12 Great Dropshipping Affiliate Programs

There is a considerable amount of money to be gained by pitching dropshipping services to online shops and potential suppliers, regardless of whether your attention is on a software platform, an added exposure service, or a different service altogether.

You will not be able to select your preferred affiliate programmes and start earning money right away, as is the case with any online marketing sector, sadly.

To create an associated website that performs well and converts well, you must first put in a lot of preparation work.

As one of the best online business strategies, dropshipping has affected millions of people’s lives all over the world.

In order to build a drop-shipping operation, you must put advertising and audience growth before all the tedious logistics.

Naturally, a majority of individuals believe the dropshipping business concept sounds good. A staggering $476 billion is predicted to be generated by the e-commerce dropshipping business by 2026, up from an anticipated $128 billion in 2020.

As a result, you will find some excellent dropshipping affiliate programmes in this post that you are able to participate in to start earning regular income for increasing your personal sales.

Best Dropshipping Affiliate Programs

  • Wholesale2b
  • Zendrop
  • AliDropship
  • FindNiche.Com
  • Shopify
  • Ali Invoice
  • Inventory Source
  • AutoDS
  • Ali2woo
  • CJdropshipping
  • Sellvia
  • Dropshipping University


Wholesale2b, as its title implies, focuses on the sub-niche of wholesale exportation. This indicates cheap costs.

Its extensive toolbox involves product acquisition and listing, order processing and reimbursements management, as well as ecommerce business import capabilities.

Wholesale2b is one of the few affiliate networks for dropshipping which pays a lifelong ongoing fee.

You will receive a 30% part of their membership for as long as they stay a valued subscriber per each transaction you recommend. In addition, Wholesale2b will provide you with all the posters and visual artists you’ll ever need to market its numerous dropship programmes.

During the first week of each month, all profits are delivered via PayPal.

Program Link: Wholesale2b affiliate program
Commission Rate: 30% lifetime recurring
Cookie Duration: Unknown


Zendrop allows a distributor to do everything from sourcing high-quality brands from reliable vendors and factories to providing lightning-fast transport, round-the-clock service and support, insightful analytics, seamless automation of the fulfilment process, custom brand image, US-based distribution centres, and personal labelling. Incredibly, Zendrop provided a plethora of useful options.

This may seem like a very lengthy essay, but Zendrop is deserving of every word of praise. A  few years ago there were some poor reviews but it seems like things have turned around for the better for the company’s clients at this point.

Joining Zendrop’s partners team is as simple as completing a snazzy registration page on Zendrop’s main site.

Joining their affiliate programme won’t need you to go through any hoops. The whole process seems to be quick, straightforward, and simple.

If you can get other distributors to sign up for Zendrop through your referral link, you’ll get a 25% reward on all their sales. In addition, you’ll receive 1% of your referral’s total purchase price.

From an expert’s perspective, this software is ideal for bloggers, YouTubers, web/store designers, and proprietors of advertising firms.

Program Link: Zendrop Affiliate Program
Commission Rates: 25% per signup and 1% of the store revenue
Cookie Duration: Not disclosed


AliDropship is among the most popular and well-known dropshipping services on the market, relied upon by over 50,000 businesses and digital marketers globally.

Its extensive vendor database contains upwards of 100,000 lead to considerable and over 100 million profitable products.  They guarantee a product range of up to 2,000%, which seems acceptable.

AliDropship has a Trustpilot ranking of 4.8 stars based on nearly 800 reviews, with over 15,000 true participants using the system. These companies have generated more than 23,000 transactions and over $1,100,000 from clients.

Consider joining up for the AliDropship partner program and, based on the items you promote, you’ll receive a 30% – 50% profit. For example, AliDrop premier storefront sales generate a 50% fee, whereas add-ons and services just pay a 30% fee.

Program Link: AliDropship affiliate program
Commission Rate: 30% – 50%
Cookie Duration: Unknown


FindNiche is an AliExpress and Shopify retail discovery, ad spy, and item research tool. It gives you immediate access to over 120 million units, 3 million retailers, and eighty million commercials.

It converts exceptionally well, with four-fifths of paying clients opting to subscribe within 24 hours of signing up for a seven-day trial. FindNiche will handle the rest if you can get folks to sign up for the trial period.

All sales you generate through the FindNiche affiliate link will give you a 20% lifelong ongoing fee, therefore the more your clients remain, the more income you make. Take into account though, that if you promote a cheaper rate, your income will be cut proportionally.

Program Link: FindNiche.com affiliate program
Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Duration: 60 days


Shopify has become one of the most recognisable names in the online business, as its network supports over 1.7 million enterprises in 175 nations. It is used by retailers to sell more than $200 billion in goods, so it’s safe to assume that Shopify is a major player.

But does it run a decent affiliate programme? The answer is yes.

By advertising Shopify Plus, a single button on your affiliate program may pay you an astounding $2,000.

You’ll receive just one, 200% recommendation fee on purchases of its Basic, Shopify, and Advanced packages, which is more relevant to the typical shopify store.

All payments are sent via PayPal twice monthly, with a $25 initial refund requirement.

Program Link: Shopify affiliate program
Commission Rate: Up to $2,000
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Ali Invoice

Ali Invoice is a perfect remedy for shipping shop keepers and anyone engaged in the industry, as it assists with accountancy and related tasks.

There are numerous instances in which bills are required, and in the dropshipping industry, you must prepare yourself accordingly.

If you were to simplify everything, an experienienced man would say that using Ali Invoice, you can streamline your transactions with AliExpress vendors and gradually enhance your business.

On Dropshipping.Store, you will be invited to enrol in the Ali Invoice referral program. It is complementary and will only require a few minutes of your time.

When you’ve created your account online, you may locate the hyperlinks you need to market the firm as an ambassador. The compensation rate for each transaction will be 25%, and you will be compensated if a customer buys something within 30 days of visiting your link.

It’s also available for people who enjoy being paid monthly! You will receive monthly payments through PayPal.

Each partner is provided a dedicated staff of online advertising experts, as well as promotional materials for improved marketing, rewards and rewards, and reliable tracking.

Program Link: Ali Invoice Affiliate Program
Commission Rates: 25% commission
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Inventory Source

Inventory Source is an additional export platform designed employed by tens of thousands of e-commerce websites and over 230 drop shipping providers.

Since more than a decade ago, the company has assisted providers in expanding their distribution centres, enabling them to increase revenues and reduce expenses.

Basically, Inventory Source manages 2 different affiliate programs. First ever programme, which is intended for “normal” affiliates, offers a 35% fee on each sale. Having an average purchase value of $159 is rather respectable.

Alternately, ambassadors, strong partners, and key stakeholders may qualify for the company’s premium channel partner programme, which offers a 10-20 percent profit split on all transactions.

Program Link: Inventory Source affiliate program
Commission Rate: 35% bounty payment or 10% – 20% revenue share
Cookie Duration: 30 days


AutoDS enables clients to swiftly identify and list latest releases, check prices, and watch product availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, it performs an automated checkout process and a multitude of other crucial functions.

Its total collection has more than 500 million items from more than 25 North American and European companies, so you’ll have plenty of options. Whatever market group or successful sector you select, AutoDS should have a product that corresponds.

Considering that the AutoDS affiliate programme provides a 20% ongoing fee for 3 months, this is a lucrative opportunity. In order to increase traffic on your referral link, you might give potential clients a whole month of membership for $1, as opposed to the standard seven days.

Program Link: AutoDS affiliate program
Commission Rate: 20% recurring for three months
Cookie Duration: Unknown


As most savvy people may have predicted from the title, Ali2woo enables individuals to begin AliExpress dropshipping using the most potent CMS available – WordPress.

Ali2woo is a WordPress plugin that makes it simple for potential buyers to trade with other countries, create online stores, and begin selling.

Ali2woo additionally provides a turnkey business for those who don’t want to deal with the hassles of selecting a sector, importing items, creating the store, and maximising results.

You are therefore invited to enrol in the Ali2woo advertising program on ali2woo.com and generate substantial up to $450 per recommendation!

Fraction of a percent, the transaction fee for the browser extension and other add-ons is 30 %, while the rate for bespoke stores is 50%.

Payments will be sent regularly via PayPal, advertising items will be provided, bonuses and rewards will be provided, and partner assistance will also be provided.

Program Link: AutoDS affiliate program
Commission Rate: 20% recurring for three months
Cookie Duration: Unknown


Perhaps the most thrilling aspects of dropshipping is making orders, although once a sale has occurred and an item has really been placed, there is much more to be accomplished.

Therefore, following through on those orders is essential. Here, fulfilment must be swift and excellent. To accomplish that, you need a stable supply chain business.

CJdropshipping fills the gap. For the best, CJdropshipping offers first-rate fulfilment services.

If Shopify, WordPress, or another platform hosts your business, you may use CJdropshipping to complete 50% of your work with no problems.

CJdropshipping offers fee structure that are highly generous. 2%  of the stores’ annual sales are paid to you.

Therefore, if you recommend a dropshipper that produces $20,000 daily, you will be paid $400 daily for a year!

For partners, a variety of financing options, including PayPal and Payoneer, are accessible. With this configuration, you can begin from any place on the planet.

Program Link: : CJdropshipping Affiliate Program
Commission Rates: 2% revenue for 12 months

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed


Sellvia describes itself as an e-Commerce environment including all tiers of dropshippers, from newcomers to seasoned entrepreneurs.

Users can achieve a lot using Sellvia, including: 

Users can achieve a lot using Sellvia, including: 

Bringing in goods

Shipping and accomplishment

processing returns

advertising, tracking, etc.

Sellvia offers plugins, you might use it even if you prefer other platforms like WordPress.

Partners that sign up for the Sellvia advertising network will receive a payment of 30% on operations (such as shop creation, marketing, etc.) and 50% on Sellvia memberships.

I believe the thirty-day cookie duration is a respectable length of time. In addition to this, there will be special account supervisors and creative assets for assistance and development.

Program Link: Sellvia Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 30-50% commission
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Dropshipping University

Additionally, a dropshipping training referral program is now available. First let’s get to know Dropshipping University before proceeding on to the issue of “fees.”

There are numerous individuals searching the internet for incredible dropshipping programs to take, learn from, and then use to make money.

The ideal website for learners to learn about dropshipping, connect with others, and begin their experiences is Dropshipping University.

All authorised partners will receive a 25% fee on all verified sales. The company’s partner website details the remaining terms and conditions. Cookie tracking is for an entire month and what is more important, I’m going to say it right here beekekly payments are possible.In addition there is also a trained staff with online advertising methods available.

Program Link: Dropshipping University Affiliate Program

Commision Rate: 25% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

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