23 Hobbies That Make Money: Rack Up Cash & Have Fun Doing It!

Making a little extra side income doesn’t need to be painful. In fact, it can be a blast!

I personally believe everyone has an interest or hobby which can be monetized in a fun and exciting manner, without feeling overwhelmed or bad about it. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re into… Heavy metal, record players, reading, fixing cars, golf, coffee, you name it. If you have a hobby you’re passionate about, there’s a way to monetize it and make a side income stream. 

Hobbies are what make you unique. Everyone works, but not everyone is interested in what you find fun or inspiring. That’s what makes it easy for you to monetize, you’re already pursuing the hobby!

In this article you’re going to find the top 23 hobbies guaranteed to make you cash quickly. 

Go on, dive in!

Hobbies That Make You Money

Writing & Blogging

Do you have a specific interest you enjoy learning about? Maybe it’s about psychedelics and how they affect depression, or it could be knitting and craft design. 

Whatever it is there’s a great chance you have a specific interest or hobby you can monetize through writing or blogging. 

Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing this is the perfect option for you to quickly earn extra income stress free while working from home. 

You can go to companies like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Textbroker to start earning for every word you write. 

People constantly need help with creating unique and inspiring content for their business. You can be that person! 

You’ll get a chance to explore a wide range of industries and niches, each with their own unique characteristics and opportunities in them. 

If there’s a topic you want to learn more about, you can just get paid to research and write for that topic. 

It’s how I started my first side income stream and it’s made a world of difference for my personal finances!


This is a great channel to build your brand and expertise. By blogging you can build a community around your hobby. 

You’ll get networking opportunities, access to interesting ideas, and most importantly you can monetize your interests without much effort. 

Yes it does take some time to build your tribe and following, but you can quickly build your income stream by freelancing while building your blog at the same time! 


Do you have an ability to find a good deal? 

Maybe you just enjoy going with friends to browse and look at items? 

If that’s the case you can quickly turn that hobby into real cash by reselling. 

Yard Sale Reselling

Retail arbitrage has been one of the fastest ways fashionistas make their money. By going to yard sales, looking on Offerup, or other exchange sites you can find amazing deals by people looking to get rid of their stuff. 

Once you purchase all you need do is go on Ebay or Amazon Reseller and sell them online. 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! 

Playing Video Games

Out of all the hobbies I’ve listed in this article, playing video games is the most fun. Why not get paid to play them if you’re already going to spend time on it anyways?

There are numerous apps and other avenues to monetize your video game hobby. 


Twitch has logged more than 20 BILLION hours worth of watched content – in just 2020 alone! 

If you’re good at a certain video game then there are people who want to watch you play. Content creators have made millions from their channels and are growing every day. 

It’s a great way to connect with your peers, enjoy a hobby you love, and make a little money from it on the side. 

Online Gaming Apps

There are quite a lot of online apps that pay you to play. You’ll have to search around for the right ones, but here is the number 1 recommend app if you want to get paid while playing video games: 


They reward you for discovering and playing new mobile apps. You can get Amazon gift cards just for playing and rating new apps that come out on Android. 


If you already have a nice camera, and you’ve got some skill in using it, then you’re a prime candidate for making money with your photography. 

Yes, most photographers become freelance where they shoot at local events and gigs. However, there are other ways to earn a side income from your photo skills as well. 

There are apps available which actually pay you to use your photos. You can also sell your shots as prints or stock photos online. There’s even a good course on making an etsy store for your photo shots. 

Another route is creating an instagram page with your photography. They’re one of the most lucrative pages to own!

Dog Walking & Sitting

I personally love going for walks. I’ll sometimes go for a mile or two when I’m taking a break from work. 

So when I found out about Rover I was immediately interested. 

Not only that, but if you’re a dog person this app is built just for you. 

It allows you to make money walking dogs for people who are travelling out of town. It’s a lot more feasible to leave the dog at the house and use Rover then pay to get them boarded up for the time they’re traveling. 

If you enjoy pets and walking, this one’s for you!

Giving Honest Feedback (Taking Online Surveys)

If you’re comfortable giving your honest feedback on apps, websites, even shopping experiences then you’ll love this. 

Check out this article to learn more about the best survey apps you can use to earn some extra side income. 

Grocery Shopping

If you live in a bigger city, and enjoy going to the grocery store, this hobby will make you cash quickly. 

You can become an Instacart shopper, which typically pays between $10-15/hr (although people have claimed to earn up to $25/hr!) all by shopping and delivering groceries. 

There are 2 options for you: 

  1. Become a full service shopper where you get the shopping list, find the items, and deliver to the customer. Or,
  2. Only find the items and leave at the store. 

Either option is guaranteed to put a little extra change in your pocket. 


Traveling is one of the most common bucket list items for millennials and Gen Z’ers currently. 

So many people have a passion for traveling, and quite often they’ve been able to turn it into a full time gig. Not just make a little money on the side from it. 

There are a lot of options to monetize your travelling. 

  1. Instagram account – if you’re traveling consistently to amazing spots, people want to see it! If you take enough photos you’ll have a great deal of content for the year to repurpose and use. 
  2. Blogging – you don’t need to run a massive website to make a good side income. Even if you travel during the weekends to cool spots, people will want to learn from you. You can also become a part time travel agent guiding people with cool hacks and ideas for their own destination tours! 
  3. Credit Card Travel Hacks – for some people this is a serious side hustle. You can take advantage of serious credit card rewards to earn thousands in free travel, gift cards, and other rewards. You need to be responsible with your cash, but many people have made it work for them. 


I knew a guy in college who paid his entire way through school by making amazing wood structures and pieces for people in his area. 

If you have a gift with DIY woodworking, you can quickly create an Etsy account and start selling your creations online without lifting a finger. 

You can even go to local farmers markets and sell to browsers there too! 

Hosting Events

Are you the life of the party? 

If so you can get paid to host events for people at apartment complexes. 

You can host game nights or throw rooftop swarays (without spending a dime on the refreshments and still getting paid!). 

Check out this app to learn more.

Guns & Shooting

If you have a background with weapons then you can quickly make money with this hobby. 

People love to shoot and blow stuff up. You can easily find a place where you can take friends to and create a little range to blow stuff up. 

Additionally there’s always a chance to teach people how to use and carry weapons for personal protection. 

Another way to monetize the hobby is by creating a blog or youtube channel. There’s so much opportunity and if you have this hobby be sure to capitalize on it!

Creating Music

There’s a saying I like to live by. When there’s a gold rush, be the person selling shovels. 

If you have a musical background you can easily make money by selling beats and music. 

There’s always the traditional way to make money selling music, which is recording your own songs and selling them on your website or through Soundcloud. 

However, one of the ways a friend of mine paid for college was by selling beats for rappers. Beats are often short sequences made up of different rhythms and melodies as background to the voice audio. 

Think of this like selling stock photography. You can create the beat, and license it out, to people who want to use it for their own content.

You can make your audio private (exclusive), or public (non-exclusive), and it’s a quick way to get your foot in the door with the industry. 

Try out the sites like Airbit or BeatStars if you want to learn more. 

Working Out

The fitness industry is considered one of the largest “evergreen” industries around. In fact, when you first start getting into building a second income stream, it’s highly recommended you only focus on the big 3. 

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Health, Wealth, & Relationships.

Working out falls within the health segment, and could be a perfect spot for you to gain a foothold as an authority. 

If you like to workout and have a healthy lifestyle then start spreading the word with your own blog and channel. 

Yes, that means putting your name out there, but you have to remember there are a lot of people who are looking for guidance to solve their problems. 

You can be that person!


If you can make people laugh, you’ll never be hungry. 

With a sense of humor you can build a quick audience on the internet. Everyone wants to be entertained and comedy is one of the quickest ways to provide for that need. 

Why not use your sense of humor to spread laughter and fun on the internet? 

The quickest way to make this work is by creating and curating memes or viral videos. Tap into a niche nobody is thinking of or serving well, and you’ll find a quick fan base begging for more. 

Once you have the audience, you can do sponsored posts, collaboration opportunities, and brand apparel to monetize the page. 

If you’re good on camera too you can easily create a youtube channel to show off your sense of humor. 

Make people laugh. Get paid doing it!


Because of the internet, more people than ever before have access to information. This means you’re not restricted to schools to learn in-depth knowledge on a topic. In fact, you can get a great University education by watching Youtube and Khan Academy. 

This is also great news for you too. 

If you enjoy watching other people grow and learn, you’ll love becoming a tutor or teacher for these individuals. 

One of the easiest routes to monetize this hobby is by becoming a tutor. You can do this with websites like Skooli or TutorMe, which connects you with students all over the world in need of specialized education. 

Parents are more than willing to pay for a high quality tutor to assist their child. Plus, it’s all over the world which broadens your available marketplace. 

Another route you can choose is online courses like Skillshare or Udemy which act as portals for uploading your content or classes. 

Whether it’s online, or one-on-one, teaching is a valuable hobby you can monetize quickly. 


Personally, I love driving. My father was a school bus driver so I guess you can say it runs in the family. 

And I’m not alone in that sentiment. Driving is actually one of the most popular hobbies for people. So why not get paid for it? 

With Uber and Lyft (heck, even DoorDash!) you can get paid to help drive people across your city. 

If you recently moved to a new location, this is one of the best ways to meet people and learn the new city you’re now living in! 

Plus, the pay is pretty solid. You can easily earn between $15-20/hr helping people with their trips. 


Raise your hand if you’re a foodie! 

I’m sure you can agree, food and baking is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. In fact, Statista actually found that food is in fact the number one most popular hobby in the U.S. 

With the internet and other social media tools, you can now turn this popular activity into a money-printing machine. 

There are so many routes to monetize it too. 

  • Teach people how to bake bread
  • Start an at home bakery
  • Create an instagram page with your photos
  • Make a website with recipes and how to articles
  • Start a YouTube channel showing your delicious treats
  • Upload a Udemy course

The options are limitless!

If you’re the best baker (or cook) in the house, then build a community and enjoy the food together. 


Writing is typically one of the best hobbies to quickly earn money, but maybe you’re not a wordsmith. 

Maybe you’re more of a visual person who can create illustrations out of thin air. 

If that’s you, then drawing and graphic design is right up your alley. 

There’s a very large demand for a creative and efficient graphic designer. So many companies need work created for them. Every website has infographics, banners, ads, app home pages, and much more. 

You can join companies like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to get clients quickly. 

It’s also a fun way to uplevel your skill set and learn new things like Photoshop, Illustrator, and beyond. 

Flying Drones

When drones first came out – people had no idea how the industry would evolve to what it is now. 

Not only can you race drones professionally, but many landscaping and construction companies are using drones to understand their buildings in new and unique ways. 

Plus, drones have the ability to capture unbelievable pictures and videos for all sorts of clients. They can be large corporations to couples in need of wedding photos. 

You can make money by being a freelance drone operator. The beauty is this market is still so new that there’s no real price point yet established. 

If you’ve already purchased a drone, you can definitely monetize it by helping real estate agents or other businesses gain insight into hard to reach areas. 

3D Printing

Art and technology all rolled into 1 amazing hobby. 3D printing is a brand new industry with massive potential. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t monetize it right now, if you’re actively into this hobby. 

Anything from jewelry to dolls is fair game and can be 3D printer with high quality. 

In fact, not only can you print the actual products, but you can create the design blueprints and sell them online for good money too!


According to Statista – almost 50% of people over the age of 18 in the U.S. have placed a sports bet at least once. 

Sports betting makes up over 40% of the total betting in the U.S. 

If you’re pretty good at picking odds, and making money from it, then there’s a market for teaching people how to gamble without losing their shirts. 

Gambling is one of the most prominent hobbies on the planet. There are always people looking to learn unique and fruitful ways to gain an advantage. 

Be the person to help guide them through the process. 


Have you ever wanted to get paid to watch college football? You can by becoming a referee! 

In fact, you can make between $60,000-$120,000 as a college referee. It also helps you get out and work out. 


I’m an avid reader. In fact some people think it’s a problem. Mainly because I buy too many books to even read at any given time. 

One way I’ve personally monetized this hobby is by reading books and creating summaries for people who want the big ideas without all the fluff. 

Not only do I get the chance to read the book, and enjoy reading it, but by distilling it into a summary I can internalize the lessons even more! 

Another valuable monetization strategy for this hobby is proofreading.

If you enjoy fixing grammatical errors, providing feedback on structure, or even just giving your honest opinion on a new piece of work, then proofreading is a great channel for that. 

You can always register for Proofreading Academy if you want to get better at this hobby to monetize it, but for the most part go onto Upwork or Fiverr and provide your service.

There are millions of websites in need of a good proofreader. All you need to do is find a handful and you’re in business!

Final Thoughts

Almost any hobby can make you money with a little creative energy and elbow grease. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below!

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