11 Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs To Test On Your Financial Blog

Debt held by American families is at $13.2 trillion USD.

Credit card debt totaling $829 billion and mortgage loans totaling $9 trillion are included in this sum.

Then there’s the $1.2 trillion in unpaid student loan obligations.

Because of everything said previously, there is a clear market for businesses that provide debt finance and debt settlement products.

The good news is that many of these businesses provide generous referral commissions.

Let’s examine some affiliate campaigns for debt relief that are worthwhile.

Top Best Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs

  • Cura Debt
  • America Capital
  • SOFI (Social Finance)
  • Debt Consolidation Care
  • Experian
  • National Debt Relief
  • Educational Loan Services
  • Guardian Debt Relief
  • American Debt Enders
  • Upstart
  • Lending Tree


From 2000, this debt counselling and resolution company has been in operation.

Credit card debt, bank loans, and IRS unpaid payments are all covered under CuraDebt’s assistance programmes.

They do not, however, offer debt relief for credit card, mortgage, or vehicle loans.

Despite having thousands of favorability, their website is designed to have never been updated since the beginning of the century.

When recommending that your visitors heed the advise of a complete stranger regarding their finances, peer pressure is crucial.

Partners can make from around $25 for a referral to $500 for someone who signs up with CuraDebt.

Only be conscious that recommending a lot of clients will earn you the $500 rewards.

You don’t have to worry over getting customers as rapidly as possible because they also provide a “Never Expires” cookie.

If you’re able to send CuraDebt enough high-quality traffic, you could make a lot of money.

Program Link: CuraDebt affiliate program
Commission rate: $25 per debt lead or up to $500 for a confirmed enrolment
Cookie Duration: Never expires


At Americap, they take priority on providing clients the finest possible customer support and payment process.

They anticipate working for them in the exact manner that they work for you—with attention to detail, promptness, competence, and integrity. Your clients are handled the same manner that you would handle them.

Their Debt Settlement Affiliate Program will assist customers who would otherwise be assisted, and in the meantime you’ll create a lucrative new money stream. The procedure is simple: 

1.Decrease client payments by around 50%

2. Zero certification is necessary

3. Actually earn money immediately.

Program Link: Click Here

Commission Rates: Earn 10% of the debt amount.
Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

SOFI (Social Finance)

Whatever it says it is, Social Finance, is a hybrid of an internet bank and a community bank.

They currently have about 500,000 customers, however their mortgage lending guarantee that all payments are paid back on schedule.

They may provide lower/better prices for their numerous products, such as bank card centralization, college loan restructuring, remortgage, etc. because they are entirely digital.

They include debts with durations ranging from three to twenty years and amounts ranging between $5,000 – $100,000.

Based on the type of credit, partners receive between $100 – $150 for each accepted and completed lease.

While their total sales isn’t as big as Lending Tree, for instance, this equates to an EPC of $82.84.

Having said that, they have already sent their associates over $2 million in commission payments.

Program Link: SoFi affiliate program
Commission Rate: $100 – $150 per lead
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Debt Consolidation Care

The first to learn how to get out of debt groups on the web, Debt Consolidation Care (DebtCC), offers free debt counselling to people and households on debt consolidation, debt settlement, and how to deal with lenders, payday lenders, credit card debtors, and debt collectors.

You can get complimentary debt counselling from professionals to help you pay off your debt, repair your credit, and manage your finances.

More than 471,119 members of their network have received debt relief assistance from their community in the last ten years.

Program Link: Click Here
Commission Rates: 2 two distinct methods for service fees: the physically present prospects approach and the per transaction model.


Even though Experian doesn’t offer debt consolidation or assistance, it is the kind of programme you can recommend to folks who are having money problems.

The majority of individuals actually don’t understand how to control their finances.

This entails monitoring any dubious debts that might have an effect on their credit/FICO score via an organisation like Experian.

Offering a variety of additional deals to those looking to organise their finances won’t hurt.

An Experian recommendation could be used afterwards as an upgrade to debt consolidation or negotiating goods.

This entails earning $4 per referral or up to $100 per transaction in the event of the Experian partner program.

As you will see, they have an EPC for three months of US$221.97, which is above average.

Given that Experian is already well-known, selling your visitors on a credit file shouldn’t be that difficult.

You should drive post traffic to their partner offers instead because of the 10-day cookie, however.

Program Link: Experian affiliate program
Commission Rate: Up to $100 per sale
Cookie Duration: 10 days

National Debt Relief

A sizable number of individuals owing much more than the $5,700 minimum credit card debt that the average American has.

Though it is simple to locate tales of “ordinary” people who have $50,000 in credit card debt, typically dispersed across several providers.

When credit card debt becomes unmanageable, the majority of individuals turn to bankruptcy as a response; however, debt consolidation may be a preferable choice for a variety of reasons.

For consumer debt, secured loans, hospital bills, company debt, and various types of educational debt, National Debt Relief offers debt consolidation services.

Additionally, you might receive a bonus of $27.50 per contact for referring them potential clients.

Although the money paid for each referral is certainly enticing, what’s even more enticing is the fact that their backlink is one of the best on the ShareASale network.

That means National Debt Relief excels at turning qualifying visitors into revenue, which is fantastic news for affiliates.

Program Link: National Debt Relief affiliate program
Commission Rate: $27.50 per lead
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Education Loan Finance

Education Loan Finance, often known as ELFI, is a division of Tennessee-based SouthEast Bank. It was founded in 2015 with the intention of assisting borrowers with student loan refinancing as well as with undergraduate, postgraduate, and family personal school loans.

They make supporting your career simple by offering simple payment options, fair rates, and adjustable lengths in a simple and secure registration procedure. Never try it by yourself. A federal loan advisor will be assigned to you once your application has been submitted in full. You will be led through the process by this expert, who will also address any problems you may encounter.

They have a long history of supporting education and are a sizable, privately held borrowing institution. The main investment division of SouthEast Bank, Education Loan Finance, Inc., is a non-profit organisation with a long-standing (25 years) commitment to postsecondary education. Due to this commitment, the high schools in the area are now able to access more than $20 million in grants and offer a financial literacy curriculum. ELFI places a high value on giving back to the community, as shown by the recent $50,000 incentive they gave to a client and his family. For them, “Strengthening A Brighter Future” is more than just a catchphrase; it is a commitment.

Program Link: Click Here
Commission Rate: $100- $400

Guardian Debt Relief

Guardian Debt Relief offers debt settlement and due to the fixed.

In essence, they contact your lenders on your place and negotiate with them so that you only need to pay a small portion of your initial amount.

Your loans are consolidated into a single monthly bill, and there are no up-front costs associated with their service.

Guardian Debt Relief deals with customers who have at least US$7,500 in healthcare, energy, and private school loans, despite the fact that they specialise in credit card debt.

Every eligible prospect they receive through their online form earns you $32 as an advertiser, but every prospect that ends in a phone appointment earns you $45 instead.

Additionally, you will receive $325 when one of your recommendations registers with Guardian Debt Relief.

To receive “job substitution” revenue, you only have to register 8 new members each month.

Program Link: Experian affiliate program
Commission Rate: Up to $325 per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 days

American Debt Enders

Having struggled with their personal debt for years, a married couple duo launched American Debt Enders in 2006.

ADE currently provides programmes for both debt management and debt consolidation.

Everyone with credit card bills of at nearly €5,000 can use their debt consolidation program, and anybody with the same amount of debt can enrol in their debt consolidation plan.

Payday lenders, school loans, and IRS debt are the only alternatives to the aforementioned rule.

Additionally, American Debt Enders provides a credit repair service to assist in raising your FICO score.

If you have the customer group, they are worthwhile aggressively marketing because their $99.34 EPC is a blatant indicator that their partners are getting rich.

The following is a brief selection of their additional debt relief and settlement products:

Although their partner agency’s template material states that they pay $20 for each qualified lead, they do provide other goods with larger fees.

Program Link: American Debt Enders affiliate program
Commission Rate: $25 per lead
Cookie Duration: Never expires


Former Google employees who believed there has to be a more effective method for assessing loan applications than FICO ratings created Upstart.

As just a result, they have experienced lower losses as a consequence of their usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess loan risk.

You can choose Upstart to collect debts, repay off credit cards, and college loans with payments starting between $1,000 to $50,000.

With Upstart’s AI, lenders can be granted shortly after a request is submitted, and money can be transferred the following day.

They offer partners $80 for each credit that is properly financed (not simply approved), and if you recommend 25 or more paid loans each month, your reward rises to $120 per client.

Although Upstart’s rewards aren’t as high as those of some other affiliate programmes, you can almost always bargain for a better deal when your blog can provide sufficient visitors to them.

Program Link: Upstart affiliate program
Commission Rate: Up to $120 per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Lending Tree

From individual and dentistry loans to college and car loans, Lending Tree provides a range of financial options.

For families that have become inundated with bankruptcy, they also provide a credit counselling option.

With this method of debt consolidation, you can save money, reduce stress, and even improve your FICO score while pay off your bills.

Among the major advantages for marketers is that Lending Tree is a well-known company, so you won’t need to perform any which was before to get consumers to look at their deals.

Clients don’t appear to care that they are a broker instead of a focused lender.

Sending highly targeted visitors to their site might bring in anywhere between $1 – $70 each client.

Although they do have good 7-day and 30-day EPCs, you may simply send their way knowing that they will make every effort to monetize it.

Just a few sellers consistently do it, which is another reason their “Network Earnings” score on Commission Junction is 5/5.

Program Link: LendingTree affiliate program
Commission rate: Up to $70 per lead
Cookie Duration: 14 days

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