13 Gaming Affiliate Programs

You will not regret it once you discover a sector where your goods are similarly sought after by young children and older IT specialists.

The niche gaming industry is that one.

The newest platforms, the trendiest games, and all the additions that will improve their gameplay are in high demand among players of all ages. You may offer $20 videogames and $5,000 playing PCs using the same website, or the same section of information, because the requirements of this industry are so diverse.

This article will teach you how or when to profit from the video games industry by using 10 of the greatest affiliate networks there, as selected by our highest Affiliate Lab mates in this area.

You may find out what goods to advertise, how much you might receive in royalties, and how to link up each time there.

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

  • Zygor Guides
  • Secretlab Chairs
  • Turtle Beach
  • Bose
  • Microsoft
  • WarGaming. Net
  • Nerd Or Die
  • SCDKey
  • GT Omega
  • Origin PC
  • Kinguin
  • Amazon Associates
  • ModdedZone

Zygor Guides

For both World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft: Classic, Zygor Guides are already in instruction.

They comply with the player’s Terms of Service and operate for any and all regions’ currently available races and backgrounds.

The instructions are exactly that—a World of Warcraft append that enables you to experience rapidly while also taking pleasure in the narrative of the game’s genre that you love.

You may optimise your game experience by taking use of small details like the 3D pointer, that directs you on a roadmap in the right direction.

You can therefore finally enter the land of Azeroth for a brief mission and complete it faster while also getting greater return on your investment.

We highlighted this programme because it has a high “Power Rank” grade and the possibility for recurring business.

The minor aspect is that since this service is a monthly membership, you can make ongoing profits from that too.

You thereby receive 50% from the front end and the chance of backside purchases.

Program Link: Zygor Guide affiliate program

Commission Rate: 50%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Secretlab Chairs

It’s ironic that Secretlab Chairs sells gaming furniture. For the uninformed, those seats are not cheap, with greater models costing upwards of $600.

Secretlab Chairs’ playing advertising programme is ideal for online marketers with a wide public because it supplies to even more than 50 nations and has a representation in 7 provinces.

However this referral program provides numerous more wonderful features as well. The rewards are first-rate, paying out to 12% of each purchase you recommend to Secretlab using your links provided.

Secretlab claims that their exchange rates are likewise strong, being roughly 5 times greater than those of comparable gaming affiliate links. More likely to receive reward from the visitors you direct as a result.

Program Link: Secretlab Chairs affiliate program
Commission Rate: Up to 12% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is primarily focused on producing premium earbuds. For a variety of systems, such as Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox and PC, it offers around 100 games sound headphones.

You can reach an extensive audience with Turtle Beach’s multi-award-winning online gaming headphones because they are preferred by both amateur and experienced sports competitors.

There is undoubtedly opportunity to make money with pricing varying from $20 – $300 and a minimum order price of $80.00.

The one minor drawback is that the 4% transaction fee offered by Turtle Beach’s partner program isn’t as tempting compared to some of the other gaming affiliate networks we’ve studied.

Program Link: Turtle Beach affiliate program

Commission Rate: 4%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Bose is among the greatest manufacturers of strong headsets and speakers, albeit they are not the only company.

Therefore, although we might have included Skullcandy or Steel Series earphones below, I believe that Bose goods and their ecommerce site are better.

Comfy noise-cancelling earphones are a favourite among players as they enable you to actively involve yourself in your chosen playing environment.

Since the alternative is a subwoofer+speaker combination that shakes the house, the few who deal with players also prefer sound earphones.

Although the transaction fee is somewhat modest, it is usual for electronics products.

However you also need to consider the expensive cost attached to Bose goods; a pair of decent portable Earphones is at about $300.

This equates into a $10 fee for each pair of earbuds that a customer buys.

Program Link: Bose affiliate program

Commission Rate: 2% – 3% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days


In such a way that many individuals are unaware of, Microsoft is in part to blame for the rise in domestic gaming.

Microsoft released PCs usable by most everyone back when they had been exclusively in use by experts by releasing Windows 3.x and subsequently Windows 95.

But before, online gaming needed true specialist knowledge.

It was equally radical in the game industry as Apple’s introduction of the iPhone; it radically rewrote the rules and sparked a PC industry explosion that spanned almost twenty years.

Although the 2% profit margin may appear low, it is double what you would make by recommending the same gaming system on Amazon.

How difficult is it to offer the newest copy of Windows, an Xbox, or a Surface PC?

Program Link:  Microsoft affiliate program

Commission Rate: 2% on Xbox consoles and accessories
Cookie Duration: TBC


You’ve probably noticed advertisements for World of Warships or World of Tanks minimum one time, until you’ve ignored the Internet and television for the last 5 years.

These unlimited MMOs, along with  Gods & Glory, Pagan Online, World of Warplanes and Masters of Orion, are all produced by WarGaming.com.

Millions of individuals engage in these activities all across the globe, and more gamers register every day.

Though these MMOs are currently “currently free,” users have the option to purchase for a paid plan to increase your chances of winning.

That is where partners may profit.

You are compensated for each new player that joins their activities, albeit service fees can differ from one nation to another.

In any case, having a billboard or hyperlink to Wargaming.net on your website probably wouldn’t hurt anything.

Program Link: Wargaming affiliate program

Commission Rate: $1 – $7.50 per member
Cookie Duration: TBC

Nerd Or Die

Since beginning a YouTube and online lesson set on OBS and Twitch broadcasting in October 2014, Nerd or Die is a true warrior of the webcasting sector.

While this previously provided free programs, such as overlaying, warnings, and a Twitch panellist creator, it has now started making money off of its following by charging for paid layers, notifies, and other assets for gameplay streamers.

This takes us to the videogame partner program for Nerd or Die. You generate income by recommending broadcasters who purchase visuals, patches, and plugins to liven up their broadcasting activities. More evidence that playing is more than just a pastime!

Even though the costs are relatively cheap, if you attain platinum tier status (which requires exceeding a lot of financial goals and driving a lot of recommendations), you can receive additional to 30% every transaction.

Program Link: Nerd or Die affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10% – 30%
Cookie Duration: Unknown


Since SCDKey has been providing computer game passwords and credentials for more than ten years, it is a very well-known and reputable brand in the industry.

Different companies and systems, like Playstation, Steam, Origin, and Uplay, offer keys and credentials for all the latest titles.

Therefore, SCDKey is a great option if you’re looking for an affiliate network that rewards you to efficiently sell titles.

But there are numerous other positive aspects of SCDKey. This videogame affiliate programme is among the greatest we’ve shown regards to income power, with one thing with regards to reward rates that range from to 20%.

In addition, SCDKey offers additional fees to online marketers that achieve particularly well. Reach 80 sales monthly, and you’ll get an additional $100 in rewards on top of what you normally get paid.

Program Link: SCDKey affiliate program
Commission Rate: 8% – 20%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

GT Omega

Just several years ago, the concept of a business that produced and sold just videogame seats would have looked absurd.

However today, with revenues predicted to increase by a staggering $95 million through 2020 and 2024, it has emerged as among the game company’s biggest sectors.

One of the most recognized brands in the gamer seat industry since its founding in 2009, GT Omega currently provides complete aircrafts, tire supports, and extras.

Its items are pricey, as you might expect, with a premium seat fetching $650.

It provides better income potential than other video game affiliates, with rewards of up to 17% possible when you advance to tier four of their games partner program.

Program Link: GT Omega affiliate program
Commission Rate: 2% – 17%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Origin PC

ORIGIN PC produces honours specialised playing PCs for amateurs, experts, and everybody in between, which is why die-hard PC players like it.

From my perspective, the word “special” usually means “premium,” and ORIGIN PC is not an exception. Although dedicated handheld PCs are considerably more expensive, its laptop computers charge $2,000 each.

Therefore, it’s likely that you didn’t anticipate this game’s advertising network to offer 50% rewards.

Sadly, I am unable to provide you with an estimate of its compensation since each payment is determined individually.

Only when you are accepted into the affiliate link will you learn more about your compensation plan become available, therefore all you need to do is register to learn more.

Program Link: Origin PC affiliate program
Commission Rate: TBC
Cookie Duration: 30 days


A worldwide shop called Kinguin offers gaming credentials with expedited shipping every day of the week.

I would certainly say it’s a really massive deal in the gaming sector having 10 million active accounts and 500,000 new purchases monthly.

The mega current plan of its games partner program makes it among the greatest we’ve observed. On a basic level, you receive 5% of every transaction that is facilitated by your hyperlinks.

However, things get even more fantastic. You receive a 0.75% income share if affiliate networks sign up for Kinguin’s advertising network using your url.

Additionally, you earn an additional 0.25% on gaining customers’ purchases when they join using such links. Consider all that silent revenue!

Program Link:  Kinguin affiliate program

Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Amazon Associates

Amazon offers anything, and it has a good grasp of the game industry.

You can possibly discover whatever you need at Amazon, if you’re looking for gaming computers, seats, accessories, or anything else that could improve your gameplay experience.

That indicates that there are numerous chances for video game partner advertisers to make money off of this visitors. And since Amazon has such a good image, convincing individuals to make a purchase is never difficult.

Here’s the awful news: The rules of Amazon’s video game advertising network are the most restrictive of all those on this ranking, providing just a meagre 2% reward on digital computer games and a pitiful 1% profit on hard video gaming systems. Additionally, it only provides a paltry 24-h cookie limit.

Online sellers receive a percentage on any their clients purchase from Amazon within that 24-h cycle, making the offer a little more enticing and allowing you to occasionally make an unforeseen purchase. Keep your fingers crossed.

Program Link:  Amazon Associates affiliate program

Commission Rate: 2%
Cookie Duration: 24 hours


I’ll really have to take ModdedZone at its word because it calls itself the “biggest customizable alteration controller firm” and I can’t actually think of too many others.

The company offers a huge variety of controllers for a broad range of video gaming consoles, including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Xbox 360, .

I’ll say it again: “personal” and “premium” are together. It is not surprising that the platform’s average order amount is $150 given that greater devices are far over $100.

That lets the 10% transaction fee provided by the videogame partner program of ModdedZone appear much more alluring.

This is among the better videogame ecommerce platforms we’ve come across during producing this report, especially when coupled with a big three – month cookie lifetime.

It’s important to note that ModdedZone sells its goods internationally and gives free delivery on all US orders to boost revenue.

Program Link: ModdedZone affiliate program
Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

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