13 Perfect Gardening Affiliate Programs

Over the past ten years or so, planting has grown in popularity as families have discovered how much less expensive and healthier it can be for them to cultivate their fresh vegetables.

In that case, if you operate a planting site or blog and are trying to find new revenue streams for it, this article on a few of the most profitable gardening ecommerce platforms may be right suitable for you.

Regardless of the fact that the worldwide gardening marketplace is presently valued at more than US$71.5 billion, this is actually the case.

So this number is rising largely because of the “Grow It Yourself” campaign.

We shall provide the reward percentage and the anticipated duration of the monitoring cookie for each of those highlighted here.

Best Gardening Affiliate Programs

  • Click & Grow
  • Hoss Tools
  • Amazon Associates
  • Earth Easy
  • AeroGarden
  • Nature Hills Nursery
  • 46 & Spruce
  • Succulents Box
  • Garden Tower
  • Urban Leaf
  • Botanical Interests
  • Power Planter Australia
  • Seeds Now

Click & Grow

It was simply a short amount of time until we developed “clever” gardening since we already had cell phones, smart appliances, and smart warnings.

Merely pick among the 45 veggies or herbal products you would like to cultivate using the Click and Grow watering system, purchase the seeds, and place those in your Smart Garden.

Partners receive a 10% reward on all purchases they recommend, plus they have access to a very good 7-day EPC.

Your target audience for these items could be anyone who enjoys gardening, GIY, or just wants a new activity or the ability to brag to their buddies about being “green.”

Once you connect it in, the gadgets in there will ensure that your fresh crop of houseplants receives the proper amount of watering, and nutrition at the right time.

You need not even have a rooftop; you can accomplish everything from your kitchen worktop.

This is the most efficient farming you can do without getting a person to do it for you.

Program Link: Click and Grow affiliate program
Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Hoss Tools

The goal of Hoss Tools is to assist you in growing your organic food.

Whether it’s on your terrace or a patch of grass you’ve turned through an urban farm.

Additionally, they may give you all you require to begin and continue.

Through flower planters and hand hoes to seeds, drip systems, fertilisers, food storage tools, and professional pest devices.

And you aren’t literally buying cheap imitations from overseas; their equipment is American-made and even has wooden hands created by Amish craftsmen.

Additionally, they provide a continually updated gardening blog with a wealth of planting advice on all aspects of cultivating your own veggies.

Although their webpage isn’t particularly attractive, the calibre of their offerings speaks for itself.

Partners that promote this programme are paid 10% of each sale.

Additionally, you can anticipate making $10 from each sale with an average order worth of $101.

Additionally, it’s also one of the best-performing programmes on ShareASale, so partners who promote it generate steady income.

Program Link: Hoss Tools affiliate program
Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Amazon Associates

One of the most widely used ecommerce platforms, Amazon Associates provides a wide range of goods in different markets.

Amazon Associates is among the simplest affiliate programmes for gardeners to enroll and one of the simplest methods to begin earning money from a developing website, despite the fact that their compensation amounts are rather low (3%).

The advantage of Amazon is that it hosts thousands of retailers who offer their goods for sale.

These goods differ in price from low-cost items under $10 to expensive ones like farm equipment that cost more than $3,000. Even greater, you may employ Amazon advertising on your website, which make purchase recommendations to the visitor according to the data on that site.

Even though they didn’t purchase the things you were suggesting, you still are compensated. But since the cookie only ends for 24 hours, they must act quickly.

Program Link: Amazon Associates
Commission Rate: 3%
Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

Earth Easy

Earth Easy has some great ingredients you can advertise if you’ve established a presence or a devoted community in the organic gardening sector. A well-known producer of “healthy,” “non-toxic,” or “green energy” items is Earth Easy.

From 2000, they have operated as a family-owned company, earning the confidence of over 3 million clients and potential clients annually.

They produce a variety of items, such as: hoses seeds,

 natural cedar, fertilizes, and beans.

They even produce both outdoor and inside equipment including lanterns, dryer tablets, and diffusers for oils.

You have all opportunity to sign up for this farming affiliate programme given that the average price levels range from $150 – $200, the compensation rates range from $5 – $10, as well as the 90-day cookie lifetime.

If you wish to expand, AvantLink, a further top advertising platform with a number of other gardening marketing programmes, hosts the Earth Easy referral program.

Program Link: Earth Easy Affiliate Program
Commission Rate:5-10%
Cookie Duration: 90-days


Despite their best efforts, not all people have a space they can transform it into an urban “farm.”

However, an inside gardening aquatic equipment from AeroGarden enables you to get over that issue.

With these devices, you can produce virtually any kind of vegetable you desire by only using light, water,  and a nutrition liquid.

Every “unit” is indeed created to fit in with contemporary residences.

The fact is that this kind of farming gear appears to work and has existed for a while.

An interesting project to demonstrate to your children that stuff does not always suddenly happen in local stores would be an AeroGarden, for instance.

They also offer a farming page to assist you on your path to independence.

Because hydroponic horticulture is expensive, the EPC for this scheme is presumably high.

You will receive a 7.5% reward on all purchases you bring in as a partner.

Additionally, considering that their upper things will cost nearly $800, you should make about $60 off of each sale.

Program Link: AeroGarden affiliate program

Commission Rate: 7.5% 
Cookie Duration: 40 days

Nature Hills Nursery

Famous seeds and live plant retailers include Nature Hills Nursery.

They began as a small-town plantation that focused in woods, but over time they expanded into other categories like bushes, garden plants, veggies, flowers, and herbal products.

In addition to flowers, they offer necessities for the home and yard such as lawn care equipment, outdoor furniture, cooking items, flower beds, and presents.

You can anticipate making up to $21 on each transaction with an average purchase value of $175 as well as a 12% reward rate. It’s not bad at all. 

Program Link: Nature Hills Nursery
Commission Rate: 12 %
Cookie Duration: 30 days

46 & Spruce

46 & Spruce has items made specifically for your customers if they enjoy planting with a stylish flair.

Although 46 & Spruce is known for its ornamental goods, which are frequently used during weddings and other occasions, they can also be applied for house plants.

Terra cotta pots, pots, plants, and centrepieces are a few of these items. Additionally, they provide a useful website where your readers may discover how else to maximise the use of these gadgets.

A 10% commission fee seems reasonable with an average order value of $55. Additionally, the compensation rates are established at 2% for individuals who operate coupon websites.

Program Link: 46 & Spruce Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Succulents Box

Succulents Box demonstrates that somehow there truly is a delivered to the load for all, at the very least.

Succulents are more commonly known as cactus, those little, thorny species you find growing in desert areas.

As a result, your customers may either purchase whatever they want from the digital storefront or arrange to get a package of products supplied to their house once monthly.

Succulents are a wonderful addition to any garden because they require very little upkeep.

They are the absolute reverse of, let’s example, a bonsai tree, although they are not that common.

However by advertising this programme, you can modify that.

You will earn 10% reward on each purchase you recommend as a planting ecommerce business supporting this programme.

Since the majority of their products are inexpensive, the EPC for this programme isn’t particularly high.

However, it’s encouraging that they are paying partners in a sizable amount.

In this compilation of farming affiliate programmes, it’s likewise one of the most distinctive.

Program Link: Succulents Box affiliate program

Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Garden Tower

What does it matter if you’d like to begin gardening but do not have the place and dislike aquaponics?

Why, just use the Garden Tower Project to get up.

This modular structure, as its title implies, consists of interlocking parts and can hold 50 crops or veggies within only 4 sq ft of area.

It is possible for your customers to attempt to construct their ideal vertical garden utilising piping tools.

Or they could simply purchase this stereotypical  approach to vertical gardening.

And the cool thing is that a single Garden Tower charges $359 for you advertisers.

Thus, although their typical fee payment is $35.56, which is by no means poor, you can expect to earn up to $57 every sale.

With their 2 different referral programs, there is also the chance to profit.

You have a relatively wider market to deal with because most horticulturalists try with vertical gardening.

Program Link: Garden Tower Project affiliate program

Commission Rate:  16%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Urban Leaf

Interior gardening is not a particularly novel idea.

And besides, a window box of certain form containing herb or florals was once a feature among most houses.

However, those traditions ceased when our culture shifted away from independence and more towards utter materialism.

Urban Leaf’s creators made the decision that they would play their part to reintroduce some level of home gardening.

You utilise an old bottle as the foundation for your interior aquaponics system, but with a difference each time.

Their “Green Thumb” promise, which states that your items must flourish before they would substitute it or give you a return, demonstrates how convinced they are of their goods.

Their growing packages are also incredibly cheap; they reach the point where one would buy them on emotion.

This partner marketing technique rewards you 14% of each purchase you promote, which usually amounts to a payment of $4.

Since they transform about 10% of your visitors into revenue, driving more visitors will increase your earnings.

Additionally, a large number of apartment complexes would definitely love to possess something similar in their residence.

Program Link: Urban Leaf affiliate program
Commission Rate:  14%
Cookie Rate: 30 days

Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests, which was founded in 1995, takes pleasure in producing a selection of the greatest seedlings that are totally natural.

They don’t modify their seeds with any additional chemicals as you might discover at big stores. In actuality, the purpose of this business is to steer customers away from major retailers.

You can advertise to your readers their 600+ types of flowers, veggies, and herbal products despite the fact that they had only 96 seed varieties when they first began out at their home. Botanical Interests currently offers the following products for sale: supplies for gardens, themed collections, gift labels, and set gifts.

While Botanical Interests operates its affiliate programme with ShareASale, with a 15% transaction value and a 45-day cookie lifetime, you can stand to benefit significantly as an internet marketer.

Through their Direct Ship programme, brick-and-mortar shop owners can make up to 35% on each sale. But only domestic shipping in the US is covered by this.

Program Link: Join Botanical Interests Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 15 %

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Power Planter Australia

Landscaping may be enjoyable.

When you’ve put in all the effort, such as breaking up topsoil and forming an excellent case of burns.

Following all that, it’s enjoyable.

You could also simply use a Power Planter to avoid the scraping, perspiring, and cursing that comes with preparing a garden prepared to be planted.

An Australian came up with this invention since the only thing worse than trying to dig up topsoil is excavating compressed ground that is completely dry.

The Power Planter essentially penetrates through this issue.

It is an add-on for any 18-volt digger that essentially rips a hole in the earth, making it perfect for putting flowers, fruits, and veggies.

Sometimes during summertime, you can also use it to drill irrigation holes for trees.

You will earn 15% of their $161 average order amount per client, or $24 in compensation, on each purchase.

There is a lot of space here for the early investors like you because this is a relatively new item.

Program Link: Power Planter affiliate program

Commission Rate:  15%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Seeds Now

There is a rising ego culture around nowadays, which you may not be conscious of.

Learn to grow, raise, and pick your organic food. This method is sometimes referred to as GIY (Grow it yourself) or GYO (Grow your own).

These individuals who enjoy planting will indeed require the finest non-GMO crops they can find, which is why SeedsNow comes into play.

Without delving into the issue over genetically modified organisms (GMO) seeds, it is true that GIYers prefer organic seeds, often known as fruiting trees, and are prepared to pay a premium for them.

And it simply seems that SeedsNow’s ecommerce site offers hundreds of unique seeds for a wide variety of herbal ingredients, florals, fruits, and veggies.

Partners in this programme receive a 25% reward on every sale they make in addition to the high volume of activity and delectable EPC.

This is a no-brainer when it comes to gardening affiliate networks.

However, I don’t like their intermission pop-ups; one seems to be sufficient, and hiding the “Block” choice for automatic updates may be a bug in the system or highly cunning.

Program Link: SeedsNow affiliate program

Commission Rate:  25%
Cookie Duration:  90 days

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