14 Electronics Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Tech Blog

As advanced inventions and functionalities are developed, the electronics sector is constantly expanding and evolving. There are a lot of potential explanations why you found this page because the term “electronics” is somewhat ambiguous. We’ve chosen to concentrate on consumer devices in particular, which might include laptops, computers, mobile phones, game consoles,TV, cameras, video recorders, navigational tools, and more.

But we also offer more special lists for things like gifts for kids, laptops, antivirus software, drones, and phones. Here are the most outstanding electronics ecommerce platforms that we haven’t before discussed and which could spark fresh ideas for niche websites or sources of income for your website.

Best Electronics Affiliate Programs

  • 1More
  • UpTradeIt
  • Kove
  • Padmate
  • TechRabbit
  • Harman Kardon
  • UnbeatableSale
  • Samsung
  • Whistle
  • Canon
  • ThinkGeek
  • BorrowLenses
  • GoPro
  • Philips Hue


An audio company that caters to consumers is 1MORE. They manufacture cost-effective headphones of a good quality. The safety, sound quality, and visual value of their headphones are improved by their innovative materials and designs.

Partners can register by looking for 1MORE in the Impact Radius, FlexOffers, or VigLink marketplace. They give partners access to their product selection, tracking tools, banners, and blog posts. Their helpful partner management group is always handy to address any concerns and provide advice on how to improve your advertising.

Economical elevated headphones with innovative designs and a helpful partner team

Program Link: 1MORE Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Those who at least once a year feel the urge to replace their old phone with a fresh model.

Who else, though, desires the newest smartphone technology without having to sell a kidney?


Additionally, it is willing to sell your current phone for you and promises to collect an estimate of 32% more than you would if you offered it personally.

How does the price of smartphones affect your ability to earn referral fees?

Since the average purchase for this programme is roughly $300, you may anticipate earning $12 for each client you send using your backlinks.

Program Link: UpTradeit affiliate program
Commission Rate:  4%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Kove makes compact speakers with top-notch sound engineering. They are built to follow you everywhere things take you with their strong, portable speakers. Their latest Bluetooth speaker, the Commuter, sports a stylish, tough design, an X-Bass subwoofer, and an IPX-4 water resistant rating.

Their partner program is administered by ShareASale. Kove offers promotional materials, monitoring tools, and regular information on ongoing campaigns. Your performance is important to their committed affiliate team.

You should advertise KOVE for a diverse range of reasons, including its robust portable speakers, high-quality functionality, and frequent sales and promotions.

Partners have the option of ordering unique creatives to go with their websites and marketing initiatives.

Program Link:  Kove Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 1 day


Influencer marketing for in-ear Bluetooth headphones is currently huge.

So I believe it would be wise to have a comparable selection of goods here.

The manufacturer of the PaMu line of bluetooth earbuds is Padmate. All of this was made possible as a result of a 2018 Indiegogo campaign.

I won’t try to act as if I have extensive knowledge about the business.

The fact that they offer a selection of reasonably priced earbuds that will appeal to a diverse market intrigues me.

The fact that they have received numerous partner rewards while being practically new to the Refersion Marketplace further drew my eye.

Program Link: PadMate affiliate program
Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration: 180 days


TechRabbit offers a wide range of name-brand electronics, accessories, and gadgets at low costs. They carry a variety of companies, such as Nokia, Fitbit, LG, Samsung, Apple, and Logitech. Those who buy restored goods benefit from free shipping, a 30-day money – back guarantee, and warranty lasting up to a year.

Their typical order is worth $125. Commission Junction and TechRabbit are working together to run their referral program. Partners can use unique offers, creatives, and reporting capabilities.

Electronics from well-known brands at affordable costs, updated promotional items

To ensure that they constantly have fresh content to advertise, partners get a weekly newsletter and often updated creatives.

Program Link: TechRabbit Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Harman Kardon

For our Australian partner buddies, we already have Harmon Kardon as a partner option.

Providers of a number of the best audio equipment on the market right now.

Not familiar with them?

Your audiophile guests have undoubtedly done so, as will the majority of personal computers users.

This is due to the fact that Harmon Kardon produces some of the greatest speakers available. A  practice they have been used since the 1950s.

They have now expanded into the production of smart speaker goods.

But consider high-end smart speakers rather than a $90 Alexa knockoff.

Although Harman Kardon devices are not at all inexpensive, that is part of their appeal.

Let us just evaluate their product to the others on this list of affiliate networks.

The least expensive Harmon Kardon speaker is $299, so that each transaction you place will save them $20.

However, $280 is 7% of a $4,000 transaction.

For approximately the same amount of work, you can promote them on your website and make 14 times as much money.

Additionally, you can get paid a set bonus for items up to $4,000 per set.

Program Link: Harmon Kardon affiliate program
Commission Rate:  7%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


UnbeatableSale provides amazing discounts on a variety of items, including electronics, gifts, furniture, accessories, gifts, housewares, and more. The company offers a price match guarantee on all of its offers. A 30-day funds warranty is also provided to customers to ensure their satisfaction with their transaction.

To run their referral program, they’ve teamed up with Commission Junction. Promotional tools like banners, text links, and emails with forthcoming sales are offered by UnbeatableSale. On their partner panel, partners can also view their shopify store and keep a record of their transactions and rewards.

Electronics at unbelievable prices, a price match promise, and several special offers are available.

Partners that generate total sales of $2,500–$5,000 or more can receive an additional reward of 11–12%.

Program Link: UnbeatableSale Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 90 days


Electronics are the only focus of the Samsung brand.

From cargo ships and computers to robot sentries, they produce a variety of products.

However, their gadgets, such as their top-notch TVs, tablets, and smartphones, are what they are most famous for.

The majority of consumers feel exactly the same way about Samsung items, which have brand prestige attached to their ownership.

Therefore, as long as you possess a consumer-focused audience, you will receive a 2%–4% percentage of the sale when they do, too,  on both new and old clients.

There aren’t many electronics advertising programmes that offer this.

To begin, simply make sure you have a Commission Junction profile.

They will undoubtedly discover what they seek in the Samsung store for electronics.

Program Link:Samsung affiliate program
Commission Rate:  2% – 4%
Cookie Duration: 14 days


Whistle makes it easier for animal lovers to monitor their pet’s whereabouts and energy levels. Using your smartphone, you can continuously monitor your pet’s activity. Additionally, you can establish objectives and get alerts when a person’s exercise or sleep habits dramatically change. A 3-month money-back warranty is included with the Whistle 3 Pet Track purchase. 

Their occurrence due to the presence is worth over $80. Affiliates for Whistle receive a 20% fee. They offer intriguing affiliate networks, optimised creatives, and generate reports to their partners.

Tracks pet behaviour, keeps track of where pets go to sleep, and has optimised creatives

50% of sales are paid out in compensation to qualified charity partners.

Program Link: Whistle Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20% on Whistle 3 sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Before there was even a legitimate evolving technology to speak of, Canon was indeed a part of it. That is to say, in 1934, they released their first customer camera.

They have now gone on to develop some of the best printer and photocopier equipment available, in addition to making a significant dent in the digital photography industry.

So a variety of consumers are drawn to their offerings. As those who require a brand-new, top-notch laser printer. Alternatively, a fan of digitalization.

Additionally, since their label is so popular, you won’t need to “sell” their electronics products. How does Canon stack up against the other electronics affiliate marketing programs we reviewed?

They are willing to pay you a reward of up to 2.5% for each sale that is brought about by using the backlinks or ads on your website.

A daily product feed from their Commission Junction product inventory is also sent to you.

So if you’re able to demonstrate that you can generate customers and sales, you are able to get in touch with their partner management staff to ask for a commission increase.  Simply present them to the intended party.

Program Link: Canon affiliate program
Commission Rate:  1.5% – 2.5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Since 1999, ThinkGeek has assisted individuals in discovering their inner nature and sharing their hobbies. They provide a wide range of products, including home decor, gadgets, clothing, collectibles, technology, and more. They provide a wide range of products, many of which are rare and difficult to find elsewhere.

Their 45-day cookie lifetime partner programme offers a 4% reward. Special monitoring codes, promotional materials, and reporting tools are made available to partners by ThinkGeek.

Leading retailer for nerds, fair conversion rates, and loads of affiliate advice

For details on starting up, advice on how to achieve, and details on new modifications to make their partner programme more effective, members can check out their FAQ area.

Program Link: ThinkGeek Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Duration: 45 days


If you could show customers a place where they might lease whatever they require for a maximum of 90 days, how might they react?

The option to “possess” AV equipment without having to pay the entire cost is what BorrowLenses offers.

Which is a terrific method, for instance, to try out a new DSLR before you get one.  Or a set of lights.

There are numerous ways for partners to profit from this.

This is one of the best-performing affiliate marketing programs I’ve ever seen for devices, and it’s also part of the ShareASale partner program.

The 5% margin requirement is fairly average for this area, and it will earn you $4.50 for each client that comes from your site’s visitors.

However, since they convert over 25% of their visitors, the more traffic you can drive their way, the more money you may earn.

Program Link: Borrow Lenses affiliate program
Commission Rate:  5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


There is no need to introduce GoPro.

They have led the market in compact HD cameras tailored for extreme sports since 2002.

Many copycats have attempted to replicate their success. And miserably failed.

GoPro’s creator understood that consumers wanted to preserve their most thrilling memories  but not by duct taping a camera on their body.

He therefore found a solution by developing a high-quality camera that was ruggedized and utilised memory card – based rather than more unstable storage medium.

What will partners receive in return for marketing this programme, then?

On all purchases made using your partner backlinks or banners views, you will receive 5% in partner earnings.

These rewards can mount up very rapidly, especially given that even the simplest basic GoPro is $249.

By doing so, he permanently altered the camera business.

Program Link: GoPro affiliate programs
Commission Rate:  5%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Philips Hue

Companies from the “tomorrow” guaranteed us colonies on the space, flying cars, and jetpacks.

Meanwhile, Snapchat, selfies, and smartphones were given to us, the consumers.

However, not all aspects of the anticipated future are as discouraging.

Such as the line of smart lighting products from Philips Hue.

Homes that could change their illumination based on whether a person desired to nap, focus, or relax is the kind of world I imagined.

Even a dawn can be reproduced by these goods, allowing you to awaken awake without having to curse at your phone or sob into your pillow.

You’ll need a Commission Junction profile to advertise the Philips Hue programme since it is run by that online advertising platform.

It offers flat-rate commissions of 5% for referrals coming from your website.

Therefore, there is no complicated affiliate structure to understand.

Program Link:  Philips Hue affiliate program

Commission Rate:  5%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

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