11 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Complete Reviews & Ranking)

Have you ever found yourself hypnotized by an animated video? You know what I mean. No matter how hard you try to pull away, the animation and quick shot movements keep you focused and engaged?

If so, you’ve experienced the power of a whiteboard animation video. 

They were created around 2007 and have quickly grown to be one of the most mesmerizing types of explainer videos on the internet. 

Do you have a topic you want to help your customers understand more? No problem! You can use one of these softwares to quickly create a whiteboard animation video. You don’t need expensive equipment either to get started. 

These softwares are designed to make video editing easy. You can create high quality videos for your sales pages, online courses, or websites. 

In this article, I’ve reviewed and ranked the best whiteboard software this year. I continuously update this article because new tools are always coming out. 

These reviews are completely unbiased to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Some key factors which I’ve weighted for consideration include: animation features, price, quality, support, and much more.

Let’s get rolling.

Best Whiteboard Animation Software In 2021?

Here’s my personal recommendations for the best whiteboard animation software.


(Best Overall Whiteboard Animation Software)

Hands down you’ll get the best value from Renderforest. It helps you tell your brand’s story with pre-made animation videos for any scenario you can imagine. 

It also comes as a free version which still gives you access to a large catalog of animated objects and videos. 

No matter your idea, you can create a fully customizable video to help your prospects and customers get the BIG IDEA. 

You’ll have access to over 50,000 scenes, logos, text, images, and color palettes. Not only do they rock on the video portion, but they have a large library of music to add as background audio without having to pay royalty fees. 

It takes 3 simple steps to create your video: 

  1. Select a template from their library
  2. Create personalization using logos, text, images, and different colors.
  3. Add in music

Then watch the sales come rolling in!!


  • Free Version – create up to 1 minute worth of video for your brand completely free.
  • High quality (and royalty free) video shots and music clips. 
  • Thousands of animated scenarios for 3D animation.
  • Good customer support via email and phone. 
  • Click and drag explainer animations. Just add the scenes, load the content, and let Renderforest automatically create a high quality video. 


  • $59/month (Amateur Package)
  • $89/month (Pro Package)
  • $119/month (Business Package)
  • $299/month (Enterprise Package)


(Best For Beginner Designers & Copywriters)

60 seconds. That’s how fast you can create a professional whiteboard animation with Doodly. 

Doodly is built for beginner designers and marketers who want a custom drag-and-drop video creation software. If you’re in sales, marketing, or any other public facing environment, then Doodly will be perfect for you. 

Create your canvas, drag your images, set the scene, and away you go. 

Even better, they have “Smart Draw” technology which allows custom draw paths for your designs. Just upload an image and it can be drawn with Doodly. 

You can also customize the hands who do the drawing to match your demographic. 

This tool is best for: 

  • Copywriters
  • Beginner designers
  • Youtube Influencers
  • Facebook advertising
  • Video Sales Letters


  • Royalty free audio tracks for your videos. 
  • Very large library with multiple characters and background scenes.
  • Free software updates for life with purchase
  • Upload unique images to create professional whiteboard video


  • $39/month (standard)
  • $69/month (enterprise)


(Best For The Pro’s) 

Vynod is built for professional designers and marketers who want the highest quality whiteboard animation software. If you’re an experienced copywriter, designer, or marketer with a team then you need to use Vynod. 

You’ll explain your marketing in a powerful and immersive way. 

Vynod has gone above and beyond with their product. They offer features like lip-sync, real movements, dialogue, and thousands of characters or scenes. 

You can easily import any video files to create unique content. 

They also have a deep library for sound effects and background music. To add more value they let you import custom music too. 


  • Real movements with their characters. It makes the animations appear to “pop” and draw your attention in. 
  • Lip sync from the characters. This features adds even more hypnotizing qualities. 
  • Robust background of characters, objects, templates, and more for your design efforts.
  • Free trial period.


  • $299/year (Essential Package)
  • $649/year (Premium Package)
  • $999/year (Professional Package)
  • Custom Pricing (Enterprise Package)


(Best Price To Feature Whiteboard Animation Software)

VideoScribe gives you drag and drop software for creating immersive and quick whiteboard videos. They’ve worked hard to build a software that’s quick, easy-to-use, and most importantly inexpensive. 

They know their audience are not professional designers, so they provide all the background characters, scenes, and images to make your video editing process simple. 

Just pick the images, voice, and text. Then let VideoScribe do the rest. 

You’ll also get access to a lot of royalty-free background music to help add the finishing touches to your content. 

They’ve created a downloadable app which will let you create videos even without an internet connection. It’s great for those digital nomads who still need to get work done. 


  • Upload directly to Vimeo, Youtube, and other video channels.
  • Pre-build templates for quick animation within any industry.
  • Free trial without credit card.
  • Pricing is most fair compared to their features.
  • Great support via chat or email.


  • $17.50/month
  • $35/quarter
  • $8/year

You get a major discount if you pay for the year in advance. 


Explaindio was built with one simple idea. Create an easy to use drag-and-drop video tool to help explain your story. You’ll have the ability to create all kinds of videos like explainer videos, whiteboard animations, full-motion videos, doodles, and much more. You can create until you’re blue with their unlimited content piece they allow within the software.

To make the process more simple for beginners, Explaindio has pre-built animations for images and text. You can even use over 200 of their animated scenes to help add more POP to your content. 


  • Unlimited content storage and creation
  • Built in animations (which you can run multiple at a time)
  • Pixabay integration which helps with free stock photos. 
  • Full drag and drop so no coding required.
  • Hundreds of pre-made animations, logos, text options, and more


$37/month (monthly plan)

$67/year (yearly plan)

$497 on-time (lifetime access)

Easy Sketch Pro

Typically seen as a direct competitor of Doodly. Easy Sketch Pro is built as an easy to use doodle creation tool for sketch videos. All you need to do is upload a video for the software to render and sketch for you automatically. 

At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be an easy sketch!

You can use Easy Sketch Pro to build whiteboard animations with their drag and drop builder. This will sketch out the video. Additionally, you can import a large library of images to help provide context to your story, then just build it out.

With hundreds of pen, chalk, crayon, and brush animations to use, there’s really no limit to your creativity for sketches. 

Add music or voice over and BOOM. You got a professional looking whiteboard video. 


  • Pre-built canvas sketches to prevent you starting from a blank space. 
  • Large library of royalty free images.
  • Unlimited software installs.
  • Great for beginners who just want a good drag and drop software.
  • No monthly or annual payment requirements 


  • $37 one time (Starter package)
  • $67 one time (Business package)
  • $97 one time (Business Pro package)

Filmora Pro

Filmora Pro is built to give you professional level editing ability, without paying an exorbitantly high price tag for quality. 

Create whiteboard animations with ease using Filmora. They offer an intuitive user interface, but more importantly you can edit videos like a professional with their system. This means audio mixing, color coordination, animations, and beyond. 

You can even add texts and graphics to moving objects within your video. Change the speed of the animations, or the duration, to make it perfect for your desires. 


  • Allows for masking, auto-correction, distortion, and a bunch of other professional features not offered with other softwares.
  • Preset transitions for your animations
  • Easy graphic, video, and text additions for your content


$89.99/year (yearly plan)

$149 one time (lifetime access)

My Simple Show

Build an explainer video in 4 simple steps! 

That’s the simplicity of MySimpleShow. It’s a great whiteboard animation software to quickly create whiteboard animation videos for your brand. 

All you need to do is: 

  • Draft – choose a storyline template for your project (or upload a powerpoint)
  • Write – create a storyline script for your project
  • Visualize – let their storyline engine build a great visualization for you, just fine tune
  • Finalize – select your voice speed and publish

What’s so useful about MySimpleShow is they suggest relevant storylines, images, and illustrations based on your template you picked. However, in the visualize portion they’ll also suggest alternate templates or options to get the perfect video. 


  • Deep library of video templates for all kinds of purposes.
  • Text-to-speech gives you a great voiceover instantly.
  • You get a guided hand during your video creation, which is super helpful for beginners
  • Easy image uploads


  • $129/month (Business package)
  • $499/month (Professional package)


Create high quality visuals for all your professional video needs. Powtoon offers a high quality visual communication platform for making sure people understand your story. 

They’re used for many different services well-beyond whiteboard animation storylines. They can build for a wide variety of genres and industries which include, sales, HR, marketing, education, internal training, and beyond. 

On the platform you can export your video directly into Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook if you choose. You can also download into an MP4 format too. 

They have a wide variety of images, music, voice, and stock b-roll film for your editing needs. 


  • Tons of integrations. From Hubspot to Facebook to Youtube. They have API connections to them.
  • Large university of material for video creation.
  • All cloud based for easy team access


  • $19/month (Pro package)
  • $39/month (Pro Plus package)
  • $99/month (Agency package)


If you’re looking to get a great beginner software then Animiz is perfect for you. They have a good length of features for creating animation videos, and it does have a free plan. 

You should choose them for creating animations if you’re okay with having a watermark on your content. If you’re using it for advertising purposes then I would shy away from it. 

They have pre-made templates where you can add preset scenes for animating your video. Their scenes go into business, education, management, marketing, and much more. 

After you create the scenes and have set the stage, add in characters, icons, images, and shapes which are all provided for free in their software. 

Then the easy part. Press play, let the video render, and distribute to the masses! 


  • Good free option to learn their tool and see if it’s the one for you.
  • Get up to 10GB of cloud storage for videos
  • Large library of templates, characters, images, and text


  • $0 (Free package)
  • $29/month (Standard package)
  • $299/year (Professional package)
  • $999 on time (Enterprise package)


You’re just a few clicks away from flawless whiteboard animations. From drag and drop video creation, to live action videos, Animaker handles your storytelling visualization needs. 

With one of the most robust libraries in the space (1 billion plus characters and creations available) they have all the options necessary for a beginner, and seasoned designer. 

One of the most impressive features of this drag and drop whiteboard animation software is their facial expressions and lip sync movements. This makes your videos appear cohesive and seamless without experiencing odd robot movements. 

They even do 4K video!


  • GIF, short video, and long video creation. Doesn’t matter the length, Animaker can make it happen
  • Millions of characters, templates, stock pictures and videos for your use. 
  • Lip-sync technology for your characters
  • Large variety of facial expressions and features.


  • $0 (Free package)
  • $19/month (Starter package)
  • $39/month (Pro package)

What is a Whiteboard Animation Software?

A whiteboard animation is a specific video type with animated characters, logos, or text being used to explain a story. It’s typically used for long form video sales letters to help explain a concept to people. 

While the story is being explained, there is often a hand creating the drawings which creates an immersive and engaging experience for the viewer. They often have voiceover text or background audio to help with the process. 

Key Features You Need To Have For Your Whiteboard Animation Software

Here are some key features I found to be the most important when making a decision:

  • Price
  • Voice over support
  • Custom drawing
  • Free trial


That’s it! Those are the best whiteboard animation softwares on the market right now. As things change I’ll keep updating this article to provide the most relevant information. 

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below!

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