13 Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Are you hunting for ecommerce platforms for online marketing with the best payment and regular fees? If so, you’ve come to the correct place!

When you advertise a brand, the business you worked for gives you a reward. You receive payment, and they gain a client. Everyone benefits.

This type of back-scratching has been widespread — really widespread — for a long time.

Electronic commerce is now being used by 81% of marketers and 84% of editors to market items and boost sales, with 35% of website owners now earning at least $20k a year from their network promotional activities.

It’s hardly surprising that online advertising is now generating so much money given its level of popularity. Statista’s projection

In this article, we’ll concentrate on partner marketing initiatives for the email marketing sector.

Therefore, we’ll present you the top programs to join if you’re willing to collaborate with email advertising companies to advertise their goods and get partner money.

Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

  • ClickFunnels
  • Stripo
  • Constant Contact
  • MailerLite
  • Sendinblue
  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • Ontraport
  • ConvertKit
  • Hunter
  • Active Campaign
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailigen


The referral program for ClickFunnels offers up to 40% in regular monthly income to partners, however there is a condition.

You must demonstrate that you have linked at least 40 actual ClickFunnels users using your affiliate ID, that these individuals are registered members, and that they have been clients for at least 30 days in order to qualify for the 40%.

You will not be eligible for the 40% regular monthly service fee without the evidence.

Furthermore, the program from ClickFunnels continues to provide you a 20% ongoing fee up until $1000 in transactions, after which it increases to 30% ongoing. profits from subscribers, other goods like ebooks, and one-time tuition fees for courses.

Since the partner program is designed with a recurring income model, you will keep receiving payments as long as your referrals are ClickFunnels customers!

Program Link: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 20-30%

Cookie Duration: 30 days


With the help of the program Stripo, users may design stunning and dynamic emails for all email services and send them to any ESP. Better yet, you can preview the email prior to actually sending it, so you don’t have to bother about how it’s going to appear in the user’s inbox.

This tool offers to earn a lifelong reward of up to 25% for each recommendation who joins any editor or plugin membership package; depending on the subscriber your client picks, you might make anywhere from $3 to $55 or even more per client. And monthly payments using PayPal, with a $100 initial deposit are also a big plus.

Check the homepage for their partner program, carefully review the terms, and submit a brief form. Following this process, you will receive your affiliate links. By promoting this connection to your readers, you can increase your passive revenue by bringing in more clients. As long as they pay them, they’ll  reward you.

Program Link:  landing page
Commission Rate: 25 %
Cookie Duration: 120 days

Constant Contact

Constant Contact doesn’t only concentrate on email marketing; like many of the solutions on this list, it provides an entire arsenal of digital marketing tools.

As a result, Constant Contact may support your public’s efforts to develop compelling marketing emails, develop a successful website, or boost sales using Google Ads.

There are several factors which make this brand fantastic, but a program offering multiple income streams surely helps.

Constant Contact carries out that. In addition to paying a fixed $105 reward on all premium account transactions, their email marketing affiliate program also gives $5 in exchange for signing up for a free trial. Similar to having two affiliate marketers in one, virtually.

Additionally, the business provides committed partner assistance through its staff of knowledgeable program managers, who are available to offer tailored counsel and ideas to help you improve performances.

Program Link: Constant Contact affiliate program
Commission Rate: $5 – $105
Cookie duration: 120 days


When you reach $50 in sales through MailerLite’s partner program, you can cash out any earned rewards.

When you reach $50 in reward with MailerLite, unlike other companies on the list with fixed payment dates, you politely ask for payment, and it will be deposited into your PayPal account.

A specific affiliate tracking link with a 30% ongoing reward and an ambassador panel are features of the MailerLite plan.

You may use your specific MailerLite recommendation link, like the other solutions on the list, to direct people to the product’s website and social media sites so they can register.

It’s also very simple to monitor the effectiveness of your recommendation activities because MailerLite tracks every newcomer and transaction and adds them in genuine to your advertising dashboard.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to the MailerLite affiliate link. The program prohibits you from promoting your affiliate link through online ad services like Bing or Google AdWords, and a reward is only offered if a client subscribes for a premium product.

Program Link:MailerLite Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 30%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


The excellent affiliate money making scheme at Sendinblue pays you for each and every customer you suggest, including if they only register for a free account.

You will receive 5 euros for a basic version and 100 euros for a premium subscription each time a user subscribes for one of Sendinblue’s services after clicking on one of your internet marketing links to get there.

Sendinblue tracks every click from your links and photos, like many other solutions on our list, to make sure you get paid if the buyer converts. Sendinblue uses Tapfiliate to accurately measure clicks and provides real-time commission tracking.

You may also sign up for Sendinblue’s agency program to start making recurring commissions on new clients’ purchases. Therefore, your payment increases if a Sendinblue client you suggested increases their membership level.

The processing of reward payments via PayPal or bank transfer occurs each month as well.

Program Link:

Commission Rate: 5 – 10 € per registration

Cookie Duration: 90 days


As a fantastic email marketing approach with its selection of designs, email alerts, reporting, and other features, AWeber assists many businesses in creating and sending HTML emails. With AWeber, business owners may strengthen their connections with customers and so build a devoted following.

AWeber also offers two options for you to make money: through their internal program either via CJ Affiliate. The 30% reward is handed out monthly.

You can receive up to $300 per profile with CJ Affiliate, but keep in mind that this option means cookie duration is only 45 days. The in-house program cookie’s lifespan is limited to a year at most.

Program Link: AWeber
Commission Rate:30 %

Cookie Duration: 45 days


Members of GetResponse generate roughly 765 million emails weekly using the email marketing platform.

But once more, it’s not merely an email marketing software program. Additionally, users have access to a complete digital marketing agency that can manage a wide variety of typical digital marketing chores. Additionally, it includes a tool that can be used to build effective landing pages.

I don’t think it sounds too horrible that GetResponse’s affiliate program pays a bounty payout of $100 for each sale. For each verified sale, it also offers a 33% permanent ongoing reward.

That’s a significant amount of affiliate revenue considering the best strategy’s $580 monthly cost. Every month, all around the 20th, rewards are distributed.

Program Link: GetResponse affiliate program
Commission rate: 33%
Cookie duration: 120 days


Ontraport calls itself a ” marketing and advertising platform for growing businesses,” which is a good indication that it offers a lot more services than just online marketing.

It goes without saying that Ontraport’s capabilities includes email campaigns. However, it also assists site owners in developing sales funnels and membership pages, membership sites in creating online classes and integrating them with payment services, and much more.

Essentially, whatever you require to conduct online business in the twenty-first century.

With monthly fees varying from $79 – $497, Ontraport is not cheap for all those services. If simply sign up for its partner program, you’ll receive a 25% portion of the sales you bring in, paid out once a week for the duration of the user’s account.

Program Link: Ontraport affiliate program
Commission Rate: 25%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


ConvertKit’s affiliate clients, who include well-known affiliates like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, are a straightforward indicator that the company operates a high-quality affiliate network.

Firstly, the staff is excellent. ConvertKit provides every online marketing feature you could possibly need, as well as practical additions like a landing website builder.

And secondly, since its partner program’s conditions are quite benevolent. The referral program for ConvertKit offers a 30% permanent profit for each eligible sale.

Additionally, through the affiliate panel, online sellers have access to a variety of useful marketing resources and how-to instructions, including webinars, images, videos, and even a Pat Flynn guide.

Program Link: ConvertKit affiliate program
Commission Rate: 30%
Cookie Duration: 90 days


Hunter is a well-liked software for quickly scanning email addresses (amongst 100 million items in its database). Being the most potent answer in its field, you can recognize individuals who are essential to your business in a couple of seconds.

By taking part in their affiliate program, you can receive a 30% reward on as many as 12 bills during the first year. You can cash out your earnings after 45 days via Paypal the next Week.

Program Link: Hunter
Commission Rate: 30 %
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is more than “simply” an online marketing platform; it also includes all the email campaigns and CRM features that companies need to provide top-notch user experience.

ActiveCampaign offers a low competitive price beginning at only $9 per month, unlike many other email marketing platforms that target a single target.

For as soon as your recommendations continue to use ActiveCampaign, you will receive a monthly fee of at least 20% regardless of the package you advertise. That initial income might increase to 30% based on your unit sales and the engagement percentage of consumers who register through your affiliate links.

Program Link: ActiveCampaign affiliate program
Commission Rate: Up to 30%
Cookie Duration: 90 days


Tailor the way you communicate with your consumers by using SMS, site and in-app announcements, email, and Klaviyo, a biggest growth marketing channel.

Reimbursement ranges from 5% to 15%, and the amount of the reward varies on which partner tier you select (silver, gold, or platinum). The compensation is calculated on a referral’s total MRR over 4 months (minimum).

Program Link: Klaviyo
Commission Rate: 5-15%
Cookie Duration: 


The majority of the criteria for a solid program are met by Mailigen’s advertising network, including reoccurring income, tracking cookies, and advertising materials.

The program refers to its affiliates as “partners” and grants additional one-time rewards to those who meet the requirements to become VIPs.

The revenue rewards from Mailigen are somewhat limited. They can’t charge until you have received at least $100 in commission, but according to their homepage, you can make other arrangements if necessary.

The program from Mailigen still provides you with a 30% ongoing reward, a 120-day cookie, and a combination of cookies and IP addresses for referral tracking.

You will receive a fee on the majority of the solutions they select, ranging from monthly subscription to email credits, if you recommend a customer to Mailigen and they join up. But bear in mind that you won’t receive any compensation if the buyer purchases additional items like SMS or email designs.

Program Link: Mailigen Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Duration: 120 days

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