10 Forex Affiliate Programs

More individuals are seeking innovative and rewarding methods to participate in this growing company as Forex’s popularity grows. Utilising Forex affiliate link is a crucial strategy that has gained popularity in recent months.

Partner schemes advertise the products of other dealers in return for a compensation on each deal instead of investing directly in Forex (or even other marketplace products like Bitcoin). Among the factors why Forex ecommerce platforms are a terrific method to develop a reliable source of revenue is because of how rapidly these fees can add up.

Forex online advertising refers to the advertising of brokerage services or currency rates products. A person receives compensation for referring customers to the business by employing advertising methods like hyperlinks, posters, and other resources. Being a partner requires a quick login procedure.

IB or Introducing Broker of a Forex Affiliate Broker is a someone or business that suggests prospective dealers register and utilise a firm.

You may choose the right plan for your purposes by considering all of the capabilities, benefits, drawbacks, and interesting aspects that each program has to offer. What we considered to be the top  Forex advertising programs is as follows:

Best Forex Affiliate Programs

  • Vantage
  • FPM Global
  • Ticker Tocker
  • BlackBull Markets
  • Orbex
  • Infinite Profit System
  • Forex Mentor
  • AVATrade
  • Forex Trendy
  • Admiral Markets


Approximately 130,000 shareholders the CFD multi-asset trading software Vantage. Customers have exposure to CFD betting choices in more than 1,000 products, like FX pairings, cryptocurrency, commodities, ETFs, shares, and indexes, through this well-known payment system.

Vantage provides regular STP accounts with fee investing. However, this kind of platform levies significant margins for CFD investing. The Raw ECN Account, on the contrary side, has very cheap differential fees and a negligible fee each transaction. Traders can join Vantage’s Affiliate link by making a minimum investment of $500 and trading at least two FX units.

The Vantage FX Affiliate partner program gives customers of the network a few of the greatest resources for contacting new consumers. Entrance to the CellXpert system is only available to participants of the joint partnership. To assist draw in new recommendations, this system offers a variety of marketing methods like webpages, online advertising, and media adverts.

Vantage’s backlink, one of the best lead generation, offers a CPA of $600 to $800 every new client.

Program Link: Vintage Affiliate Program

Commision Rate: Up to $800 CPA
Cookie Duration: Not Given

FPM Global

Here’s something slightly unusual: FPM Global is a community of Forex affiliates.

Consequently, you can access a wide range of economic offerings online.

It goes without saying that at minimum one Forex network —ForexClub—is involved in that.

This multi-award-winning Trader has 100 branches spread out throughout the globe and has been in business since 1997.

As a result, they aren’t exactly a fly-by-night operation.

To help both new and seasoned traders enhance their abilities and skills in connection with their e-commerce firm, they provide training and workshops.

Select from a variety of stocks and indexes to trade in, get rapid service, and let your clients benefit from immediate cash withdrawals.

Joining a referral program such as FPM Global as opposed to a typical Forex partner program has a few benefits.

The initial item on this list is frequency.

The ability to pay partners to market their deals is another.

Equivalent to having the ability to charge up to $1,200 USD for each transaction.

There are not many companies that pay partners at this degree at the moment.

Program Link: FPM Global affiliate network
Commission Rates:  Varies
Cookie Duration: Varies

Ticker Tocker

Somewhere that allows you to improve your talents and discover different tactics while also receiving real-time trading recommendations.

Ticker Tocker is precisely that, garnering numerous accolades as one of the best and also most creative financial businesses in recent years.

There cannot be any shady activities occurring in the background because it is also listed with the US SEC.

And indeed the favourite aspect is that it’s appropriate for dealers of all experience levels, from absolute beginners to those who trade professionally.

You can carry your business in foreign countries on the go with Ticker Tocker thanks to their application, which is accessible for iOS and Android smartphones.

You have a substantial 30% transaction fee at your disposal.

Additionally, you may anticipate making $24 from each purchase depending on their $82 average order price.

Although their commission rates aren’t particularly high, Forex affiliate marketing is quite specialised.

Program Link: Ticker Tocker affiliate program
Commission Rate:  30% per sale
Cookie Duration: 90 days

BlackBull Markets

In essence, BlackBull Markets is a commercial division of an enterprise currency company.

You are therefore working with a highly regarded trading platform who has been active in the global currency markets for more than ten years.

Additionally, because they are governed, your funds are secure with them.

Their “Standard” bank necessitates an investment of $200 USD to get started, although there are no transaction charges assessed at that amount.

They do provide Islamic trading platform, therefore it broadens the scope of your possible clientele.

In essence, you receive a selection of top financial products and services created by experts in the forex sector, coupled with round-the-clock assistance.

There are plenty of creative types, access for several languages, a specialised partner supervisor, and other standard features in this Forex affiliate network.

However, they additionally pay a CPA of about $600 for each new customer they refer.

Despite the fact that this sum is only offered to VIP-level consumers, it still provides you with an indication of the amount of cash a Forex partner could earn.

Program Link: BlackBull Markets affiliate program
Commission Rate:  Up to $600 per sale
Cookie Duration: TBC


Orbex is a Forex trader who has been in business for about ten years and is registered and licensed.

Therefore, the first advantage of your increased customer satisfaction here is the assurance that the money they have invested is secure.

Furthermore, this is supported by a stability assurance from top-tier (tier 1) financial institutions, and it is additionally governed by the Cyprus Securities Exchange (CySec).

It’s a Forex trading system that utilises MetaTrader 4, while also enabling dealing on a tablet or mobile device.

You have the option of opening a digital wallet to try things out or opening a “Standard” profile by making a payment of $200 USD.

Additionally, they provide Muslim-friendly brokerage accounts and nearly immediate internet transfers to your transaction location.

This affiliate network has a scope of various and offers multiple options that are accessible around-the-clock.

Throughout most situations in life, background is crucial.

When it relates to rates and fees and Forex online advertising, it counts a lot.

A purchase that brought in $1,500 would be fantastic.

Just keep in mind that in order to receive it, you’ll probably need to recommend a new client with a deposit of at least $25,000.

Program Link: Orbex forex affiliate program
Commission Rate:  Up to $1,500 per sale
Cookie Duration: TBC

Infinite Profit System

The Tradeology label’s Infinite Profit System expands on the achievements of their earlier initiatives and platforms.

The product you actually receive is a signal detection marketing and training program; it is not a financial product or a Forex operator.

Each financial combination is monitored by the system, which then sends indications indicating when it is best to purchase or sell.

It was also critical to note that you need to personally execute the deals; this isn’t just another bot or “automation” scheme.

Although this product is largely geared toward newbies, it has the advantage that your customers can get started without any prior experience in forex trading.

Furthermore, using MetaTrader 4 does not necessitate prior experience because there are instructional videos available.

Additionally, you receive help from Monday through Saturday and weekly conferences to keep you updated on the state of the currency markets.

At the moment of writing, advertising this Forex affiliate marketing offer would bring in a mean of $31 per transaction.

But as I was typing this, they immediately updated their software.

However, by the time you finish reading this, once their new model releases, their current plan will still have switched to rewarding 50% for each recommendation.

That also translates to a $249 average compensation for you every transaction.

Program Link: Infinite Profit System affiliate program
Commission Rate:  43%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Forex Mentor

Your talents can be significantly improved across both professional and private situations by hiring a mentorship.

The same as gaining knowledge of particular currency trading.

Due to the deluge of misleading info surrounding this investing technique, Forex Mentor was founded back in 2003.

In essence, they were being deceived.

Also when it relates to the currency market, that led to huge losses for buyers and sellers.

There needed to be a difference, so Peter Bain created an instruction course for novice Forex traders.

With Forex Mentor, you receive tutoring from a group of Forex experts rather than some random dudes.

Thus, the advice and data you receive are founded on years of collective professional experience.

This teaching company has coached over 25,000 dealers as of today, so they must be performing something correctly.

Details for the Forex Mentor Affiliate Program

Consequently, how would this company appear to a potential Forex affiliate?

You will receive 30% of any purchases you recommend, or on approximately $10 every sale.

Since there isn’t much money here, you’ll ought to advertise other initiatives in addition to this one.

Program Link: Forex Mentor affiliate program
Commission Rate:  30% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days


Wholesale and institutional currency trading are the 2 different types.

The former is what takes place in the private offices of major Trading platforms.

Your intended audience is seeking for the latter, a dealer who works with the wider populace.

From 2009, Ava Trade has provided this critical service.

Since that day, they have expanded to provide service to more than 200,000 users and do 2 million deals each month.

You receive MetaTrader 4, Sharp Trader, and the well-known DupliTrade in regards to technology.

The amount of material they provide prospective customers drew my attention about them; their website is essentially a Forex trading lesson.

However, they also have a specific education site with a ton of tutorial videos to demonstrate how trading in currency pairs actually functions in practice.

Being a little sceptical as an ambassador is a smart thing.

Forex affiliate marketers may employ properly ambiguous wording to seem impressive but fail to make any genuine promises.

But Ava Trade doesn’t mince words when it comes to that.

They begin by informing you that they have given partners and members over US$250 million in compensation annually.

So because a typical Forex partner just cares about their potential earnings, nothing else makes it important.

Program Link: AvaPartner affiliate program
Commission Rate:  Varies
Cookie duration: TBC

Forex Trendy

Many consumers wish to understand the foreign exchange marketplace from top to bottom in order to generate profits by trading Forex pairs.

They wish to fully commit to their new hobby or line of work.

Some merely desire to purchase a product that will monitor numerous trading strategies in real-time and alert them to the best times to trade or buy.

Over 30 Forex trades are scanned by Forex Trendy, which displays patterns every 1 minute.

You’re pushing the time-saving advantage here because doing this directly would be an utter pain in the ass.

Additionally, as it is all internet, your existing trade program configuration won’t be hampered or slowed down by it.

The standard reward payment is about $24 for each sale.

Furthermore, if your client chooses to purchase a few of the up-sells, you’ll often make more than $140 on each transaction.

The need for this extremely specialised piece of software has been established.

Program Link: Forex Trendy affiliate program
Commission Rate:  75%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Admiral Markets

Winner Admiral Markets has served as a Forex broker for about two decades.

By registering on their site, you allow entry to a market-beating betting platform that enables you to handle more than 3,000 of the most well-known equities as well as forex and cryptocurrencies.

With the assurance that their computers are positioned to deliver the least delay, you may select to operate on either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, with confidence.

To just get started, you will be required to invest a minimum of $100, but your customers’ money is secure because they are governed by the Cyprus Securities Exchange (CySEC).

They also provide a variety of withdrawal options, like money transfer, MasterCard, and Skrill.

Oh, and they charge 0% charge, something your guests will like.

You already know that investing in the capital markets has the potential to be quite lucrative.

Because of this, businesses like Admiral Markets are glad to generously thank their partners for providing them lead generation.

For those who register using your referral link in this example, you could compensate for $600.

Program Link: Admiral Markets affiliate program
Commission Rate:  Up to $600 per referral
Cookie Duration: Not Given

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