10 Fishing Affiliate Programs

Fishing is a talent that may be used throughout a person’s life, making it more than just a hobby.

Admittedly, there is a proverb that says, “…if you train a guy to fish, you maintain him for the rest of his life.”

However it is a pleasurable way to spend time outside, which is precisely the reason why 49,000,000 people in the United States go stream fishing, depth water angling, or trout fishing. Trout fishing is also popular in Europe.

And contrary to popular belief, fishing is not only a pastime of “old men”; in fact, sixty percent of recreational anglers are younger than the age of 45.

The fisheries management industry generates a staggering $212 billion each year, which is excellent news for those of you who are involved in affiliate marketing.

To that end, have you considered having a look at the fishing affiliate marketing programs that we have found just for you?

Best Fishing Affiliate Programs

  • Sportsman’s Guide
  • Academy Sports & Outdoors
  • Swift Fly
  • Fishing Tackle & Bait
  • TackleDirect
  • Vali Valley Anglers
  • Piscifun
  • Boat Setter
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Legacy Food Storage

Sportsman’s Guide

The Sportsman’s Guide is well known for being a leading provider of surplus store; but, in addition to this, they carry an extensive selection of outdoor recreational items, including virtually everything that is required for fisheries.

This covers all of these included, like rods, spinners, line, termination tool, and confront containers, as well as clothing from well-known trade names.

However, they also have more specialist items such as fishing locators, downriggers, fishing motors, and winter fishing equipment.

Therefore, as a result of this, they are actually more of a one-stop shop for fishing than just the majority of its rivals.

They also provide free delivery on items that are $49 or more in value, which is an additional perk.

In addition, this also indicates that they have years of experience working with greater internet marketers and/or social celebrities.

Their affiliate networks offer reward rates of up to 5% per transaction, however the 1-week cookie they require is a real headache for the neck.

Program Link: Sportsman’s Guide affiliate program
Commission Rate: 2% – 5%
Cookie Duration: 7 days


Rapala is kind of like Duck Dynasty, except that instead of duck calls, they use fishing hooks.

Lauri Rapala, a Finn, established the company in the 1930s after he made the observation that larger fish, particularly those that were injured, consumed smaller fish.

As a result, he developed a whole collection of specialised hooks, of which 20 million are bought annually in all corners of the globe.

They provide ice fishing equipment, cutters, fish grippers, and even weights in contrast to the trophy hooks that they make.

Oh, and shipping is totally free for transactions that exceed $99.

An additional benefit is the fact that partners for this programme receive a reward of 4% on each and every order placed by either new or returning consumers.

Only orders of their “StrikeMaster” product portfolio qualify for the 6% profit margin, though.

Program Link: Rapala affiliate program
Commission Rate: Up to 6%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Academy Sports & Outdoors

Academy Sports + Outdoors originally began in the early as a tyre store that sold military surplus on the way. It was not till 1980 that the business launched retailing sports and outdoor items for its consumers.

The excellent thing is that if you are a lover of fishing, you will discover that each of their 250 shops carries a very extensive selection of fishing equipment, lines, hooks, spinners, tool boxes, fish trackers, apparel, bibs, and even canoeing and kayaks. This is a very exciting development.

There are a lot of fishing recommendations on their website, like how to smoke salmon and the finest saltwater traps. Their website also offers a category titled “Expert Advice,” which contains advice on a variety of fishing-related topics.

You will receive a 2% commission for each transaction that you generate if you decide to become a partner for this programme.

Their ‘Network Earnings’ score indicates that their programme is bringing in a significant amount of money, despite the fact that their EPC isn’t particularly high.

Therefore, it is not surprising that their associates are as well.

Program Link: Academy Sports + Outdoor program
Commission Rate: 2%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Swift Fly

Fly spinners, caps, t-shirts, rods, and other fishing equipment can be purchased individually from Swift Fly Fishing. They offer a large array of products, including hundreds of different kinds of fishing gear, which they have been doing business in for a long time.

The firm has gained the confidence of tens of hundreds of thousands of clients all around the world, and it also has a respectable social media presence.

Partners who are willing can consider signing up for their partner program on the website of the company, and there are no additional conditions to meet in order to do so. They are willing to work with you regardless of whether you are just starting out and have a small or nonexistent readership or are an experienced writer or celebrity with a large number of followers.

Program Link: Swift Fly
Commission Rates: 10% commission on all qualified sales
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Fishing Tackle & Bait

Fishing Tackle & Bait is a massive corporation that operates throughout the globe and distributes angling tackle and supplies in an extensive range of varieties. There are thousands of things available, such as hooks, rods, backpack, outerwear, boat chairs, float pipes, rig bags, caps, supplementary bags, and many more high-quality products to pick from.

From 1999, they were in the business of providing fishery gear and equipment, and hundreds of thousands of clients from all over the world put their faith in the company. When marketing their items, you may do so with full confidence in the quality of the brand and its reputation.

Their backlink uses the Webgains referral program as its management platform. Due to their prompt fee permission, prompt fees, fairly regular banner ads and images that are made accessible to the partners, and priority support staff which definitely tries to assist you in the most efficient manner possible, I have included the Fishing Tackle & Bait affiliate network in our list of the top fishing affiliate links.

Program Link: Fishing Tackle & Bait
Commission Rate: 5% commission on all sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days


TackeDirect is one of the most extensive online marketplaces now available, and it sells clothes, fishing-related products, and a variety of other essential equipment. There are over 50,000 fishing gadgets that can be purchased by clients, and partners can advertise these things to make large rewards for themselves.

Partners are given access to sophisticated adverts, sales promotion resources, visual artists, flags, instructions, special training, and a solely devoted affiliate support staff if they decide to advertise the company’s products. This helps new partners perform better with their pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing (SMM) campaigns.

Rakuten LinkShare is the company in charge of their partner program. By clicking on the hyperlink provided here, you will be sent to their main site, where you will find further information.

Program Link: TackleDirect
Commission Rate: Up to 6% commission
Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

Vail Valley Anglers

Over the course of the past quarter of a century, Vail Valley Anglers has been working as a fly commercial fisherman service. They supply high powered gear as well as fishing equipment, so that pilots and anglers can take even more pleasure in their professions and pastimes.

The AvantLink referral program is in charge of managing the company’s affiliate programme. Besides the fact that they offer higher rewards, however, they also provide successful affiliate marketing tools for bloggers and influencers, which can assist these individuals in increasing the traffic and conversions of the advertising campaigns they run as part of their affiliate networks.

Simply follow the hyperlink provided for further information regarding the fishing partner program offered by the Vail Valley Anglers organisation.

Program Link: Vali Valley Anglers
Commission Rate: 8% commission on all sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Piscifun is an additional fantastic fishing website that offers a wide variety of equipment that is applicable to the majority of catching fish specialisations. Even if their selection is limited to fishing tackle only, they provide an extensive collection that features a wide variety of products, such as gadgets, backpacks, lines, rods, and spinners.

There is a rod and spinner on their website that will meet your needs, no matter what kind of fishing you’re talking about (ice, fly, salt water, etc.). You can browse the selection at your leisure.  They also sell a respectable selection of components, which may be of assistance with the various servicing topics. Since the prices are so low in comparison to those of similar products, this website is an excellent resource for meeting the gifting or interior decorating needs of families.

If you are seeking for an additional method to generate some income within this area, Piscifun also provides a reliable exportation service that you can take advantage of.

Share-A-Sale is in charge of managing the affiliate programme for Piscifun. To participate in the Piscifun affiliate programme, you will first need to create a profile with the company. You will be required to submit details about yourself and your website, in addition to increased popularity and networks that will be employed.

Program Link: Piscifun
Commission Rate:12%-16%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Boat Setter

There are fishermen and women who are content to wait on a shoreline or riverside and throw in the hope of catching something.

They might however change up their routine by going to Boast Setter and renting a sailboat so that they and their family or friends can go depth fishing on the deeper ocean. Boast Setter is where they could go to make it happen.

Although the majority of people have the misconception that only extremely affluent individuals are able to rent boats, the fact is that it is possible to do so for as little as $240 for a half day.

That comes out to roughly $40 for you and 5 of your other buddies each.

You have a choice of 1,700 boats located in 600 different areas, so it will be easy to discover something that meets both your fishing requirements and your financial constraints.

This is a pay-per-lead scheme, and you will receive a payment of twenty dollars if someone makes a reservation using your referral link.

A scheme that is dependent on a proportion would be preferable, but you can certainly try to negotiate that in the future if you can send sufficient traffic their direction.

Program Link: Boat Setter affiliate program

Commission Rate: $20 per lead
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Columbia Sportswear

It is possible that you will not initially consider Columbia Sportswear to be an obvious destination to purchase fishing equipment. At least, this may be the case initially.

You won’t be satisfied till you discover their PFG (Performance Fishing Gear) selection, which is designed for the fisherman who is more concerned with their appearance or who is a fly fishing fanatic.

They provide anything from winter coats, shirts, and fishing accessories to footwear, shorts, aprons, gear vets, leather pouches, and insulated containers for storing your prize to name a few examples of the products they have available.

Even though they don’t provide fishing equipment, lines, or lures, they offer a variety of other goods that most fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to spend their funds on.

The one and only thing they don’t offer is the crazy fishing stories you’ll have to share with others when you get back from a day spent on the waters.

Any affiliate who promotes this programme and generates purchases with their backlinks will receive an 8% commission on those purchases.

This is a programme that should be added to your profile if you already run a business in the fishing industry.

Program Link: Columbia Sportswear affiliate program
Commission Rates: 8%
Cookie Duration: 21 days

Legacy Food Storage

Here is an offer that is completely opposite from the other fishing affiliate marketing programs that are shown on this page: emergency rations and survival supplies from Legacy Food Storage.

The majority of angling expeditions take hours spent sitting or walking around, and they typically take place in isolated regions where delicious food is not easily accessible.

So that your guests can start stockpiling on freeze-dried dishes here, in addition to other supplies such as solar lamps, first aid supplies, and so forth…  or even a foldable potty.

This is, without a doubt, another example of the outside-the-box reasoning that the Authority Hacker employs.

Partners of the Legacy Food Storage programme will be rewarded with a 10% income for each transaction that they are responsible for bringing to the company. Additionally, there is a cookie that lasts for 30 days to give your visitors enough time to make a decision.

Because their normal order totals $366, the standard amount that you need to pay to each individual consumer is $36.

Program Link:  Legacy Food Storage affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

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