11 Essential Oil Affiliate Programs

A little under $20 billion in US dollars is the present market value of the essential oil sector, and a 7% economic boom is anticipated over the coming years.

Growing interest in the purported health advantages of organic and natural remedies is partly to blame for this.

However, there is also a rising market for straightforward items like soap that is made without toxic substances.

This simply implies that everything is set up for you in online advertising.

All that’s left to do is advertise a selection of very profitable essential oil partner schemes.

Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs

  • Aurelia
  • Amrita Aromatherapy
  • Homedics
  • Jade Bloom
  • Guru Nanda
  • Lisse
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Oasis Diffusers
  • Plant Therapy
  • Each & Every
  • Well.ca


For 30 years, Aurelia Essential Oils has been making handcrafted herbal mixes.

In order to achieve the ideal therapeutic outcome, 2 or more essential oils are combined with essential oils to create an oil mixture.

Additionally, as of this moment, their web store has 100 distinct blend goods available that address anything from chakra opening, imagination, and relaxation, to scar treatment and relieving stress.

You may almost certainly discover a therapy combination in the Aurelia store that addresses any long term issues you can imagine your customers could be dealing with right now.

Each mixture is offered in 5ml, 10ml, or 30ml volumes, and is quite reasonably priced given that the essential oils that make up its main component are pesticide-free.

A standard reward amount of 15% is offered by this infused oils partner program, while this amount is certainly negotiable if you’re able to generate a large number of visitors and referrals.

Aurelia enjoys collaborating with a wide variety of partners, such as influencers, vloggers, and proponents of healthcare.

Program Link: Aurelia Essential Oils
Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Amrita Aromatherapy

Amrita is a family-run business that sells pure natural ingredients, and is reportedly among the largest across the country.

Dr. Christopher Streicher, the company’s owner, has merged the greatest naturopathic and Ayurvedic procedures with herbal extracts and natural farming techniques.

They currently offer 140 infused oils in their lineup, all of which have USDA approval.

In conclusion, consumers are ready to shell out more for naturally derived plant oils.

Although the EPC for this affiliate network won’t put you on the road to retiring early, you can bundle it with other partner programmes to increase your earnings.

“Organic” would have its own category even if you created a specialised website focused solely on essential oils, thus it is merely one spoke of a much bigger wheel.

Customers that use affiliate links to purchase with Amrita spend an average of $67 each transaction, and affiliates earn 10% of the sale.

Program Link: Amrita Aromatherapy affiliate program
Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Even though, this brand is most famous for its selection of goods for at-home massage therapy, they also control the Ellia firm of diffusers and aromatics oils.

However, you simply need to register for the HoMedics partner program in this case; there is also a positive side effect to this.

Given that your target market likely consumes essential oils, it stands to reason that some of them would also be drawn to similar goods like air filters, UV cleaners, or even neck massagers.

There is a huge amount of room for profit here.

Affiliates of HoMedics earn 8% of every purchase they refer either to the HoMedics or Ellia.com homepage, without needing to join other programmes.

Their “Network Earnings” ranking is high enough then to suggest that a sizable number of partners are profiting from advertising their goods.

Additionally, you receive “unlimited” partner recommendations within a 30-day cookie period.

Program Link: HoMedics affiliate program
Commission Rate: 8%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Jade Bloom

In addition to providing natural natural ingredients, Jade Bloom now offers wellness and lifestyle goods which primarily contain these oils.

The business was started with the intention of assisting people in discovering more holistic treatment options rather than solely relying on prescription drugs.

By providing free programs that include all the essential oil information you might be required to understand, Jade Bloom University advances this concept.

Their shop offers a variety of essential oil-infused goods, including natural ingredients, carrier oils, mixes, aromatherapy oils, packages, and items. There ought to be at least one product that appeals to any consumer concerned in essential oils.

For a user’s first purchase, your basic transaction fee is 10%; after that, for the duration of their relationship with you, it is 5%.

However, your compensation rate will climb to 15% on the first transaction and then 10% of each sale for the customer’s whole duration if you can generate a significant amount of qualifying visitors.

Program Link: Jade Bloom
Commission Rate: Up to 15%

Cookie Duration: Permanent

Guru Nanda

The Guru Nanda name stands out because they understand promotion, from the video introduction by the brand creator to the colour palette for the brand to collaborating with rural villages to guarantee they are paid fairly for their products.

Compassion is the best marketing strategy for your company.

But let’s get back to their ingredients: all 138 of the essential oils were extracted from some of the world’s greatest growers of flowering plants and herbs. Included in this are tea tree from Australia, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, lavender from Bulgaria, and lemon from Italy.

Consider these to be handmade essential oils.

As a result, the company also exudes a global vibe, offers a diverse selection of goods for both adults and children, and provides free delivery on purchases of $25 or more.

This option provides you 90 days to operate within a world when businesses appear to be doing whatever they can to reduce the length of affiliate cookies.

When combined with a 7.5% service fee and an average order size of $61, which is three times the market rate, this programme has the potential to be quite lucrative.

Program Link: Guru Nanda affiliate program

Commission Rate: 7.50%
Cookie Duration: 90 days


There is no pretence made by Lisse Essential Oils that they are a particular provider of 100% naturally derived essential oils.

They are a Shopify store created to reach as many people looking for more economical products that they can in the aromatherapy sector.

A white label e-commerce brand is frequently identified by the absence of a “About us” website.

In 10ml or 30ml bottles, they provide a large selection of pure essential oils, covering all of the standard choices like lavender oil , tea tree oil, and frankincense oil.

Just take into account that these are consumer essential oils, which is why these are less expensive.

Therefore, rather than say specialists hunting for essential oils devoid of pesticides, they are most suited to a broad readership.

Their backlink for essential oils likewise provides a very normal 10% reward, although it is unclear if you get anything for subsequent sales.

However, they also offer turn solutions that have been specially developed to assist your guests with anything from bug bites to pain treatment and relaxing.

Program Link: Lisse Essential Oils
Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Rocky Mountain

For more than 13 years, Rocky Mountain Oils has been providing solo oils and essential oil mixtures to aromatherapy professionals and hobbyists across the globe.

To ensure that Joe and Josephine on the market could get purest essential oils without having to donate one of their children to a biomedical research centre, a bunch of individuals formed Rocky Mountain Oils.

Their objective was to greatly increase the affordability and accessibility of premium essential oils.

Pure single oils, organic essential oils, and blends for certain uses, such as “Mood,” “Skin Care,” “Sleep,” etc., are all available at Rocky Mountain Oils.

Healing mixtures are also available in Rocky Mountain Oils’ “For Mom and Kids” line.

Kids won’t have to think about remembering to request their preferred Lavender and Tea Tree remedy the next moment they have a “ouchie” because of this.

You might write about their muscular remedies on an athletics or fitness blog, or you might start a new family blog and include a referral link for Rocky Mountain Oils’ child-friendly essential oil blends.

Rocky Mountain Oils is willing to increase the royalty rate for new affiliates promoting the programme from the starting point of 8% – 16% if you sell the right amount of their products.

Their “Network Earnings” rating isn’t as high as we’d like it to be, but their EPC of $120 more than makes up for it.

Program Link: Rocky Mountain Oils affiliate program

Commission Rate: 8%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Oasis Diffusers

Typical essential oil diffusers just vaporise water coupled with your preferred essential oil into the atmosphere surrounding you, enhancing your mood or perhaps just covering up that smell you’ve been intending to remove for some time.

The Oasis Diffuser, however, is a little unique in that you can place it in your bath and operate it as an aromatherapy nozzle while during a shower.

The item has a dock that allows you to install it on a wall and uninstall it without destroying the wall. It also runs on batteries, so you aren’t required to worry about connecting it to your home’s electrical system.

Overall sales for the Oasis Diffuser show that a sizable number of individuals are purchasing them.

Therefore even if you don’t really like this thing, simply think of it as an advertiser first and a personality second.

10% of each purchase, or about $6 per transaction, is the value of all orders you refer to through your affiliate connections.

Program Link: Oasis Diffusers affiliate program
Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Plant Therapy 

Firstly, each of their essential and carrier oils is certified by the USDA, “Leaping,” and is non-GMO, demonstrating that they went above and beyond with testing.

So in addition to being their goods manufactured with premium essential oils, however, they are also free of animal products.

They primarily market health items for pets, particularly dogs and horses, in addition to selling essential oils.

That gives you the chance to market to pet and dog owners in addition to the health and well-being market from the standpoint of an advertiser.

You receive a devoted support team, periodic creatives, and exclusive discounts when you register to market this essential oil affiliate programme.

If you operate well, you may be able to negotiate the basic commission, and experienced online sellers may also be eligible for rewards.

Program Link: Plant Therapy
Commission Rate: 7.5%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Each & Every

Each & Every is a company that makes a variety of all-natural personal care products for those who are concerned about the health risks associated with available commercial solutions. The firm was established in 2017.

Since the industry requested it, the crew behind Each & Every developed a line of 100% organic roll-on deodorants that employ essential oils as their aroma.

As a result, in addition to the oil’s pleasant scent, you also benefit from its natural qualities.

Ten various scents are available for your customers to select among.

Although people are more ecologically and health-conscious than they’ve been since the 1970s, products like these are currently popular with the general public.

Everyone sweats, thus your potential audience is 7.8 billion individuals.

Who would have imagined that we’d get to the point when individuals would desire what are, in reality, handmade deodorants, yet here we are.

It is really easier to earn income when you’re marketing a well-known affiliate programme that’s still in its youth, which is the case with this firm, which has only been operating for just a little over a year.

With an EPC of $41 and an exchange rate that is nearly 11%, this programme is one that every online marketer should seriously consider advertising.

Program Link: Each & Every affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Well. ca is a company that my Canadian partner buddies may deal with, as well as their North American counterparts.

Well.ca, a Canadian business with over 40,000 goods geared at the personal care market, lives true to its trade mark.

They carry thousands of different herbal extracts, mixtures, and goods that have been combined with essential oils.

This contains a wide selection of pure, natural oils in 5 ml, 7.4 ml, 10 ml, and 15 ml sizes.

Partners profit from the range of sizes since it allows your readers to purchase their favourite, pricey oil in a lesser bottle.

Customers are guaranteed to find at least a few items they would like to purchase even if they don’t get any essential oils at this store because they sell a wide variety of other healthcare products.

Once you begin marketing this affiliate network, make sure you have a profile with CJ.com and have been granted permission for the programme.

Following approval, you will earn 5% profit on all sales, with the possible exception of gift vouchers, which earn 0% reward.

Program Link: Well.ca
Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 21 days

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