure the achievement of your clients when it comes to training their dogs.

A digital dog training partner programme is available through Raising Canine. Partners have access to a wide variety of promotional tools at their disposal, including link tags, e – mail marketing, banner ads, and many more. Per each free membership that is purchased, the company provides its partners with a service fee ranging from 10% – 20%, based on the strategy.

Program Link:  Raising Canine Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20 %

Cookie Duration: 30 days


A firm as HempMyPet provides support including dog walking and training for canines. Its goal is to provide high-quality data which will assist dog owners in becoming better educated, more motivated, and more motivated. The firm has on staff a group of knowledgeable dog trainers who provide assistance to clients with all facets of training, such as housetraining, behavioral therapy, and other services along these lines.

Partners who participate in this company’s programme receive a payment of 10% on the initial item sold by any client they relate, as well as 10% on all following sales made by the same user. It is an advertising platform for dog trainers, vets, pampering specialists, local pet shops, and other businesses connected to pets that is only open to those who have been invited to participate.

The creator of HempMyPet is responsible for the creation of the company’s premium brand of health items manufactured from a veterinarian.

HempMyPet is committed to assisting you in developing a prosperous dog training industry. You’ll have access to the most up-to-date innovations in dog training goods, herbal supplements, and other areas once you start working as an affiliate marketing program.

They distribute  CBD for dogs, CBD Hemp Oil, and CBD for dog’s skin concerns like allergies and dry skin, and more! It is recommended that dogs take hemp oil to improve their overall health and to encourage the development of skin health and outerwear.

Program Link: HempMyPet 

Commission Rate: 8%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

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