10 Pawsome Dog Affiliate Programs

Dogs are man’s closest companion. Because we absolutely adore our pups as much as we love our friends and relatives, we end up spending a lot of money on taking care of them. With over $95 billion spent on our canine and feline companions in 2019, the pet sector in the United States surpassed an all-time high.

Affiliate programmes for products related to pets are therefore an obvious choice if you are interested in making money in a thriving specific market.

There is an abundance of goods for pets that can be promoted, ranging from natural dog treats to workout gear. Many of the people who are a part of Affiliate Lab are drawn to this specific market because of its committed audience that continues to make purchases.

This article will provide a rundown of the top partner programmes in the canine industry, along with information on how to get started and how much potential income each programme offers.

Top Best Dog Affiliate Programs

  • Petco
  • Chewy.Com
  • Brain Training For Dogs
  • PetCube
  • Best Bully Sticks
  • Cherrybrook
  • Raised Right Pets
  • Pets Warehouse
  • TruDog
  • FitBark


Pet owners can take care of all of their pet-related needs at Petco. This pet supply shop sells everything imaginable for animals, from food and accessories to pet technology and even services for teaching dogs new tricks. Because they sell unique items that can be difficult to locate, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue from customers who are more selective in their purchasing decisions.

Because the specialty retailer carries such a wide variety of items, it deserves a spot on this list. Both the fee percentage and the cookie duration at Petco are really quite low in comparison to those of other pet-related affiliate networks.

You will only receive 4% commission on eligible profits, and your cookie will only last for seven days rather than the more typical thirty days. The positive aspect is that because Petco is one of the largest online pet stores in the United States, it is simple for the company to target a significantly larger audience, which increases the likelihood of repeat business.

In spite of the low commission and the limited cookie, partnering with a large retailer such as Petco can be very profitable for affiliate marketers. Because so many people are already familiar with the brand, a sale is very likely to result from this exposure.

It is not clear whether you are also able to earn a commission for pet services such as personal care, veterinary care, dog seated, and other services of a similar nature. You will need to inquire with the manager of the affiliate programme about the kinds of goods and services for which you are eligible to receive credit.

Program Link: Sign up for the Petco affiliate program.

Commission Rate: 4%
Cookie Duration: 7 days


PetSmart purchased Chewy.com in 2017, despite the fact that it has been operating since 2011.

So this occurred as a result of Chewy.com carving out using a 51% percentage of online pet food purchases in the United States during their first couple years of operation.

They therefore excel at what they are doing,  which is essentially all you require for animals.

They do really carry a wide variety of food products and goodies.  However, they also assert that they are the top pet pharmacy in America, offering drugs for more than 300 different ailments.

Additionally, they have the standard fare including cages, tanks, beds, toys, and nutritional supplements.

In addition, a wide variety of items are available for horses as well as  rabbits, cats,  hamsters, dogs, birds, reptiles, and fish.

Since you won’t have to manage many programmes to monetise one marketing channel, this simplifies the process for partners.

Although service fees, etc., can be hard to find, they run the affiliate programme through Partnerize, which can be annoying.

Additionally, they pay 4% of each transaction to their partners, with a 15-day tracking window.

Program Link: Chewy affiliate program
Commission Rate: 4%
Cookie Duration: 15-days

Brain Training For Dogs

Your dog has a deep-seated desire to satisfy you, but they do not often realise what that entails.

Developed by CCPDT-certified dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli, Brain Training for Dogs is a program.

This downloadable product has 21 activities to aid in teaching your dog new skills—even more seasoned ones. But more importantly, this item can assist your customers in resolving any common behavioural issues you might have with dominant, Alpha-type dogs.

The best thing is that while playing games, your dog is also picking up new talents.

The program’s transaction fee is 75% per order, and each sale results in a $31.75 partner compensation. Additionally, their “Gravity” rating is the best of all the ClickBank dog training goods.

Program Link: Brain Training for Dogs affiliate program
Commission Rate: 75%
Cookie Duration: 60 days


The dog owners who are looking for the most advanced technology innovations for their dogs are the target market for PetCube, which has won numerous awards. They currently offer two products, with the Bites 2 being the more intriguing option.

The Bites 2 is a fully automated snack dispenser that can be controlled from a remote location. In addition to this, it features voice control (thanks to the integrated Alexa) and a wide-angle camera, allowing you to keep an eye on your canine family members no matter where you may be. Another option is the Play 2, which like the Play 1 has a camera and can be controlled by voice but is tailored more toward feline users.

You can sign up for their affiliate programme for pets if you want to spread the word about this interactive pet camera. Even though the commission rate is only 10%, the products sold by PetCube have a much higher retail price, which more than makes up for the lower rate. In addition to this, they continue to provide higher rates than their most direct rival, Furbo.

PetCube has a 60-day cookie that more than makes up for their average income. In addition to this, if you do a good job, your commission could be increased to 15%.

Program Link: Sign up for the PetCube affiliate program.

Commission Rate: Up to 15%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Best Bully Sticks

Dogs enjoy gnawing on things.

You can give them a variety of items from Best Bully Sticks, or you can let them chew on any objects and substances they please.

These bull and livestock-derived dog treats, featuring complete bones and ears, are all-natural dog treats.

This is the absolute opposite of just what you receive with the majority of commercial dog treats, which are typically laden with fat and sugar.

In contrast to 95% of the rawhide snacks you’ll find either online or in pet stores, Belly Bully Sticks are indeed very simple to swallow.

However, these rewards will primarily gratify your dog’s desire to chew on things, both for tooth hygiene reasons and primarily since dogs love to bite.

You must first create a profile on the CJ partner program in order to start advertising Best Bully Sticks.

Affiliates receive an 8% fee on all sales they suggest, and considering that this business is only selling dog treats, the EPC is quite high.

Despite this, there isn’t much competition for “healthy dog treats,” making it worthwhile to include it on a broader dog website.

Program Link: Best Bully Sticks affiliate program
Commission Rate: 8%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


In the field of pets, Cherrybrook has a long and illustrious history. They started out as a small dog show merchant, but over the past 50 years, they’ve expanded into a worldwide pet supply label. Because they keep more than 13,000 items in stock, you have an abundance of options from which to build your website thanks to this company.

Their inventory includes items for bathing and grooming, medical remedies, educational resources, and presents for canine companions. They are also among the just several online retailers that give customers the option of shopping for products based on the breed of their animal companion, making it easier for customers to find items that are suitable for their pets.

The amount of commission you earn is proportional to the amount of product you move. You will earn a 10% fee on top of the base rate of 6% if you are able to achieve monthly sales of more than $5,000. If for some reason you are able to reach $10,000 or even more, your foundation rate will increase to 12% from the current 6%. The lifetime of a cookie is 45 days, which would be satisfactory for an affiliate programme for dogs, despite the fact that it is not the best.

Program Link: Sign up for the Cherrybrook affiliate program.

Commission Rate: Up to 12%

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Raised Right Pets

The FDA-approved meats and veggies they use in their pet diets may be traced back to their original sources.

 Clients would never think to give their cherished pet the components in their present dog food, if they actually read the ingredients list.

For instance, at minimum 50% of dry dog kibbles normally feature filler, while some even contain ash.

Yet they never make it clear what precisely. If your dog’s normal diet includes even 20% animal protein—meat—you’ll be blessed.

They are presumably still somewhat new to the ShareASale affiliate network, which contributes to some of this.

However, this pet partner program’s transaction fee is 10%, which equates to an average of $74 each sale.

And because of that, promoting this programme can enable you to make some quick affiliate marketing money.

Let’s ensure dogs get the nutrients they genuinely require as we already don’t deserve them.

Program Link: Raised Right Pet Food affiliate program
Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 15 days

Pets Warehouse

Neither of the dog affiliate links on this list provide as many items as Pets Warehouse does. This massive retailer carries more than 45,000 distinct products, some of which can reach $3,000 in price. Additionally, they are always adding to their inventory, so you’ll never run out of things to advertise.

Normal partners in the Pets Warehouse programme earn 6%, but extraordinary partners who consistently generate more than a certain amount in sales earn 8%. With a $60 average order, the average revenue per sale is just around $4. However, it’s simple to grasp the income ability of this scheme when you consider how many things you can advertise.

The cookie duration at Pets Warehouse was formerly 1 month, but it’s now only 10. Your website must be about pets if you wish to apply for this programme. Sites offering discounts or coupons are not accepted as associate partners.

Program Link: Sign up for the Pets Warehouse affiliate program.

Commission rate: Up to 8%

Cookie duration: 10 days


Become a partner for the American-based, family-run TruDog pet food company to promote a small business. After her dog passed away, the company’s owner decided to launch a company that promoted canine wellbeing via healthy nutrition and delectable dog treats.

TruDog offers a wide range of goods, including food, vitamins, and dental treatment. Even a personalised subscription food plan is available. If you’re one of their top scorers, you may receive 10% on all orders in addition to VIP rates and rewards.

A two-tier login incentive programme with the choice to earn a fixed amount ($2) or a % profit is one of the additional bonuses. The fact that the cookies are valid for 90 days is the program’s main selling point because it opens the door to much greater earning potential.

Reasons to Promote TruDog:

As customers are becoming more mental wellbeing, not only for themselves but also for their pets, the demand for bio, nutrient-rich food is rising. The trade for TruDog products has enormous potential. If you have any questions, a committed affiliate manager will personally assist you. The deciding factor, though, is the 90-day cookie.

Program Link: Sign up for the TruDog affiliate program.

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 90 days


It should not be shocking that dog owners are getting their puppies on their own journeys to fitness now that there are more people than ever before trying to improve their health.

FitBark is a small and portable GPS tracking system that monitors your dog’s health in addition to its location. Keeping track of their day-to-day activities, sleep habits, behaviour and attitude can provide you with measurable insights that help you make more educated choices.

This referral program has a lot of income potential given that it supports free delivery and has clients in over 140 multiple nations.

The beginning transaction fee is 12%, but you have the opportunity to make more by becoming one of their rising partners and moving a lot of products. Taking into account that the typical purchase is $100, the potential profit for you is $12.

Because of the 60-day cookie, even if the customer does not make an immediate purchase, you will nevertheless be given credit for the purchase. This applies even if they do not buy immediately. In addition, you are eligible to earn commissions on the purchase of every FitBark good or service, including accessories, so long as the customer uses your referral link.

When one of your sales goes through fruitfully.

Program Link: Sign up for the Fitbark affiliate program.
Commission rate: Starting at 12%

Cookie duration: 60 days

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