9 Fitness Affiliate Programs

Starting a fitness referral program can significantly increase the amount of money you make from running a blog or a site. If you are successful in bringing visitors to a company’s website and creating sales for that company, the company will compensate you with a reward. This might be a wonderful passive income opportunity for you if you have a following that really is engaged in health and wellness topics.

The wellness and fitness business continues to experience explosive growth year after year. Every annual year, the worldwide fitness and health resort sector brings in more than 80 billion United States dollars in sales.

If your business is involved in online advertising, you should not disregard the significance of brand promotion associated with fitness since these products offer you the rewards on each sale that have the largest potential for conversion.

In order to take part in the bulk of the schemes, you will be required to register for a network first. Some examples of such networks include CJ Affiliate, Rakuten, Affiliate Window, and Share A Sale. When you get there, in terms of being able to monitor your profits, you will additionally be able to submit applications for a wide number of different schemes..

Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

The following are the leading affiliate programmes in the field of fitness that are currently available:

  • Adidas
  • LifeSpan
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Natalie Jill
  • HidrateSpark
  • Monkii
  • Reebok
  • Life Fitness
  • Under Armour


The world’s second-largest manufacturer of apparel is called simply Adidas. It was established in 1949, and since then, it has garnered a history for being an innovator in the fields of athletic shoes and sports-oriented products.

To tell you the truth, its athletic affiliate programme isn’t all that different from those offered by other major athletic apparel brands like Nike and Under Armour.

Even if the transaction fee is somewhat low at 7%, there is still a lot of potential for making additional income here because the average order size is pretty big at $100.

It is important to note, though, that Adidas is selective in the online marketers with which it chooses to collaborate.

Your corporation must be able to establish a strong connection to its target demographic, which consists of young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. If such is not the case, there is no use in submitting an application.

Program Link: Adidas affiliate program

Commission Rate: 7%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


LifeSpan Fitness provides premium workout equipment for homes, fitness centres, and the workplace, including walkers, running desks, gym equipment, and a variety of other options. Their exercise machinery can also be seen at the workplaces of well-known multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook, and others.

Upon each successful transaction, you have the chance to receive a reward that is greater than 6%. Partners who produce significant levels of sales and revenue will be rewarded with higher transaction fees.

Each transaction that you make earns you a graduated fee of 6% or more, with elevated products costing anywhere from $99 to $2,500 or more. You will receive your reward on the third Monday of every month for the profit that was generated in the previous month prior. This means that you will have to wait one full month before you see any rewards.

One of the most significant advantages of participating in the LifeSpan Program is that anyone can enrol.

Program Link: LifeSpan Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 6%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

National Academy Of Sports Medicine

The National Academy of Sports Medicine is not really the standard model for an affiliate network in the fitness industry.

In reality, it is more geared toward individuals who already possess a high level of health and fitness and wish to teach individuals how to achieve their full potential in terms of physical fitness.

We are aware that the word “coaching” is used in a very loose sense. In spite of this, the NASM does provide certification that are acknowledged in the field of exercise program, as opposed to merely registration in any arbitrary organisation that is not recognised by anyone.

They provide qualifications in the following areas such as fitness instructor,  medial movement,  expert, certified expert in nutrition and wellness  and expert in the Improvement of Performance

You stand to earn $25 for each and every prospective student who is referred to them by you.

It is anticipated that the business of coaches would increase by at least 10% by the year 2026, which will result in the need for an extra 30,000 instructors within that period.

Program Link: NASM affiliate program

Commission Rate: $25 per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a respected and trusted weight reduction specialist and strong trainer who is committed to assisting women in achieving their health goals. Despite having two first names, Natalie is recognized as Jill.

She accomplishes this by utilising the straightforward methodologies that are outlined in a variety of her books, audio, individual counselling, and interactive activities.

If you register for the Natalie Jill fitness affiliate link, you will be marketing those branded items, as you have likely previously figured. You can find out more about the programme here.

And since she operates one of the best earning affiliate programmes out of all the gym firms that we’ve researched, it is most certainly in your best desire to advertise them.

Program Link: Natalie Jill affiliate program
Commission Rate: 30% – 50%
Cookie Duration: Lifetime


Bottles of water are produced by HidrateSpark.

Although this may not appear especially fascinating at first, these water bottles are remarkable for a different reason. You can monitor how well you are staying hydrated over the period of a single day, a week, or a month with the help of a phone app and a detection sticks that is included in each container. The sensors sticking monitors the amount of liquid that you consume and sends the data to the program.

Since they are driven by regular coin battery packs, you will not be concerned about remembering to charge them each night since you won’t ought to.

HidrateSpark is slightly more than the normal water bottle, this justifies the relatively high median total revenue of over $70. Considering all of these features, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the company produces slightly more than a typical water bottle.

Because HidrateSpark also offers electrolytes, vitamins, and gadgets in addition to drinking bottles, the HidrateSpark sports affiliate network provides you with more options to generate revenue from your referrals.

Program Link: HidrateSpark affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 60 days


The TRX methods that you’ll discover in a fitness centre are the inspiration for the Monkii, with the big distinction being that this Monkii is both compact and easy to transport.

This trademark was inspired by the fact that the product itself consists of a collection of portable exercise equipment that can be used regardless of location.

Everyone who has travelled for work says how tough it may be to work in a gym, particularly if the resort fitness is in disrepair or seems like it hasn’t been maintained in a long time.

Monkii eliminates this barrier by making it possible for you to figuratively carry a fitness centre on your pocket.

Therefore, you can do an entire exercise in the comfort of your own bedroom in the same period of time that it would require you to travel to the hotel gym.

Anyone who does not have sufficient time or space at home for an effective workout, as well as anyone who is required to travel regularly for work, will find these devices to be appealing.

They offer an average reward of $21.10 per transaction and pay a fee of 15% on every recommendation you direct their way.

This is a respectable amount of money for this specific market, and also, this is the kind of fitness programme that you would advertise alongside other products on your own website.

The company was raised by a project on Kickstarter, so you can use that fact to your advantage when talking to your readers about the “plucky young upstart” aspect.

Program Link: Monkii affiliate program

Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 90 days


It’s possible that the fact it has been in existence from 1895 and started out in a bedroom workplace in Bolton, UK, will be a complete surprise to you.

Their starting material was a pair of hooked sneakers, which they marketed to Olympic athletes and were even worn by a Gold medalist. From there, they expanded their company and became industry leaders.

The name “Grey Antelope” originates from the Afrikaans language “Reebok,” and the label has become virtually associated with generating higher athletic gear and apparel.

This indicates that you won’t need to spend any time convincing your customers of the merits of Reebok items. Your main true task in this situation is to connect the demographics of your market with various items of apparel from the Reebok catalogue.

You additionally have the choice of conducting comparative evaluations all over a number of their items; in this regard, you have a plethora of options.

The Reebok partner programme offers a commission of seven percent on all sales, with an estimated average value of approximately eighty dollars.

Because of the 1-week cookie, it is best for you to deliver pre-qualified traffic to their US site. This entails that the individuals you direct there have to be in the mentality of a purchase before they go there.

Program Link: Reebok affiliate program
Commission Rate: 7% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Life Fitness

Since the beginning of the 1970s, Life Fitness has been one of the most well-known brands in the industry of personal fitness equipment. The company has sold more walkers, rowers equipment, and exercise bikes than you could ever imagine.

Its items are utilised on a daily basis by millions of active individuals all over the globe, ranging from seasoned professionals to complete novices and everybody in between. This provides new contacts with a wide audience to reach with the information that they produce.

And also because the Life Fitness affiliate marketer is one of the highest fitness affiliate marketing programs we’ve seen, marketing that audience is something that is absolutely worthwhile.

It’s possible that an 8% profit won’t pique your interest very much. The earning capacity of this sports affiliate programme becomes obvious when one considers the sky-high order value, which is greater than $3,000.

Even if arithmetic isn’t your strong suit, a payment of 8% on $3,000 is a tasty $240 per sale.

In addition to that, Life Fitness provides its highest-performing partners with rewards and other benefits, as well as assistance from a manager who is solely devoted to the affiliate programme.

Program Link: Life Fitness affiliate program
Commission Rate: 8%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Under Armour

Have you ever stopped to consider why it’s called “Under Armour” rather than just “Armor”? Given that at the time the business was first established in the 1990s, the toll-free personal number was only offered for the British pronunciation of the brand. So now you know!

In any case, Under Armour is an industry leader when it comes to athletic apparel, which is a fancy way of stating that the brand’s apparel is made to wick away sweat and stay clean.

In point of fact, there is a little bit more to this than; the company also manufactures linked exercise gear, nightwear designed for athlete rehabilitation, shoes, and accessories.

The speed with which it has become a massive name with a good record for selling goods of the finest quality is demonstrated by the fact that its average order value is $100.

Unfortunately, much like the conditions of a lot of the major athletic labels, the gym affiliate programme that this company offers does not have fantastic conditions. A profit margin of 5% is nothing to be excited about, in my opinion.

Under Armour will, fortunately, keep you informed about new goods, technology, and promotional offers as they become available. A discount of 10% is also provided to confirmed students, as well as members of the armed forces, pensioners, police, and emergency medical technicians.

Program Link:  Under Armour affiliate program

Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

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