10 Amazing Cruise Affiliate Programs To Try On Your Travel Blog

The expense of booking a trip may add up rapidly with an average cruise costing $150 per adult daily and a typical vacation staying about 7 days.

You have plenty of opportunity to boost your monthly weekly income by additional numbers if you combine these factors with the possibility of fees that can vary from 3 to 7 percent or more.

There are many tour operators that serve a very wide range of passengers. There are probably a few cruise lines that appeal to your potential customers, whether they are high-end premium travellers or mostly low-budget vacationers.

What’s more, along with the cruise itself, there are lots of options for cross-promotion of additional high-value affiliate programmes such as flights, hotels before or after the cruise, luggage, and other travel requirements.

Top Best Cruise Affiliate Programs

  • ROAM Luggage
  • Polynesian Culture Centre
  • Rollux Travel
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Orbitz
  • Virgin Holidays 
  • Way.com
  • Dock & Bay 
  • Allianz Worldwide Care
  • RoamRight

ROAM Luggage

With a slight twist, ROAM Luggage provides custom-designed travel suitcases.

We actually intended to highlight an affiliate programme for those enormous travel trunks from the Victorian era.

However, ROAM Luggage is superior because you can customise your cruise-related luggage right down to a custom monogram.

Thus besides the fact that you look beautiful, you won’t have to search through a never-ending sea of similar black suitcases once more.

Since personalised baggage is extremely expensive, ROAM clients invest an average of $414 on it, giving you a $33 commission.

This is based on a typical sale and ignores the thousands of dollars that potential buyers of luggage may and will spend in a single purchase.

Additionally, it should be simple enough to “urge” them to purchase some new bags if they can afford a luxurious trip.

At any departure gate, you’ll have no trouble finding your bags.

Program Link: ROAM Luggage affiliate program
Commission Rate: 8% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Polynesian Cultural Centre

The settlement of Laie, which was established in 1865, is home to the Polynesian Cultural Centre.

To celebrate and safeguard Polynesian heritage, especially its art projects, was the aim.

In 1963, graduates from nearby institutions started working here to help pay for their studies even while spending time getting to know their culture.

With 1 million guests annually, the Polynesian Cultural Center has since surpassed all other sponsored tourist attractions on Oahu.

Therefore, anyone taking a trip in the Pacific or to Hawaii would probably would want stop and have a look.

Partners are compensated 5% of income produced by Polynesia.com and 7% of revenues made by shop.polynesia.com.

The average order value for their affiliate links is $385, which translates to commissions of between $20 and $27 per sale.

More than anything, this application is an intriguing addition to any website that caters to visitors who are travelling, retiring, or taking vacations.

You only have to inform your viewers of it.

Program Link: Polynesian Cultural Centre affiliate program
Commission rate: 5% – 7% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Rollux Travel

However much luggage to take on holiday is one of those age-old issues that every travelers have encountered at least once, and Rollux Travel addresses it.

You are perfectly aware of the amount of room required for your own clothing and other belongings.

However, how then can you estimate the amount of room you’ll need for all those incredible things you locate in various ports around the globe?

Not at all.

It was for this reason that David Lifshitz and Isaac Atlas joined together to develop flexible baggage, giving rise to the Fugu label.

It should be simple to offer Rollux baggage to your target market since they can purchase a carry-on bag that expands to accommodate all of their other purchases while travelling.

Additionally, with a $444 average order value and a 10% reward rate, this programme merits inclusion in your website’s catalogue.

Program Link: Rollux Travel affiliate program
Commission Rate: 10% per sale
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Royal Caribbean

For many years, Royal Caribbean has been “… taking the exceptional and creating it commonplace” for millions of ship visitors all over the globe.

The business runs 25 different cruises that visit more than 250 various exotic and uncommon locations.

In fact, Royal Caribbean is almost always associated with the concept of opulent vacations, and recent developments like its robotic bartenders only serve to reinforce that perception.

Therefore, you won’t have to spend a lot of time introducing Royal Caribbean to your customers.

Since Royal Caribbean is an international programme, you’ll undoubtedly note that the service fees are in British pounds. People spent £1,254 on average for a basic trip, and at a 4% return, partners may expect to earn £50.16 off each sale.

But a lot of cruises have prices that are much, much higher.

Program Link: Royal Caribbean International affiliate program
Commission Rate: 4% per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 days


Anyone who has made an online travel reservation in the previous 15 years is likely familiar with Orbitz.

This price comparison website aggregator gained popularity since it made it possible for users to find cheap hotels and flights.

However, they also promise to locate discounts on cruises for all the most well-liked locations and itineraries, including globe cruises.

The concept is that you may use Orbitz to arrange any travel-related expenses (flights, lodging, rental vehicles, etc.).

If you are familiar with Commission Junction, you will see that Orbitz has a “Network. Earnings” score of 5/5, which indicates that there are numerous affiliate transactions occurring.

Keep your attention on their EPC of over $100, especially for those of you who might not be.

The limited cookie lifespan and the fact that your earnings fluctuate based about what your customers purchase are drawbacks of this partner scheme.

However, Orbitz provides $40 for each sale that is recommended for the reasons of talking to cruise affiliate networks, which is not too bad.

Only in case you were curious whether we didn’t mention Expedia individually, Orbitz and Expedia are now essentially the same firm.

Program Link: Orbitz affiliate program
Commission rate: 2% – 7%, $3 – $40
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Virgin Holidays

Among the numerous companies Richard Branson, a philanthropic and multibillionaire, owns is Virgin Holidays.

Marketing used recordings after he quit school was the origin of all of his economic progress.

Because Virgin is known for outstanding customer service, we kind of wanted to incorporate this programme.

It can be all too easy to overlook that your guests are actual human beings, so that certainly want them to have a good time while they are here.

We briefly considered whether affiliates might genuinely make money by advertising their services after seeing the 1% transaction fee.

However, there are two things to consider in this situation. The first is that whereas a Virgin cruise typically costs around £2,500, customers will spend up to £45,000 on a globe cruise package.

Furthermore, Virgin Holidays pays up to 2%, so your actual capacity is really not 1%.

Therefore, the reward you receive for bringing people to Virgin Cruises can range from £25, up to £225, each purchase.

Program Link: Virgin Cruises affiliate program
Commission Rate: Up to 2%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Finding the cheapest prices on cinema tickets, dining, parks in cities, and airport parking is made easy using Way.com’s search tool.

Whenever you take off on your voyage, the last thing you want to occur is to be unable to find airport parking.

However, Way.com only requires that you enter your departing airport to display all of the parking options and associated daily rates:

Although it isn’t particularly innovative, many individuals are using this service according to their ShareASale ranking.

In contrast, their “About Us” website is only about 20 words long since they are so preoccupied with their success.

However, we don’t bother about how effectively they write material; all we worry about is the amount they’ll reward a partner to promote a new consumer.

10% among all purchases, with an average reward payment of $6.78 per client, is the solution towards that query.

Yes, that’s a small sum, but keep in mind that Way.com generates a lot of ShareASale purchases, thus partners are undoubtedly profiting from them.

Additionally, this kind of affiliate marketing program emphasises quality over quantity of visitors.

Program Link: Way.com affiliate program
Commission Rate: 10% per sale
Cookie Duration: Never expires

Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay is the first affiliate programme we’ve advertised that appeared on Dragon’s Den, the UK version of Shark Tank, and was effective, earning money.

Especially Andy and Ben, the company’s creators, who made the decision to reimagine the towel.

And this is how they made their fast beach towel, however they also make raincoats, swim trunks, and hair bands.

These are perfect for use on cruise liners since they dry fairly immediately and are incredibly small.

Additionally, having used a Dock & Bay product early on lends the user an air of exclusivity.

Unbelievably, a towel-focused affiliate network has an EPC of $75 and an average purchase value of $50.

The fact that Dock & Bay is a comparatively recent business may be to blame, but it provides all the more incentive to seize this chance now.

We only hope they would extend their present 1-week cookie deal to a 1-month one.

Program Link: Dock & Bay affiliate program
Commission Rate: 5% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Allianz Worldwide Care

In Berlin, Allianz Insurance began welcomed clients in 1890.

The 1950s were actually the beginning of contemporary tourism as we know it today, and in the years ever since, it has grown to be a multibillion dollar business.

In 2000, Allianz purchased Elvia Travel Insurance, elevating them to the position of being the world’s top provider of support insurance.

They offer worldwide insurance coverage for travellers who may be travelling for the last several months, such as on a ship.

In essence, it guarantees that, wherever you are in the world, you’ll get the greatest medical care possible if you ever really need.

The majority of financial, banking, or insurer promotional offers will normally have relatively high EPCs, therefore their EPC of €370 is not surprising.

Additionally, you can earn between €10 and €50 every sale or a flat €10 per lead generated assuming you have the suitable market.

There really are tens of thousands of explorers entering that marketplace each single year, but this programme is very specialised and better placed to those doing global cruises.

Program Link: Allianz affiliate program
Commission Rate: €10 – €50 per sale, or €10 per lead
Cookie Duration: 15 days


Before launching the RoamRight brand in 2012, RoamRight was a leading travel insurance provider for other businesses.

You wouldn’t require any kind of travel insurance in a perfect world.

But individuals don’t really recognize the importance of having even some protection until they misplace their bags or experience a medical emergency while travelling.

It’s fascinating to note that every year, millions of visitors take vacations overseas without purchasing travel insurance.

None at all.

However, a lot of nations now demand that visitors to their nation obtain travel insurance as a requirement for admittance.

That implies there is a sizable market in the world that is just ready for you to get into, including cruise ship tourists.

Depending on a 15% transaction value, affiliates promoting the RoamRight travel insurance programme can anticipate making about $41 per sale.

However, that doesn’t apply when a consumer enrols in a plan like their Elite travel insurance coverage; rather, it is based on an average order size/basic plan.

Additionally, you receive a 365-day cookie to use.

Program Link: RoamRight affiliate program
Commission Rate: 15% per sale
Cookie Duration: 365 days

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