13 Grocery Affiliate Programs

Making a regular grocery list is now simpler than before thanks to the growth of supermarket shipment and mobile grab options. Online grocery shopping may help you avoid leaving anything on your checklist as well as spare you the time and aggravation of needing to rush around the shop.

Over the past several years, the expansion of the digital grocery sector has shattered all previous records.

According to my calculations, by 2023, e – grocery sales in the United States would total 59.5 billion dollars.

Without any more ado, let’s take a look at our favourite supermarket affiliate marketing programs and select the one that works best for you.

Best Grocery Affiliate Programs

  • Brandless
  • Gourmet Food World
  • Postmates
  • FreshDirect
  • Instacart
  • Gopuff
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • FarmFoods Market
  • Safeway.com
  • Sunfood
  • Blue Apron
  • BistroMD
  • Thrive Market


The goal of Brandless is to increase the affordability and accessibility of premium goods. They provide over 350 daily necessities, such as non-GMO food, home, cosmetic, baby, and pet products. They are able to avoid the intermediary and commerce up-charges because to their home delivery methodology.

Their partner programme is managed by Impact Radius. Benefits of the brandless programme involve accessibility to their product selection, advertisements, blog posts, and special tracking codes. Their committed partner supervisors is available to address any inquiries and provide recommendations.

350+ reasonably high items, good costs, and significant compensation payments are some reasons why you should promote Brandless.

Their emails maintain partners informed about the most recent sales, discounts, and campaign possibilities.

Program Link: Brandless Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $15 per new customer order

Cookie Duration: 14 days

Gourmet Food World

Gourmet Food World is not your typical local grocery advertising platform, as the name would imply.

It exclusively offers the best luxury foods, including oils, caviar, vinegar, and other items like Norwegian smoking salmon and Italian truffles. Additionally, there are more than 300 gourmet cheeses available. In all honesty, I’m practically drooling as I type.

It’s not the greatest location to get your weekly shopping because those slightly elevated items come with correspondingly expensive prices, for example $60 for a bottle of olive oil. On the other hand, the sky-high overall average amount of $115 results from such high pricing.

There are lots of partner profits available thanks to Gourmet Food World’s supermarket partner program, which offers a 10% reward on any online order during a 60-day cookie period.

Additionally, it provides all the resources you need to increase your profits, such as cost-free banners and graphics and a 10% off coupon code for new clients.

Program Link:  Gourmet Food World affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days


Postmates is the next firm on our radar. A sibling business of Uber, Postmates specialises in bringing meals, groceries, booze, or just about anything else, such as beverages, home goods, and beauty supplies.

Since its founding in 2011, the firm has sent products and food to millions of customers nationwide, saving them time and money in the process.

Currently, Postmates, a top fast startup in the US, is situated in San Francisco.

With the Impact Radius-hosted Postmates affiliate programme, partners may get a ten-dollar compensation for each new customer they introduce to the delivery service.

The cookie duration is 7 days, and visitors and partners who are interested in learning more can do so by browsing the company’s website and partner enrollment page.

Program Link: Click here to join

Commission Rates: $10 for every new referral
Cookie Duration: 7 days


Once it concerns the delivery of groceries and meals to customers’ doorsteps, FreshDirect was an early supporter. Since the firm entered the delivery service market in 1999, millions of users have used the network to quickly receive food and other basic needs.

Clients may access the FreshDirect website to get fruits, veggies, meat and poultry items, dairy, drinks, baby products, and much more. FreshDirect is situated in New York.

Partners that choose to sign up for the FlexOffers-run FreshDirect partner program will be provided with fair rewards, billboards, and ad creatives to conduct successful promotional projects, as well as a dedicated affiliate managerial staff they can get in touch with every day of the week.

Program Link: Click here to join FreshDirect’s affiliate program
Commission Rates: 5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


The most widely used grocery delivery company in North America is Instacart, which partners with over 750 merchants to serve from more than 70,000 food shops in more than 5,500 locations.

Consumers order things from local merchants, and Instacart links them with store clerks who will pick up their purchases and bring groceries on the same day.

Charges for the same purchases over $35 begin at $3.99, making it handy and reasonably priced.

The conditions of use for Instacart don’t sound all that exciting, but they are typical of large affiliate programmes in any industry – a $10 reward for each new customer you refer and a 7-day cookie period.

However, Instacart has such a strong image that convincing customers to register won’t require a degree in online marketing.

Program Link:  Instacart affiliate program

Commission Rate: $10
Cookie Duration: 7 days


Gopuff isn’t a specialised food courier company. Along with such items, it also sells gadgets, baby necessities, and other things.

The fact that it enables consumers to select from a wide variety of food and drink goods and have them delivered to their home in a short amount of time still justifies its inclusion on our list.

Gopuff is active in hundreds of US cities and localities. It accepts requests, prepares them, and delivers them directly from its local places, taking out the middleman to ensure quicker delivery schedules and reduced prices of just $1.95 each transaction, unlike Instacart (and many other well-known players in the food courier service business).

For each new purchase, the Gopuff supermarket affiliate programme pays out a fixed amount of $8. Although it provides a 28-day cookie period, which is 4 times longer than Instacart’s, it still rewards less than Instacart does.

Program Link: Gopuff affiliate program
Commission Rate: $8 per new order
Cookie Duration: 28 days

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club has a lot more than same-day delivery services, similar to Gopuff.

The business runs more than 220 members warehouse clubs in 17 countries along the Eastern Seaboard, providing its 6 million customers with flexibility, affordable pricing, and a broad range of purported “special advantages.”

In addition to selling food and other necessities, it also offers furniture, gadgets, and even services like vacation and house maintenance.

The company’s affiliate programme pays a meagre 1% fee on sales and is powered by the CJ Affiliate program. You should concentrate on advertising subscriptions if you want to generate respectable partner income; for each referral, you’ll receive a substantial 16% compensation.

Program Link: BJ’s Wholesale Club affiliate program

Commission Rate: 1% on sales, 16% on memberships
Cookie Duration: 30 days

FarmFoods Market

FarmFoods Market is another company on the list, and it too attempts to shorten the gap among food suppliers and our homes.

FarmFoods is only a meat delivery business, unlike other “generalist” grocery shops. You may discover here beef, hog, chicken, or fish, all of which have been grown responsibly.

FarmFoods has introduced a number of subscription based options in addition to one-time sales, enabling consumers to receive their preferred meats brought to the door on a timetable that fits for them.

The FarmFoods affiliate programme has a normal 30-day cookie period and offers a fixed 4% reward on all purchases and memberships.

Program Link: FarmFoods Market affiliate program

Commission Rate: 4%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


To save you time and money shopping, Safeway.com provides the same slightly elevated foods at cheap costs for delivery services. Their site is designed for active individuals, families, and those searching for a simpler method to complete their weekly food shopping. Presently, they distribute to customers in 7 countries and Washington, D.C.

Their affiliate programme is managed by Commission Junction. Safeway.com offers a wide range of html tags and posters in different sizes so you may choose the ones that best suit your marketing requirements. On their partner panel, members may view daily updates on their click-through rates, purchases, rewards, and other information.

Excellent home delivery, rewards on all sales, and free delivery option for individuals and families are some of the reasons which you consider.

On their initial order of $50 or more, all new clients enjoy free delivery.

Program Link:  Safeway.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 2%

Cookie Duration: 1 day


California-based Sunfood is a family-run business that was founded in 1995. For people who want to live or keep a healthy lifestyle, they provide nutritionally, uncooked, pure, and non-GMO foods; their goods are not often accessible in supermarkets. Superfoods, vitamins, cosmetics, and super munchies are among the available products.

The reward range for the Sunfood affiliate programme is 10% – 20%. Additionally, partners will have accessibility to stunningly created static and dynamic advertisements. Additionally, you have the ability to select 50 different text links and banners to utilise on your website.

Reasons to advertise Sunfood include their attractive processing fee, superior goods, and extensive marketing resources.

Sunfood takes great pride in its Fair-Trade partnerships. They prioritise sustainability in addition to the quality of their goods.

Program Link: Sunfood Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%-20%

Cookie Duration: unknown

Blue Apron

“Make amazing home cooking approachable to everyone,” declares Blue Apron. The food box company collaborates directly with farmers and craftsmen to provide premium food items at surprisingly affordable pricing.

Since the company’s start in 2012, it has shipped hundreds of millions of ready meals to clients throughout the US, indicating that it is obviously a well-liked idea.

With more than 2 million Likes on facebook and 306,000 Instagram followers, marketing on social media has undoubtedly contributed to Blue Apron’s popularity. It has a brand image, which enables promotion by partners simpler.

In connection with that, Blue Apron’s affiliate network offers a $15 fixed finder’s fee for every potential client who registers for a new subscription as well as a 20% reward on gift card purchases.

Regardless of the selling type, you will have a 30-day cookie period to complete the transaction.

Program Link: Blue Apron affiliate program

Commission Rate: $15 per new customer; 20% on gift card sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days


The food delivery service BistroMD describes itself as being doctor-designed.

The corporation is quick to emphasise, meanwhile, that “healthy” is not the same as “bland” or “boring.” Consumers may select from more than 150 delectable gourmet meals each week, and it provides options for different timetables and dietary choices. The best part is that each meal is prepared in under 5 minutes.

All of that is wonderful, but what about the affiliate programme for BistroMD? It turned out to be fairly wonderful as well, with a huge 45-day cookie window and a $45 fee per first order.

It boasts a committed affiliate managerial staff, an abundance of eye-catching banners, and a monthly email jam-packed with the most recent promos and exclusive deals.

Program Link: BistroMD affiliate program
Commission Rate: $45
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Thrive Market

Unquestionably, the largest e-commerce site in the nation, Thrive Market offers hundreds of additional essential things like premium foods, food, meals, health supplements, wine, and other beverages.

Since the time of its introduction in 2015, Thrive Market has established a solid reputation. Over a million US citizens who are customers of the firm are served from its Los Angeles, California, headquarters.

Partners will receive payments ranging from $5 to $40 for each sale they refer to Thrive Market through their CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)-hosted affiliate programme.

One of the best things about their partner program is that whenever you advertise Thrive Market, you’ll feel like you’re starting a revolution in the supermarket sector.

it’s mainly because the business is mission-driven. These brands and companies are my favourites.

Program Link: Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $5 to $40 on every sale
Cookie Duration: 14 days

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