9 Tasty Food Affiliate Programs

As an ecommerce business, you can increase your earning capacity by participating in one of the multiple food affiliate programmes that are available.

It works fantastically well for individuals who maintain food blogs in particular. If you are a food critic, you can therefore sign up for these culinary affiliate networks and advertise them in order to receive rewards for your efforts.

You can become a member of a wide variety of affiliate links; however, not every programme is successful. Therefore, selecting the finest programmes from among these could prove challenging.

In order to be of assistance to you, I have collected a list of several of the most famous food affiliate marketing programs which you can engage right now.

Because food is such a big subject, this list covers a sampling of some of the finest ecommerce platforms for food and cookery, affiliate programmes for meat, vegan cuisine, wine, and organically grown food.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top partner programmes available in the food area down here.

Best Food Affiliate Programs

  • Eat Better Meals
  • Sur la Table
  • MamaSezz
  • Home Chef
  • HelloFresh
  • Universal Yums
  • California Wine Club
  • Sun Basket
  • Peapod Groceries

Eat Better Meals

You’ve definitely seen a pattern in this: a majority among these food affiliates emphasise dishes that are carried to customers’ homes.

You’d also be correct since Eat Better Meals is just another excellent illustration of how you could earn profit by assisting others in time saving and consuming more wholesome foods.

Dan Gross, the creator, accidentally founded his company.

It resulted from him altering his nutrition and engaging in physical activity to drop weight.

He was nevertheless mindful of the foods he was consuming, swapping out junk foods for those created with fresh, nutritious ingredients.

Later his pals requested that he cook for them.

The remainder is historic.

Customers typically adore heroic tales, particularly those involving loss of weight.

That clarifies why such a meal deal performs so effectively.

This ecommerce website has an EPC of $223.16 and rewards 10% on each purchase that it refers.

They’ve also written hundreds of partner payments, as you’ll see.

You must join their referral program because the Eat Better Meals ecommerce website is really only accessible through the Refersion Marketplace.

Program Link: Eat Better Meals affiliate program
Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Sur la Table

You may market kitchenware, kitchen supplies, and even culinary courses with Sur la Table’s affiliate programme by providing your readers with links to these categories.

It is a one-stop shop where you can get a number of the most recognizable names in cookware, such as Le Creuset and Breville. Be careful, however, that the overwhelming majority of people will purchase these kinds of things on Amazon. Because of this, you should definitely include both hyperlinks to your visitors and let them choose which one to use.

Program Link: Sur la Table Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 4%
Cookie Duration: 15 days


MamaSezz is an organic food distributor that, specifically, provides a large assortment of foods that are analogous to vegetarian dishes. On the website, you’ll find significant displays of plant – based protein burgers,vegan pasta sauces, veggie burger salads, and among other vegetarian meals.

Based on the webpage for their partner program, MamaSezz has a typical order value of $150. This indicates that you will earn approximately $15 for each profitable recommendation you make. Because the 90-day cookie is substantially longer than the majority of other preparing meals companies, this service is definitely worth attempting to determine how it turns out.

Program Link: MamaSezz Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 5%-10%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Home Chef

The individuals who run Home Chef are aware that making meals takes a significant amount of time.

That’s before you even consider the terrifying prospect of coming home from work and discovering that you’ve forgotten an essential component of the meal you were planning to make.

Many individuals immediately conjure up a picture of fast food or other types of unhealthy food once they hear the word “ease.”

However, with Home Chef, you can eat healthily while also taking advantage of the ease of having daily dishes brought to your door.

One package containing all of the necessary food stuff.

Examples include salmon with a Teriyaki coating or turkey chilli served with cornmeal.

Also, your clients have the option of selecting items from a well defined menu or coming up with their own dishes to demand.

Although it’s not the only food delivery affiliate programme out there, Home Chef is among the more lucrative ones.

Although you will only receive a $10 reward for each transaction, their cookie lasts for 30 days, which enables you to make many sales.

This simply implies that you will receive payment for any transaction that a new client places within their initial thirty days as a customer.

Then you’ll make around $40 every effective recommendation.

Additionally, high-performing partners are qualified for additional opportunities.

That translates to the fact that there are an infinite number of food options accessible.

Program Link: Home Chef affiliate program

Commission Rate:  $10 per sale
Cookie Duration:  30 days

Hello Fresh

Another food delivery business is Hello Fresh, but this one has a crucial distinction: it’s international.

Almost all of their rivals concentrate on a certain particular region.

However, HelloFresh has operations across the globe, including in New Zeland, Australia, Europe, and the UK.

Even though they are, they may reasonably argue to be the “…world’s largest source of fresh food at home.”

Your customer has a choice among ordering organic dishes or a combination of many healthy meats.

Each portion costs $7.49 altogether, which is lower than the price of a burger, chips, and beverage.

Additionally, their food won’t block your veins.

Another element that stands out is the fact HelloFresh utilises social media more effectively than the majority of its rivals. 

Program Link:HelloFresh affiliate program
Commission Rate: $10 – $15
Cookie Duration: 14 days

Universal Yums

Meanwhile, in the manner of Universal Yums, a little lighter to soften the spicy!

Each one of their affiliate programs up until this point has centred on nutritious meals, but not in this case.

Members get a package of delectable goodies, but every month there are treats from a completely different country.

The package contains treats from all corners of the globe, including biscuits, fries, and sweets.

Your guests can select from the entry-level “Yum Box,” the half “Yum Yum Box,” or the luxurious “Super Yum Box.”

Starting at just $13.75 monthly, prices will increase steadily.

I adore ingenious referral systems, and Universal Yums is a prime illustration of how to develop a “passion” into a profitable venture.

Partners earn $10 for each transaction, however this scheme claims to have an exchange rate of 34.45%.

In conclusion, more than 1 in 3 of your customers are likely to purchase something from Universal Yums.

When you make your initial 10 transactions, they’ll additionally give you a testing box to evaluate.

Program Link: Universal Yums affiliate program
Commission Rate:  $10 per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

California Wine Club

The appropriate wine glass goes perfectly with a delectable meal.

However, the majority of consumer wines have an old boot-like flavour.

Because of this, your guests may favour the handmade wines included with their subscription in the California Wine Club.

Each bottle is produced by a family-run farm and winery that also rejects more wines than it accepts.

Just after tasting wines without a ton of chemicals will your customers be able to truly appreciate what true wines feel like.

Furthermore, it differs greatly from the harsh vinegar that the bulk of individuals drink with their meals.

Wine enthusiasts and would-be tasters are content to pay an unreasonable amount of money for a wine bottle.

And the overall average amount, which is $170 or more, reflects that.

Enough by now to cover a family’s weekly grocery expenses.

Partners receive a 15% commission, so each purchase will bring in $35 to $40 for you.

Program Link: California Wine Club affiliate program
Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: Up to 90 days

Sun Basket

In a fair scenario, everyone would consume nutritious options and reduce their waste.

However, a large number of individuals are discouraged from pursuing that existence because they are short on time.

Sun Basket offers assistance by sending cooked meals with healthy, in-season foods to your doorstep.

You can just buy what you require whenever you need it, without being bound by a commitment with them.

They don’t use hormones or antibiotics in any of their goods, keeping them considerably healthy for you.

Along with the more common Chef’s Choice dishes, they also provide pre-set dishes to accommodate a wide range of lifestyle and diet preferences, including ketogenic, veganism, gluten-free, and fruitarian options.

The preparation of each supper requires about half an hour, and since the container is disposable, there is essentially no garbage.

In a single motion, your guests can cut costs, reduce time, and lessen their environmental impact.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is simple with this method.

Although partners have the potential to make $20 on each purchase, their typical reward is $89, and they also have a very high EPC.

As a result, it would also indicate that a regular transaction involves several things.

This promotion is among the five best businesses on ShareASale, which also indicates that customers are glad to make purchases from them.

This one ought to be obvious.

Program Link: Sun Basket affiliate program
Commission Rate:  $20 per sale
Cookie Duration: Up to 30 days

Peapod Groceries

From 1989, there’s been a supermarket shipping business called Peapod.

They presently tout themselves as “…the leading internet grocery ordering and shipping business” after surviving the Dot Com Bust.

Right enough, they’re one of the few individual firms providing this kind of product.

Peapod is a particular grocery shipping company, as opposed to the subscription based companies highlighted throughout the collection.

As a result, your guests can get anything they want, including alcoholic beverages, pet supplies, household items, and home and landscape items.

They’ll be able to shop for the whole week without anyone ever entering a bustling supermarket.

The fact that Peapod exclusively covers a few regions at the moment rather than providing statewide service is the only true drawback.

As a result, Amazon Fresh is still not quaking in its shoes.

If their initial sale totals more than $75, 1st customers receive $20 off their purchase.

That serves as a good inducement to encourage your viewers to purchase with them.

A fixed $10 is given to partners who promote the Peapod program for each sale.

Therefore, in order to generate cash that can replace lost wages, you must send a lot of pre-qualified visitors.

You might also just utilise this as a supplement to your existing online income-generating strategies.

Program Link: Peapod affiliate program

Commission Rate:  $10 per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Art Of Tea

The phrase “Art of Tea” drives me to want to flee and join Moritsugu Katsumoto in battle.

The focus of this business is everything related to tea, ceramic mugs, and accoutrements.

Unique and “gourmet” teas from  the Middle East,  Africa, Asia, and India are among the teas they buy and combine.

Your target market can select from a variety of loose-leaf or packet tea combinations, featuring specialty drinks like Matcha, Oolong, or Pu-erh.

For those who like the flavour of tea but dislike the caffeine rush that occurs with consuming it, there are now non-caffeinated teas available.

In essence, this business is committed to giving customers the finest tea goods available everywhere.

Program Link: Art of Tea affiliates
Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration:  90 days

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