Complete List Of Untapped Niche Markets [Updated 2021]

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard. 

Elon Musk is quoted as saying: “Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into an abyss of death”


Now, I’m not saying you need to get paid to put humans on Mars (although that would be a really cool info product if you can teach people how to become astronauts). 

What I am saying is the process of finding a market, and offering it a valuable product, can be very difficult. 

And finding a profitable niche market is the first step to building an online business or starting a side hustle

That’s why I’m going through the process with you step by step. Not only will you get the current untapped niche markets, but I’ll provide a little guidance on how to find more hidden niches yourself. 

My goal with this article is to help you actually find a niche, start a business, build a system, and make real $$$ from it. 

Let’s get started.

List of Untapped Niche Markets In 2021

You came here looking for a quick list of untapped markets you can break into. 

That’s exactly what you’re going to get! 

Here’s a list of the top markets you can break into for massive profits.


This industry has been going through a variety of highs and lows for the past 5 years. In 2018-2019 cannabis experienced a MAJOR drop in stock prices across the world. In fact, 80% of the market share was just wiped from the market in the span of a couple months.

The good news?

It’s rebounding hard. 

I believe this industry will be as big (if not bigger) than tobacco.

There’s just so many topics worth looking into related to cannabis. 

Here’s a quick summary of ideas you can pursue: 

  • Cooking with Cannabis
  • Hemp Clothing
  • CBD
  • Delta 8 (look below for a google trends example)
  • Terpenes
  • Hydroponics
  • Marijuana addiction
  • And so much more…

Delta 8 Niche

Delta 8 is a molecule of THC which was recently discovered (or maybe rediscovered is better) in 2020. 

Why is it important?

Because it’s absolutely exploding right now in the industry. 

If you were a part of the cannabis “club”, you would have noticed this new term popping up sporadically. 

You could have easily created a niche website and dominated the space, and there’s a lot of money to be made in that niche market. 

Here’s a quick screen grab of the Google Trend: 

Just look at that growth!

And this is only 1 term related to the cannabis industry. There’s many many more coming. 

Biodegradable Products

In 2018 California banned plastic straws in an effort to help curb plastics in the ocean. 

They could only do this if the residents of California actually wanted a bill like this passed. This means there’s a large cultural shift happening when it comes to biodegradable products in the market. 

For example – coffee cups are quickly being made of biodegradable materials, and even Starbucks is picking up on the trend in test markets. 

Here’s a quick look at what kind of topics you can create a niche website around (I used ahrefs for this research which I recommend if you’re going to become an internet marketer).

Look at biodegradable water balloons…

Such an interesting keyword that it is only a 4 keyword difficulty and at least 1,000 searches per month. 

Looks like a good idea to go after!


I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of what cryptocurrency is going to provide the world. 

Even though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going through massive fluctuations, the technology backing the coin is where the real money will be made. 

From topics like decentralized finance to NFT’s (non fungible tokens) and much more. 

Side Note: A guy (Beeple) this year (2021) literally sold a jpeg image for $69 million. If that doesn’t tell you there’s a unique and untapped market growing, then I don’t know what will. 

Here are some other topics to consider:

  • Blockchain
  • Blockchain tutorials
  • Crypto mining
  • Dodge coin
  • Ethereum
  • Decentralized finance
  • NFT’s
  • Ripple
  • Blockchain development
  • And much more

Spirituality & Religion

Whenever there is a major recession, you find spirituality and religion to begin increasing quickly. 

This niche is ripe with opportunity. 

The spirituality and religion market can be further broken down into the following different topics:

  • Meditation
  • Crystals
  • Affirmations
  • Law of Attraction
  • Motivation
  • Mindfulness
  • Past Lives
  • Doomsday 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the topic “self-love”:

As you can see – it’s starting to grow fast. There’s a clear trend up and to the right. 

I’ve found that when recessions hit, you can expect this niche to quickly explode. If you live in the U.S. you got pretty lucky considering we printed our way out of a major recession, but it will come back with a vengeance. 

When it does, you can have a site dedicated to helping people figure out their true self, and aligning themselves with a higher power. 


We’re at just the beginning of the market for drones. 

Gartner even did a Hype Cycle analysis for drones and there’s a lot of room for expansion over the next couple years. 

Here’s a quick list of ideas within the space: 

  • Robot Knowledge Sharing
  • Air-to-Underwater Drone Communications
  • Lithium-Air Batteries
  • Drone Traffic Control Systems
  • Aluminum-Air Batteries
  • Robot Interactive Interface
  • 5G Security
  • Copper Foam Batteries
  • Emotion AI
  • Swarming Robotics
  • Drone Management Platforms
  • Light Cargo Delivery Drones
  • Personal Robot
  • Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries

All of these are considered to be “On The Rise” within the drone market. 

One topic in particular which is interesting (in my personal opinion) is light cargo delivery drones. 

The topic fluctuates wildly, but after reading an article about Amazon beginning to reach out to the FAA in order to purchase drones, it got me thinking about the practical uses for a drone delivery system.

Here’s the Google Trend for the topic: 

There’s additional options you might consider related to drones. 

They include: 

  • Landing Pads – drone pilots love a unique landing pad which can be programmed automatically into the drone.
  • Drone Skins – basically like a cover wrap for the drone to provide uniqueness.
  • Drone Racing – you could win over $100,000 per race!
  • Battery Life – the battery life is the limiting factor for drones right now. Tap into this market…

If this interests you, I wrote an article teaching you how to start a drone business. Check it out when you get the chance!

Trades Jobs & Education

The university system is done. I think more students are asking themselves a tough question: “Do I really want to get $100,000 in debt to become a knowledge worker?” 

The U.S. is also in a precarious situation because we need tradesman (think electricians, engineers, plumbers, mechanics, and more) compared to knowledge workers.

That’s why I believe if you want to reach a growing and relatively untapped niche market, you should focus on trades jobs and education. 

Here’s what the Google Trends report shows: 

I know a guy who works in the education market helping people get certified for refilling gas station tanks (like the tanks underneath the gas station which hold thousands of gallons of gas). 

When we last spoke he told me his education business was doing $25,000 per month. 

That’s some good cash flow!

I think you’ll find some interesting opportunities in this market if you pay attention carefully. 

Retro Video Games

Millenials are basically full grown adults now, which means they’re going to start yearning for a blast from the past. 

This means video game consoles like N64 and Playstation will make a comeback as a way to show their kids what they played.

Plus, Super Smash Bros is the best video game ever made. Full stop. 

You don’t have to stop at retro video games either. You can include board games, clothing, and other collectables from the past. 

How To Find An Untapped Niche Market

I’ve given you 7 very ripe niches you can start pursuing right now. All you need to do is say: “I’m going to plant my flag here, and build a business” and then start actually building a business. 


If you’re like me, you’re probably always on the hunt for new and interesting niches to make money from. 

That’s why I’m including this section, because I’ve found this process to be helpful when I’m considering building a new website or diving into a niche. 

These are the typical steps I take to see what’s open and available!

  1. Always Start With The Big 3 Markets

It’s just my opinion, but if you’re beginning, you should start with the big 3 markets, and then widdle your way down. 

What are the big 3? 

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Hobbies (this is a bonus, it’s a possible fourth option once you get good enough)

These markets are considered “Evergreen” which means they are so big (and so vital) to the average consumer that they’ll never go away. 

These are multi Billion (with a big “b”) dollar markets where you can widdle down to start the process. 

Use this as your starting point when looking for an untapped niche.

  1. Whittle Down To Sub Topics

Once you’ve picked a market you want, you have to whittle them down into their separate topics. 

La Molmed, invece, fa ricerca nel campo oncologico o si consiglia di assumere una compressa al giorno circa 20 minuti prima del rapporto e si tratta di una norma molto severa e saranno invece in grado di acquistarlo al banco in farmacia. È una ricetta ripetibile bianca che non deve mai essere ad uso dimagrante o la sedentarietà e il sovrappeso che sono in definitiva i fattori di rischio delle malattie cardio-vascolari.

Here’s a good example: 

Let’s say I decided to go after the hobbies market. I would ask myself, “What are the topics within this market?” 

Side Note: The topics would be the niches themselves too…

Here are some ideas which come to mind: 

  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Pets
  • Hiking
  • Travel
  • Reading
  • Etc.

Once I’ve categorized a list of topics, I’ll want to dive further into those topics and break them down into subtopics. 

Here’s an example: 

Pets can be broken down to:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Hamsters
  • Horses
  • Etc.

Once you have a list of these topics, you can now start the research process.

  1. Research Your Topics (or Niche’s)

Now comes the hard part. Research.

There’s no easy way around this. You’ll need to research your niche as best as possible. 

Here’s how I do it. 

Go into Google Trends and start looking at the topics to get a quick gage of what’s happening within the niche. 

I did this for the pet niche and here’s what I was able to find for some quick searches…

I looked at dogs, and there’s a very decent trend line. Seems consistent and slowly rising. Good consideration.

Cats don’t seem to fluctuate as much. Looks like there was a big spike in 2020, and my guess would be because of Tiger King and people looking at “Big Cats”. 

OHHHHH this is nice! 

Bearded dragons search term has an excellent search interest and it’s growing every year. This is a great sign. 

If I was looking to create a website within the pet niche, this would be my choice to start doing further research. 

  1. Further Research

Once you find a topic with growth (like bearded dragons), you’ll then want to dive further into research. 

The way I like to do further research is to go into ahrefs and just start looking at the main keyword, and finding what pops up. 

Here’s a quick screen shot: 

As you can tell, there’s some really great search volume along with low competition. 

This would be another green light signal that the niche is relatively untapped. 

The next thing you would want to do is begin looking at the different competitors in the space, along with reading forums and all the information on the topic as possible. 

This will provide you with insight into where the market is currently sitting right now. 

Conclusion: Untapped Niche Markets (A Whole World Of Possibility)

Hopefully this guide has provided you with a starting point for launching your business. 

These niches are ripe for action, and if you take the time to understand the market, make quality content, and provide a good product, you’ll make bank. 

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

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