13 Excellent Education Affiliate Programs To Help Your Blog

In the following five years, the global e-learning market is predicted to achieve $457.8 billion. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an educator to benefit from this development. These programmes are appropriate for college students, those looking for work, or those changing careers.

Affiliate programmes for education are growing in popularity along with online learning.

Anyone with an interest has the potential to make money because there is no investment in tangible goods required.

The top education affiliate programmes available right now for various classes and training are listed here.

Training on subjects ranging from programming to personal finance are available on these affiliate-driven sites. Finding affiliate alliances that meet your consumers’ expectations means determining the kinds of programs they would be interested in.

Best Education Affiliate Programs

  • Kaplan
  • The Princeton Review 
  • Coursera
  • Treehouse
  • Skillshare
  • Udacity
  • Lambda School
  • Teachable
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Udemy
  • Thinkific
  • Master Class
  • Rocket Languages


The oldest educational programme in this category is Kaplan. Stanley Kaplan, the company’s owner, began tutoring pupils in a New York basement in 1938. The enterprise now provides everything from SAT preparation for high school students to Bar review for aspiring attorneys. With employees in 28 nations worldwide, the name is well-known on a global scale.

Although the transaction fee may appear low, the typical sale exceeds US $1,200 (€1.1k), which increases the possible revenue. Via founder “personalised material and press releases,” along with reduced subscription pricing, the scheme also benefits affiliates. Even so, a significant price difference would be required to make this a worthwhile affiliate option.

Program Link:FlexOffers
Commission Rate:2.4% base commissions
Cookie Duration: 30 days

The Princeton Review

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known universities in the world is Princeton. But it’s more than just an institution; through the Princeton Review, this also aids enrolling in college students in obtaining admission into the colleges of their choice, including medical and law schools.

Students have two options: they can register in distance learning or join for personalised tutoring from a knowledgeable teacher.

Although there are several websites and teachers who provide exam preparation, Princeton University is undoubtedly one of the best respected. With 96% of users improving their grades and 4/5 enrolling in the postsecondary institution, it is clearly among the best at preparation of pupils.

The referral program at Princeton Review provides an EPC of over $900 and a typical compensation of $108 per sale, so although its 8% contract rate may not seem very outstanding, it is evident that partners are generating money.

Therefore, whether you’re seeking for a programme with absolute income potential, this one might be for you.

Program Link: Princeton Review affiliate program
Commission: 8% per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 days


With more than 5,000 programs, diplomas, and certification courses from some of the greatest companies and universities in the industry, such as Google, IBM, Amazon, and Carnegie Mellon University, Coursera is still a major player in the academic products industry.

More than 100 Fortune 500 firms and 82 million students have subscribed with Coursera. That seems to be true.

Another of the most well-known education affiliate programmes is run by Coursera. We also define “popular” as “top.” Its extensive network offers rewards for exemplary service and rewards 10% – 45% on all qualifying transactions completed in 30 days of clicking your link code.

Coursera’s referral program, in contrast to many others, also enables you to make money by selling courses to current members. As a result, you have a great chance to make repeated sales to the same buyer.

It might be wonderful if the profits were regular instead of a one-time reward payout, if we weren’t hyper critical. It’s a very cheap shot, but lifelong earnings aren’t a frequent occurrence in the area of education affiliate networks.

Program Link: Coursera affiliate program
Commission Rate: 10% – 45% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days


Another coding education affiliate scheme with a small difference is Treehouse. Not only does it provide coding classes but also places a strong emphasis on society and connectivity. From real amateurs to more elite courses, it has a vast selection of offerings.

This huge variety has a sophisticated pricing structure, which is intriguing since it enables you to talk to a larger audience. Trial periods offer $3–10, while membership rewards range from 20–50%. Trials pay out after 30 days, whereas memberships process after 45 days.

Program Link: Treehouse Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 20-50%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


An online learning platform called Skillshare assists everybody in learning vital skills in creative industries like design, drawing, and photography, from aspiring university students to great students.

There are more than 42,000 online courses and video tutorials available on the site, so that if your target market is interested in anything innovative, they will undoubtedly discover something they like.

Surprisingly for the industry, Skillshare doesn’t really compensate partners for registering legitimate account holders. However, the focus of its affiliate program is on obtaining free samples.

You will receive $7 for each enrollment you recommend. Therefore the earning power isn’t really high, but on the good side, your recommendations won’t have to spend anything, while you’ll still get paid.

Every month, on the 16th, partner reimbursements are issued for recommendations that were credited through the Impact Radius network during the prior month.

Program Link: Skillshare affiliate program
Commission Rate: $7 per free trial signup
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, two Stanford professors who launched Udacity as an online training project, made their Introduction to Artificial Intelligence alternatives to anybody, anywhere, without payment.

It’s safe to say that their deal was popular because more than 160,000 learners from more than 190 different nations successfully registered.

Udacity is primarily aimed at assisting students in developing skills that are widely desired by numerous top tech businesses, including cloud applications, information science, AI, and more. This is in line with the areas of specialisation of Thrun and Norvig.

Professional education programmes at Udacity start at $399 per month, so this is not the cheapest choice available. Conversely, a number of governmental organisations and business companies, such as Accenture, Shell, and the US Air Force, like it.

You will receive $25 in advertising fees for each client you send to Udacity through your affiliate program.

Program Link:  Udacity affiliate program

Commission Rate: $25 per registration
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Lambda School

Throughout learning how to code classes are offered by Lambda in exchange for a cut of future earnings. Their programmes have no upfront costs and are supported by this earnings arrangement.

In contrast to other systems, Lambda concentrates on intense, A-Z courses designed for initial professional development or job changers. Other systems, by contrast, provide highly specialised evening classes or indeed single classes. Originally held individually, these courses are now offered online.

Each student that engages in the programme receives a whooping $500 thanks to their partner program. Although the revenue is substantial, the monthly payment is longer than others because they give a 90-day free trial before committing.

Program Link: Lambda School Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: $500.00 per student
Cookie Duration: 30 days


The market segment for Teachable is aspiring business owners who wish to design and market their own online classes.

Upwards of 100,000 artists have used the site to sell and over $1 billion worth of courses and mentoring, so it must be fairly effective in that regard.

Approximately ten years ago, Teachable’s founder Ankur Nagpal was giving a class on business on a specific platform when the idea for Teachable first came to him. A few years later, his business was worth $8 million. He saw a chance to construct something better with more customising possibilities and a more lucrative payment method.

With Teachable, unlike a conventional B2C partner program, it is your responsibility as an ecommerce business to attract new course authors. Because of the program’s tiered fee structure, which pays 30% – 50% per sale when particular monthly milestones are hit, partners advertising it make an average of $450 monthly.

Fortunately, Teachable is one of the only education-related affiliate links to provide ongoing earnings, meaning that you will continue to make money as soon as your recommendations continue to use the service.

Program Link:Teachable affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to 50% per sale
Cookie duration: 90 days

Rosetta Stone

You may probably be aware of Rosetta Stone, one of the most recognizable names in language instruction, which provides programmes in 24 different languages.

While many language programmes rely on hours of tedious repetitions, Rosetta Stone’s approach involves first presenting students an image and then the word that goes with it.

This extremely successful method of language learning is simple enough for pupils in primary school but sophisticated sufficiently for those in postsecondary learning.

If the consumer converts during the 30-day cookie period, Rosetta Stone will pay a flat 7% reward on each client you recommend.

Rosetta Stone shouldn’t need much “selling” on your side because it is such a well-known company, but if you really want, your customers can register for a free sample that can save money if you nevertheless need to have some pressure. That’s a good method to close the deal every time.

Program Link: Rosetta Stone affiliate program
Commission Rate: 7% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days


One of the most well-known brands in the elearning industry is Udemy, which provides training videos from more than 64,000 teachers throughout more than 185,000 programs in 75 languages.

About 680 million students have enrolled in courses through the online education platform, which includes more than 49 million registered users.

Additionally, it has around 10,000 leading sectors, which is essentially translated to “huge income opportunity.”

Each Udemy professor is a true expert in their field with tonnes of practical expertise and a passion for teaching others, which is undoubtedly a contributing factor in the platform’s remarkable 4.5-star ranking on G2.

The “competitive” profit rates offered by the Udemy learning affiliate network rise as you spread the word more widely. The system grants you access to all the advertising budget you could possibly require, such monitoring links and a tonne of creation of new ideas, to assist you.

Register today, and they will assess your request in 3 to 4 working days.

Program Link: Udemy affiliate program

Commission Rate: Undisclosed
Cookie Duration: Undisclosed


Thinkific targets individuals who desire to develop and market classes online and subscription websites, just like Teachable does.

Thinkific gives you everything you might possibly really have to construct a virtual training system, from constructing large sales funnels to certifying participants’ achievements via analytics.

And over 50,000 producers have used the platform to achieve more than $650 million in sales, proving that it obviously works.

The foundation of Thinkific’s education partner program is public funding. Because as long as a potential buyer remains a valued subscriber after you recommend them, you will earn a 30% repeating reward on their monthly or annual paid plans.

To put things in perspective, that implies that you might make up to $1,700 a year from each recommendation.

Program Link: Thinkific affiliate program

Commission Rate: Up to $1,700 per referral per year
Cookie Duration: 90 days


For those who are unfamiliar, MasterClass is a webcast platform that enables people like you and me to pick the brains of real industry leaders.

Even though it’s not personalised instruction, it’s still very amazing. And for an annual subscription beginning at $180, you have continued access to every one of its online learning resources.

Users can view MasterClass on their Apple TVs, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TVs, and  smartphones whether lounging in their living rooms or travelling to work.

Fortunately, there are lots of partner rewards available here as well, with MasterClass offering a 25% per order reward. All programs are paid yearly, so that represents some significant earning ability.

The specialised business top management can provide all the assistance partner advertisers require, and MasterClass also mails out twice-monthly emails with program improvements, ads, and content.

Program Link: MasterClass affiliate program
Commission Rate: 25% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Rocket Languages

As you might have guessed, Rocket Languages provides language instruction.

In the middle of the 2000s, co-founder Jason Oxenham and his buddy Mark Ling founded the business as a result of their struggles using “conventional” educational techniques to acquire a foreign language. Although nowadays it provides courses in more than a dozen languages, Rocket French and Rocket Spanish were its first two products.

The website has been accessed by more than 1.2 million individuals to learn another language, and based on the 1,400 five-star evaluations, it appears that the majority of them were very pleased with the process.

The advantages of the Rocket Languages affiliate programme will now be discussed. You will initially receive a substantial 40% basic fee. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at with an average order worth of $145.

The business also provides a massive 120-day cookie session, which is considerably longer than any of the other affiliate marketing programs on this page.

There are many things to like about Rocket Languages when you take into account the automatic bonus notch levels, the wide variety of inventive ads and links, the special offers, and the ongoing promotional vouchers.

Program Link:  Rocket Languages affiliate program

Commission Rate: 40% per sale
Cookie Duration: 120 days

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