Postmates Vs. DoorDash: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

Considering using either of these delivery apps as a second income stream? 

With so many delivery services flooding the market, it can be tough to pick which one will help you achieve your goals faster. Especially if you’re just starting your journey as a part time delivery person.

That’s why today I’m comparing Postmates and Doordash. Two of the largest gig economy apps in the space. 

If you’re unfamiliar – these apps allow customers to have meals and other items delivered directly to their doorstep. 

For the independent contractors doing the delivery, it can make for a great side hustle or second source of income. 

Both of these services can help you easily earn $20/hr or more if you’re willing to hustle. From paying off student loan debt, to building a nest egg for your family, these apps are great for bringing in extra income. 

For this comparison, here’s the following criteria I used: 

  • Requirements
  • Pay
  • App
  • Driver Support
  • Availability

Quick Summary: Postmates Vs. Doordash – Which One Wins?

From my research I think Postmates is your best choice. Although it doesn’t hurt to do both. 

Postmates provides transparent pay, they have a better app, and they’re in more states and cities compared to DoorDash. 

Keep reading for the full details!

Postmates vs. DoorDash: Requirements

Both companies have nearly identical requirements for becoming a driver. 

Postmates Requirements

Postmates is much friendlier to people without cars. If you have a bike, vespa, or another form of transportation you’ll do well with Postmates. 

Here are the requirements: 

  • Valid driver’s license and insurance (if driving)
  • Clean background (you will be checked)
  • At least 18 years old
  • Own a smartphone
  • Pass an interview 

DoorDash Requirements

Here are the requirements for DoorDash:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance (if driving)
  • Clean background (you will be checked)
  • Clean driving record
  • Own a smartphone
  • Participate in their orientation

Who Wins?

Personally I think Postmates wins on this because they’re friendlier to non-motorized vehicles.

Postmates, slightly. 

Postmates vs. DoorDash: Pay Comparison

I’m someone who likes to know the bottom line quickly. Service and availability is nice and all, but at the end of the day my goal is take home pay. 

So how does each compare? 

Before we get too deep, there’s a formula you need to understand. 

Base Pay + Incentives + Tips = Total Earnings

Postmates Pay

Postmates calculates payments using a mileage rate. They do this because they’re delivering items outside food. 

The measurement starts from the time you pickup the item to when you drop it off. Basically you’re only paid for when you have the item in hand, you’re not paid for going to the pickup location. 

Payout rates are calculated independently per city. Let’s use Austin, TX as an example: 

Rate Per Pick Up: $1.50

Rate Per Drop Off: $.70

Rate Per Minute: $.07

Rate Per Mile: $.53

So let’s say an order is 10 miles away which takes you (so 20 minutes to deliver the order). You would make $8.90. 

Big Bonus: The nice thing about Postmates is you keep 100% of the tips you make. Not many delivery companies make or keep on this promise. 

Doordash Pay

Doordash uses the following formula to determine their pay structure: 

Base Pay + Incentives + Tips = Total Earnings

Base Pay 

This is what DoorDash will contribute for each order. It ranges from $2-10 depending on distance, desirability, and time. 

The longer the distance, more time it takes, and less desirability by drivers to complete the order, the higher the base pay. 


This is the additional pay for orders with the following criteria: 

  • Peak Hours: if it’s busy, you’re getting peak pay. When peak pay is available, you’ll get the bonus added to your earnings when you’re offered the delivery gig.
  • Challenges: This incentives drivers to hit certain goals per week.
  • Drive: This is additional earnings for larger orders like grocery deliveries. 


100% of tips are given to the drivers. If a customer leaves $6 as a tip, you’re getting all $6. 

Who Wins?

Personally I like the transparency of Postmates, you at least know what you’re getting before you sign up. With DoorDash it seems like a crap shoot. 

After speaking with many delivery drivers here in the Austin area, they’ve consistently said DoorDash pays better. 

DoorDash wins for pay, slightly.

Postmates vs. DoorDash: App Comparison

If you carry a smart phone you’ll have access to both apps. They’re fairly simple and easy to use, which is great for those who aren’t tech savvy. 

Both services 

However, there are some key differences you need to pay attention to. 

Postmates App

The Postmates app is askes drivers to click a little more compared to the DoorDash app. Drivers have said the information can be separated and hidden within menus which can make it clunkier trying to get information about the order. 

The positives about Postmates is the in-app feature which shows you suggested routes for driving. 

Postmates does allow order batching, which means you can receive orders while you’re currently out for delivery. With the map, you can accept other orders during your current delivery. It helps with providing best routes and keeping you on schedule.

Doordash App

Doordash has done a good job with making their app smooth. It’s got a clean layout and you don’t need to click many buttons to get your information. 

They don’t have a map though. As a driver you’ll have to toggle back and forth with Apple or Google maps to get directions. The toggling can be really annoying, especially if you’re constantly putting in addresses for multiple orders. 

When you accept a new order, you have to click into your favorite map app and input directions. I don’t know about you but that just sounds frustrating. 

DoorDash does allow for batching orders also. What’s the point though if you’re having to go back and forth within apps and driving at the same time? Seems dangerous and time consuming.

Who Wins?

Postmates wins this one. 

You might have to click menu buttons to get more information, but at least you have an in-app map for your deliveries. 

Postmates Vs. Doordash: Driver Support Comparison

Postmates Driver Support

Postmates has built a great driver support FAQ page where they provide answers to common questions. 

They’ve categroized it based on topic, helping drivers quickly find the relevant information. 

If you’re like me though, you probably want to speak with someone to help get a problem solved. Postmates has done a great job by providing a hotline for drivers to call. The staff has been reported as being high quality and can fix a majority of problems quickly. 

DoorDash Driver Support

DoorDash also provides a solid FAQ section. It’s arranged by topic, helping you find an answer sooner than later. 

They don’t provide a call in option though. They require you to be self-reliant and figure out how to solve the problem. 

I view this as a negative. Not having a person to speak with, especially if a problem is not addressed on the FAQ, is beyond frustrating. 

Who Wins?

Postmates wins because they provide a hotline for their drivers. It’s like they actually care about their drivers. 

Postmates vs. DoorDash: Availability Comparison

Postmates Availability

Postmates is in all 50 states (and D.C.!). They even have drivers in Alaska and North Dakota. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but both places are freezing and rather unfriendly to companies like Postmates. 

Postmates also prides itself as being a courier service as compared to a strictly food delivery service like DoorDash. 

That means Postmates will deliver basically anything you need. That’s a big bonus when it comes to availability.

DoorDash Availability

DoorDash is available in 850 cities. Mainly the major cities and metropolitan areas.

DoorDash is mainly used for food delivery. That’s why they’re primarily housed within the large localities. 

For example, Austin has doordash availability, but not San Marcos which is only an hour away and has at least 70,000 people. 

Who Wins?

Postmates wins this because of their options for widespread delivery and availability. 

Postmates vs. DoorDash: Final Thoughts

These apps provide you with a great option for legit side income. If you’re interested in other side hustles, check out my complete guide for the best side hustles. 

Let me know how the driving goes! 

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