10 Gold Affiliate Programs

For nearly thousands of years, gold has long been one of the greatest demanded substances on the planet. Together all gold that has ever found could fill into such a single square that was 28 metres wide on all sides, which contributes to its worth.

On a basic level, hence more gold we extract, the less there is of it in the earth, making it harder. That aids in understanding why the value of gold has increased dramatically over the world in the last 5 decades.

This is also the reason the physical gold market is anticipated to rise to a value of more than $350 billion during 2020 and 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9%.

As a golden partner, you can advertise a wide variety of programmes. However, some don’t merit your time.

The perfect application would let you sell gold electronically and be compensated handsomely for your work.

If you wish to advertise gold IRA funds or offer actual gold available on the internet for a fee, the affiliate programmes featured here are profitable and worthwhile exploring.

Best Gold Affiliate Programs

  • Birch Gold Group
  • Regal Assets
  • GoldRepublic
  • American Bullion
  • RC Bullion
  • Goldco
  • Augusta Precious Metal
  • GoldBroker 
  • Golden Eagle Coin

Birch Gold Group

The Birch ecommerce website has earned a place on our list of the top gold affiliate networks.

More than 10,000 Americans have received assistance from Birch Gold Group in diversifying their pension savings into actual gold and silver bullion.

Birch is among the most well-known business executives since its gold bullion experts have been discussed in prominent media venues like Steve Bannon’s War Room, the Ben Shapiro Show, and many others.

The Birch advertising programme offers a number of the best business rewards.

Additionally, partners can complete higher revenue and earn 4 and 5-figure rewards due to the business’ outstanding client care.

Birch seems to have a minimum of $25,000 as opposed to other precious metals programmes, which have a baseline of $25,000 and reward thresholds of $25,000 or higher.

Furthermore, customers can purchase dozens of times, enabling you to produce astronomically large quantities of money, due to the firm’s skilled traders and reliable worth channels. In addition, the partner schemes bind you to permanent rewards on clients you promote.

Despite operating in a competitive industry — US self-directed gold IRAs — Birch Gold Group’s large payments more than offset SEO/ad expenditures.

Birch gives you a variety of platforms on which to promote its affiliate programme, such as social media, search engine,video, and entertainment.

Program Link: Birch Gold Group Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 2-5%

Cookie Duration: Not Mentioned 

Regal Assets

Regal Assets describes its services as a one-stop destination for investments in valuable metals and cryptos, making it much more than just a gold business.

In addition to basketballer Karl-Anthony Towns Jr. and supermodel Jordyn Woods, the brand boasts a long list of other well-known customers.

Luckily, any customer is able to earn money through the Regal Assets affiliate programme – you don’t need to pull familiar celebrities.

On customer accounts, Regal Assets provides a lifetime profit share. You can anticipate to hit near to $1,950 for each purchase made using your affiliate links, with an average amount spent of $65,000. Regal also offers a payment range of $30 to $100 for each approved prospect.

Each online marketer who signs up for the programme has access to a broad range of advertising material, including written and visual posters, PDFs, and email campaigns swipe scripts. To get advice from other partners, you also can join an unrestricted mentorship programme.

Program Link: Regal Assets affiliate program

Commission Rate: 3%
Cookie Duration: Unknown


Investors can purchase actual gold and silver bars with GoldRepublic with complete ownership and no trouble.

Clients are able to acquire valuable metals around-the-clock, maintain their investments electronically, and trade items online (and make withdrawals) whenever they want.

Additionally, the business provides data storage, allowing customers the choice between having their gold sent directly to their residence or storing it in a highly secure warehouse. Also the area of the vault can be chosen by the client: Germany, the Netherlands, or Switzerland.

The affiliate programme for GoldRepublic gives a 25% reward on all trading costs. That implies you can receive several rewards from each consumer who makes a purchase through your affiliate network thanks to a wide 2 years cookie lifetime.

Program Link: GoldRepublic affiliate program
Commission rate: 25%
Cookie Duration: 2 years

American Bullion

Two seasoned precious metals dealers founded American Bullion early in 2009, but since then, it has grown into one of the most recognisable brands in the gold IRA fund industry.

The business specialises in turning current IRAs, 401(k)s, and other eligible private pensions of clients into a range of bullion goods, such gold and silver.

With both the ability to transport tangible goods securely to clients’ doors, it also serves as one of several venues for selling gold electronically.

A Trustpilot ranking of 4.4 based on 194 evaluations obviously demonstrates that it is decent at both.

Two categories of reward rewards are available through the American Bullion gold partner program: a $30 bonus for generating prospects and a 3% slice of approved transactions above $10,000. Partners that sell gold often make more than $1,000 on each sale, with an overall average of $35,000.

It’s important to note, though, that purchases with less than $10,000 will not result in any compensation.

Program Link: American Bullion affiliate program

Commission Rate: 3% on sales over $10,000
Cookie Duration: Lifetime

RC Bullion

The conversion of an existent IRA or 401(k) towards gold IRAs is RC Bullion’s area of expertise. Additionally, it offers a selection of precious metals products for purchase and safely distributes them to consumers’ door – step.

It clearly performs those 2 factors fairly well, as seen by its A+ Better Business Bureau ranking.

The firm’s affiliate programme is quite simple to recognise: you receive a flat 3% reward on all purchases, and a wide lifetime cookie period gives you the best possible return on your visitors.

RC Bullion offers you a wide range of advertising budgets, such as eye-catching ads, to provide you with the greatest chance to make money. Its elevated blood lead applications can easily be integrated with your own webpages.

Program Link: RC Bullion affiliate program

Commission Rate: 3% on transactions
Cookie Duration: Lifetime


BGASC is an acronym for “Buy Gold and Silver Coins,” that also fairly effectively sums up its purpose.

Among the biggest merchants of gold and silver coins, bars, and bullion, the corporation. Due to its affordable rates, extensive selection of gold and silver items, and quick shipping—more than 95% of orders are shipped the next working day—it also ranks among the most reliable.

The CJ Affiliate network-powered gold affiliate programme of BGASC provides a spectrum of affiliate payouts, beginning at $5 per transaction and going up to:

  • $20 for purchases above $3,000
  • $30 for purchases above $10,000

Partner networks have access to a broad range of inventive marketing tools, such as html tags and advertisements.

Program Link: BGASC affiliate program

Commission Rate: $5 – $30
Cookie Duration: 45 days


Among the leading financial minds in the world, Sean Hannity of Fox News, is the face of Goldco. Considering this, it has received ratings of A+ from the BBB and AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance.

In addition to offering direct selling of gold and silver, the business has far more than ten years experience assisting private investors in protecting their pension savings.

The strong conditions of the Goldco affiliate programme, that include a baseline $165 bonus on qualified prospects and a minimum profit margin of 8% commission that rises to 10% for greater partners, allow it to send out over $150,000 in profits each month.

Furthermore, it ought to be mentioned that Goldco is only interested in collaborating with knowledgeable online marketers, in addition to the other gold enterprises in this post. The following requirements are essential to everyone fresh Goldco partners:

  • Possess proven business expertise in the banking sector
  • Plan to adhere to its demanding advertising guidelines.
  • Articles, sales funnels, and other marketing content can be submitted for evaluation.

In all other terms, don’t even consider applying if you’re totally new to online advertising or do not have a track history as a successful partner.

If you pass the test, all rewards you receive will be remitted to you via PayPal on the fifteenth of each month.

Program Link: Goldco affiliate program

Commission Rate: 8% per transaction and $165+ per qualified prospects
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Augusta Precious Metals

Through an attempt to keep finances simple to comprehend, Augusta Precious Metals provides individuals with access to a group of financial analysts that can assist them in maximising the advantages of a gold IRA. The business has a cutting-edge affiliate site and a good regulatory division.

The business manages its own affiliate programme, and customers register through a web page. As a result of the customers’ trust in the business’s trustworthiness, it provides a 90-day cookie period and provides lifetime rewards on deals made by eligible referrals.

You also receive a fee if a client you bring recommends Augusta Precious Metals to their partners. Both ACH and PayPal are accepted for compensation payouts.

According to the volume of sales you generate each year, your transaction fee including both referrals and purchases fluctuates as describes:

80% of quality prospects in Augusta are converted into consumers thanks to some partners.

Augusta provides an “elite programme” for top-tier partners that is welcome to join in addition to its ordinary affiliate scheme. It provides the exact same features as the normal programme in addition to a number of extra benefits, such as:

  • A hyperlink from Augusta Precious Metals with do-follow
  • Obtaining accessibility to the business’s media department for original videos and marketing materials
  • A news article for your official site
  • A Joe Montana website tweet or Facebook post

Program Link: Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program
Commission Rate: $200 per qualified lead plus revenue share
Cookie Duration: 90 days


GoldBroker is a gold trader, as its title would imply. It was established in 2011 by French businessman and investor Fabrice Drouin Ristori and allows clients to purchase physical gold, silver, and other rare metals, as well as providing safekeeping.

The business controlled valuable metals valued at hundreds of millions of euros and had a combined revenue of €60 million in 2020, thus it is undoubtedly legitimate.

The compensation amount varies depending on the quantity of bullion has been bought and saved through GoldBroker’s partner program, and it is paid out on both storage services and purchase transactions from referred customers:

  • $5000: 0.2% for the sale and 0.1% for storing
  • $5000 to $1,000,000: 0.25 percent for purchasing and 0.15 percent for storage
  • $1,000,000 – $5,000,000: 0.3% on sale, 0.17% on storage
  • $5 million and up: 0.4% on buying and 0.2% on storing

Let’s take a scenario where someone clicks on your referral link, purchases $500,000 worth of gold, and chooses to store it safely in Zurich.

For almost as long as they maintain their bullion in deposit, you will receive $1,000 from the first purchase in addition to $500 every year.

A financial simulator tool and gold price buttons that you may put to your website are just two of the promotional tools that GoldBroker provides to assist you.

Program Link: GoldBroker affiliate program

Commission Rate: 0.1% – 0.4% lifetime commission
Cookie Duration: One year

Golden Eagle Coin

Among the top companies in the field of rare metals, gold, and silver coins is Golden Eagle Coins.

Over than 5,000 well-known items are available on the internet, including vast numbers of Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, Gold Krugerrands, and gold bars, as well as American Gold Eagles in sizes ranging.

There’s a good probability that your target market will discover what they’ve been searching for here if they’re seeking to buy gold and silver bullion and coins.

The fixed compensation rate for each sale is $15 with the Gold Eagle Coins affiliate programme. This may not appear very appealing, but you will also receive a $5 incentive for recruiting new partners and a $50 benefit for purchases totaling more than $5,000. For some reference, let’s say that the average sale is around $1,200.

The 15-day cookie lifespan is the main drawback because it is rather short in comparison to other programmes we’ve observed.

Program Link: Golden Eagle Coin affiliate program

Commission Rate: $15+ per sale
Cookie Duration: 15 days

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