12 Diabetes Affiliate Programs To Ramp Up Your Health Site

In terms of online advertising, the health sector has always occupied the forefront of the pack. Selling and marketing other people’s health-related items online has made some people fortunes.

Diabetes-related items are extremely popular in the health sector. Then why doesn’t promote a high-quality product when you can earn money by doing so as an affiliate? Having said that, I’ll present with you the top diabetes affiliate programmes in this article that not only offer top-notch goods but also offer the greatest rewards.

Take your time to read the entire page before continuing because there’s a cool bonus at the end if you’re looking to make more than $10k per month with greater online advertising. Let’s get straight into our list of the top affiliate programmes related to diabetes.

Top Diabetes Affiliate Programs

  • Oracoat
  • Total Diabetes Supply
  • Diabetic Warehouse
  • Dr. Leonard’s
  • DiabeticManual
  • MyDiabetes
  • Diabetes Freedom
  • Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally
  • Diabetes Solution Kit
  • Ben’s Diabetes
  • Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy
  • Diametrix


80% of individuals find it annoying when their mouths are dry.

Cigarettes, not getting sufficient water, or perhaps drinking too much the night before can all contribute to it.

However, for the remaining 20% of the people, diabetes is the condition most frequently linked to dry mouth.

One that can lead to persistent oral disease and a subsequent rise in blood glucose levels from an infection brought on by poor dental hygiene.

OraCoat’s “XyliMelts” are essentially little discs that you glue to your tongue and which release chemicals to prevent your mouth from drying out.

They are available in a variety of delectable flavours and can also be used at night.

This results in enhanced general oral hygiene and 24-hour protection from dry mouth.

ShareASale handled the management of the OraCoat affiliate programme in the past, but it now appears that they have moved it in-house.

Having said that, Universal Herb Inc. sells its goods, therefore you might want to sign up for their affiliate programme on ShareASale.

In addition to all of that, you receive a payout of 25% on any sales that are brought about by your html tags and 5% on any sales brought about by a sub-affiliate.

Program Link: OraCoat affiliate program
Commission Rate:  25%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Total Diabetes Supply

It can be difficult to choose a reliable supplier of diabetes testing kits, glucose metres, insulin infusion supplies, lancets, etc.

Finding a business that carries diabetes-friendly wound care supplies is even harder.

What about a business that not only provides for Type 2 diabetes in humans but also offers a comparable range of name-brand goods for diabetic dogs or cats?

Additionally, provides these identically high-quality goods at a considerable reduction off of standard retail costs.

And certainly, that does, for instance, contain lancets like Accu Chek and OneTouch Ultra.

With Total Diabetes Supply, you receive all of your discounted diabetes supplies under one roof.

Furthermore, they occasionally run special promotions.

From all suggested sales, this diabetes affiliate program offers a 6% transaction fee.

With an average purchase value of $70, according to Total Diabetes Supply, there should be at least $4 in fee each purchase.

However, if your client makes a greater purchase, you will undoubtedly earn more.

Program Link: Total Diabetes Supply affiliate program
Commission Rate:  6%
Cookie duration: TBC

Diabetic Warehouse

Diabetes just wouldn’t exist in a perfect world. The closest thing that diabetic can get to living in that environment, though, is being able to have all of their requirements addressed below one umbrella.

Diabetic Warehouse will be useful in this situation.

So, this website is essentially an e-commerce company offering to a market that is in need.

As a result, they serve as a one-stop shop for products related to diabetes, offering everything from glucose metres, glucose test strips, lancets to insulin pumps.

Relatively almost all of their diabetic materials are 10% – 50% less expensive than sale prices.

And that also applies to items you regularly purchase, such as OneTouch Ultra and Accu Chek lancets.

The typical order amount for a Diabetic Warehouse associate is $75, which should yield a reward of around $7.50 per sale.

Additionally, shopping for your customers deliver for nothing.

Program Link: Diabetic Warehouse affiliate program
Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Dr. Leonard’s

A particularly well-known ecommerce site for health and diabetes-related supplies is Dr. Leonard’s. This webpage offers a wide range of things, from clothes to medications.

You can register in their affiliate network and advertise a variety of diabetes-related items, including smart trackers, testing kits, diabetic tights, and footwear.

Program Link: https://www.drleonards.com/affiliates.cfm
Commission Rates: 8% commissions on any sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days


Dr. Huntington’s stage process approach called DiabeticManual assists patients in curing. Type-II diabetes. The doctor and team in the program provide consumers with specialised skills and medicines that have been shown via testing and research to be effective in curing Type-II diabetes.

The investment levels of both digital and tangible goods that can be delivered anywhere in the world. This implies that you can advertise this item and profit from it anywhere in the world.

The programme offers each calls, practical and educational video courses, a support network, and a manual for making substantial lifestyle adjustments that will help to automatically regulate blood sugar levels.

Thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world have trusted the items, and their affiliate programme offers significant and reliable rewards on all subsequent qualified transactions made by the consumer.

Program Link: https://affiliate.bodymanual.com/
Commission Rates: 10% – 30%
Cookie Duration: Not available


MyDiabetes is a well-known and well-established diabetes mobile program that provides counselling through training videos and detailed daily meal programs for all types of diabetic patients. It is created and maintained by some of the best diabetes experts.

A large number of content clients from all over the world have confidence in MyDiabetes. Their business performs at a very high rate, so as an associate, you can profit from this by marketing a reliable and admirable product to generate steady rewards.

Program Link: https://mydiabetes.diet/affiliates

Commission Rates: $10 per sale
Cookie Duration: Not available

Diabetes Freedom

Without listing at just one item from ClickBank, no list of wellness affiliate schemes would be full.

Diabetes Freedom is the first one.

It is a two-month treatment plan for Type 2 diabetes that is offered as a software platform to individuals who need it.

Fundamentally, it involves adhering to a strict diet and physical activity regimen.

The end result is to eliminate the fatty waste from your body and restore normal blood sugar levels.

The idea is that by doing that, you can lessen how much glucose and other drugs you need to take.

And all this can be achieved by merely adhering to a food plan; additional drugs are not necessary.

Consequently, there is little danger associated for your visitors in using this tool.

However, you must therefore urge your viewers to consult a qualified medical expert when beginning any new diet or physical activity regimen.

Due to their substantial payouts, ClickBank items frequently distinguish apart from other diabetes commission schemes.

Like possessing the possibility of earning $50 for each client you recommend via your backlinks.

However it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to get regular profits.

Thus, this is a one-time offer.

Program Link: Diabetes Freedom affiliate program
Commission Rate:  90%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

One more well-liked diabetes-related offer is called Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally. It is an incredibly effective e-book guide that can be purchased online. In it, the author discusses a range of various scientific treatments, diet plans, meals, and exercises, along with some free educational videos. All of these things work together to help individuals in lowering their blood sugar levels and curing type 2 diabetes naturally.

There are many various reasons why you should think about promoting this product as an ambassador, and one of those reasons is that you may want to. To begin, it is an offer that genuinely assists folks in finding a solution to the issue. The second benefit is that it has a high rate of conversion. Thirdly, thanks to the helpful promotional materials that are made available to affiliates, you will have no trouble promoting this product on large PPC networks. And finally, you will receive a commission for life on every sale that you bring in.

Program Link: Click here to signup
Commission Rates: 75% commissions
Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie length

Diabetes Solution Kit

Barton Publishing has released multiple digital guides, including “Diabetes Solution Kit.”

Suddenly they appeared to vanish from the affiliate market, but now they’re back.

This product centres on using diet and food to assist Type 2 diabetics reduce their blood sugar levels.

Thus, no tablets or chemicals are involved.

Barton Publishing is also offering a print version of this ‘book’, which is a novel approach.

This makes their reports feel more “special” than if they were required to purchase yet another PDF.

Supposedly, more than 300,000 clients have utilised this product to assist regulate their blood sugar levels.

Program Link: Barton Publishing affiliate program
Commission Rate:  75%
Cookie Duration: 1 day

Ben’s Diabetes

Patients can benefit in a variety of ways from taking the diabetic supplement that was developed by Ben’s Natural Health, which has seen great achievement. People who use their Glyco-Optimizer are able to reverse type 2 diabetes, efficiently manage their blood sugar levels, find relief from diabetes symptoms, and weight loss more quickly.

Since its inception, Ben’s Natural Health has established itself as a reliable retailer of natural health products. And they have never failed to fulfill what was promised through their partner program. It should come as no surprise that signing up for an affiliate programme is the superior option to pursue if the product in question is of high quality and is doing well in the marketplace.

Online sellers focusing to advertise diabetes provides that pay should well consider this option because of its excellent currency exchange rates, which are through the roof, and its average purchase value of $155.

Program Link: https://www.bensnaturalhealth.com/affiliates
Commission Rates: 12% commissions on all sales.

Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie duration.

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy

Up until that moment, we have seen a wide range of items that are associated with Type 2 diabetes. These products include a diverse range of meal action plans as well as nutritional supplements.

However, at this point it is time for something totally different, and that is the Diabetes Treatment that Involves Deep Sleep.

In point of fact, if you deny humans sleep for a sufficient amount of time, they will perish due to the fact that our body systems rebuild themselves while we are ready to sleep.

People who don’t get enough sleep are also more likely to have an insulin insufficiency, which can make diabetes symptoms much worse.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that increasing the amount of sleep that diabetics get is extremely beneficial to them.

By creating a Thai herbal tea blend that assists with falling asleep and keeping you asleep for longer periods of time.

It’s true; the vast majority of the show is devoted to demonstrating how to prepare and enjoy a specific kind of tea.

Because this is the second diabetes advertising platform to be offered by ClickBank, you already have an idea regarding what to anticipate from it.

With this particular advertising network, you will have the possibility of earning a transaction fee of 75%, which is equivalent to $59 per purchase.

To reiterate, the payout is a one-time flat rate, and there are no up-sells from which you can generate recurring revenue.

Program Link: Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy affiliate program
Commission Rate: 75%
Cookie Duration: 60 days


Consumers and affiliates the same as each other are walking into a minefield when they enter the market for health supplements.

Obviously due to the fact that there are businesses out there that lack integrity and are willing to make false allegations.

Typically without so much as a speck of evidence to support the claims being made.

In contrast, DiaMetrix is an outcome that has been tested successfully in a variety of clinical settings.

According to the findings of these studies, it contributed to a significant reduction in levels of fasting blood, increased blood pressure, and even resulted in weight reduction.

Therefore, despite the fact that this is not a promise that it will work, it is a great deal better than the brands that are being placed out by a marketing guru who is only interested in jumping on the bandwagon of dietary supplements.

The one and only goal of DiaMetrix is to make the body of a diabetic more resistant to the effects of insulin.

It’s a real shame that they don’t put more resources into their marketing initiatives.

For a good or service that has a selling value of $59.95 for a one-month supply, you will receive an expansive transaction fee of 15%.

Therefore, the panel that should be paid out for each sale should be $8.99. Or a three-month supply can be purchased for $26.97.

Program Link: DiaMetrix affiliate program
Commission Rate:  15%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

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