11 Hemp Affiliate Programs

Given that 99.9% of these businesses could never have operated less than a decade ago, investigating this area seems a little weird.

That’s the wonder of the capitalist model: you give people an opportunity and they turn it into a brand-new, income sector.

Among those markets which we also discovered a tonne of surprising items and programmes for you to profit from is hemp.

However if you truly just want to monetise this area, you’re going to require some profitable, tested hemp affiliate programmes to advertise.

And while everybody else is posting a tonne of affiliate programmes that just promote CBD, we have some genuine jewels for you.

Best Hemp Affiliate Programs

  • Pure Hemp
  • CBD Pure
  • WAMA Underwear
  • Berkshire CBD
  • Steve’s Goods
  • Rawganique
  • Vitacost
  • Joy Organics
  • Hempland
  • Hemp Tailor
  • 8000Kicks

Pure Hemp

Although Pure Hemp’s corporate offices are in Los Angeles, the company has shops all around the country.

You may buy a wide variety of 100 % pure items at their shops, along with all the standard favourites like oils, lotions, and infusions.

However, they also offer a selection of consumables including popsicles and flavourings, as well as hemp dog treats, protein supplements, vaporizer, and peripherals.

And finally, but certainly not least, a shampoo and moisturiser for hair development.

They all employ non-GMO hemp seeds that have been manually grown by growers that don’t use chemicals or other artificial growth aids.

This is the second referral program in our compilation that offers 40% profit on CBD goods.

Taken together, the aforementioned shampoo and conditioning treatment for hair development cost $100.

Thus, just from one purchase, you would make $40.

Program Link: Pure Hemp affiliate program
Commission Rate:  40%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

CBD Pure

From 2016, the family-run company CBD Pure has been operating.

That may give people the impression that they are fresh to the market, yet CBD products were not accessible to the general public until 2014.

Their raw materials are sourced from Colorado, the nation’s hemp-growing capital.

It is entirely natural, cultivated from non-GMO seeds, and free of any synthetic chemicals, herbicides, or fertiliser.

The final outcome is that their lotions, pills, lotions, and pet CBD products are made using some of the cleanest hemp oil in North America.

Additionally, your customers may easily take advantage of the 90-day money-back assurance if they might not like what they receive in the box.

A 40% income amount is offered by this CBD affiliate programme.

Our places combined among the hemp affiliate programmes included in this roundup in terms of payment.

Keep in mind that this industry’s hemp softgels are $90 for a small pack, so each sale would net you $36.

With such types of benefits, it really wouldn’t take much time to provide money sufficient to restore lost wages.

Program Link: CBDPure affiliate program
Commission Rate:  40%
Cookie Duration: TBC

WAMA Underwear

If you dive deeply into a certain sector, you genuinely never realize what you’ll discover.

This became WAMA Underwear in this instance, a line of hemp lingerie available for both men and women.

If you desire to create organic apparel that is ecologically beneficial, hemp is a logical alternative.

However you probably have no idea that hemp also possesses antimicrobial and anti-odor qualities, making it the ideal material for producing undies.

And each cleaning really makes them gentler and more comfy.

There is also a tonne of social confidence available for marketers to utilise, since they have many glowing client testimonials.

You will get 20% of every purchase that you recommend as part of the WAMA Underwear affiliate programme.

But even though there isn’t a significant amount of activity on the Refersion Marketplace, I think this has a lot of promise.

In essence, I’m not conscious of any other business producing hemp lingerie, therefore you have the opportunity to make your position in a developing sector.

Program Link: WAMA Underwear affiliate program
Commission Rate:  20%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Berkshire CBD

Few of you reading this may have memories of your favourite Cheech and Chong scene from a movie thanks to Berkshire CBD.

Yet since the era of hippie movies, hemp items have advanced significantly.

It is currently a valid strategic approach.

A tiny vineyard in New England called Berkshire CBD sells hemp plant that has been cultivated using only clean varieties of each crop and in a natural setting.

In conclusion, you receive a selection of the world’s greatest hemp blossoms.

Yet you are also given the option of purchasing pre-rolled cigars or the entire flower.

You may also select from a variety of plants created to have a certain impact, ranging from soothing to boosting creativity.

Let us just look at their partner program right now.

Starting up, marketers receive 10% of every transaction they bring in.

The rate of exchange is next, and it’s slightly below 15%, meaning that 1 in every 6 of your recommendations should result in a purchase.

And lastly, this is one of ShareASale’s highest affiliate programmes.

Program Link: Berkshire CBD affiliate program

Commission Rate:  10% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Steve’s Goods

It’s sort of obvious from the “Steve’s Goods” trade mark that it’s a tiny, family-run hemp and CBD product company.

Clearly controlled and operated by Steve.

They certainly provide all the typical hemp-based goods, including CBD oil.

However, your customers may indeed select from a wide selection of goods including coffee, dog treats, lollipops, and even condoms.

Therefore, there is practically something for everyone here.

Since their hemp is farmed organically, you don’t have to worry about importing synthetic hemp or CBD from a nation with lax regulations.

Each transaction you suggest results in a 10% compensation payment from our affiliate programme.

Although a single sale won’t bring in much money for you, a large number of them may build up to a very strong profit margin for your partner marketing company.

Although they have a very strong EPC, their “Network Earnings” score is on the lower end of the spectrum.

However, it answers why they are on CJ for the first time this year.

Program Link: Steve’s Goods affiliate program

Commission Rate:  10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Early in 1997, a team of Canadian island settlers founded Rawganique.

Yes, before it became fashionable, they were producing goods from hemp on their light of the fact farm.

The fact that all these goods are handcrafted and created from renewable energy and resources is the primary thing to note.

Additionally, they don’t include any of the pesticides that are applied to consumer garments that may and will eventually seep into your skin.

You may get hemp rope at them in addition to their extensive line of hemp clothes.

Yes, you can make strong rope out of the same hemp that is used to make CBD oil.

Additionally, they produce home items, apparel for sport, pet supplies (such leashes and treats), and shoes out of hemp.

These items may be used in a variety of sectors, according to an astute partner.

So what distinguishes Rawganique from the other affiliate networks for you?

To begin with, you have access to a genuinely distinctive selection of hemp items.

Then, 5% of all orders placed by brand-new clients are given to you as a reward.

Furthermore, you receive the “early adopter” incentive since this firm isn’t included in any of the other collections of hemp affiliate programmes.

Program Link:  Rawganique affiliate program

Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: TBC


Nearly 2 million engaged clients in North America get their products from Vitacost, a top provider of well-being and health goods.

They are currently in operation from 1994 but nowadays stock over 40,000 items.

Many of the best-known wellness companies are available to your guests at prices lower than they would spend otherwise.

What does it have to do with hemp goods or their promotional tools, though?

They carry hundreds of hemp items, ranging from protein sources and snacks to granola bars, bath salts, and fresh organic shells hemp seeds, making this a surprise affiliate programme.

Essentially, we have the widest selection of goods available worldwide.

However, you also get market them on the strength of a well-known name, where customer trust is stronger.

Your converts ought to do the same.

Among all divisions and specialisations on Commission Junction, this is among the best-performing programmes.

Although a 2% transaction fee is not quite optimal, you can more than help compensate for it by having a large number of transactions.

A greater transaction fee may also be negotiable if you can generate more business for them.

Program Link: Vitacost affiliate program

Commission Rate:  2%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Joy Organics

Joy Smith certainly had no clue Joy Organics would grow to be virtually a reputable brand in the hemp and CBD sector when she initially started it.

And the amazing thing is that she utilised hemp extraction to address her own health and personal troubles, which is why she started the company.

Some years down the line, her family-run business provides a wide selection of health goods, such fizzy drinks, candies, topicals, medicines, hemp oils, and even pet treats.

But what distinguishes these products from others is their deliberate construction to be simpler for your body to digest.

Additionally, their items are gluten-free and contain no THC at all, making it difficult to become “high” while using them.

And they provide free delivery on each and every purchase as well.

Let’s discuss finances and how much you may make by endorsing Joy Organics goods.

They generously provide a transaction fee of 25%, which is much more than the market average.

But mom-and-pop businesses do often provide better pricing.

Therefore, depending on their $55 average purchase size, you can anticipate earning around $14 for each recommendation.

Program Link: Joy Organics affiliate program

Commission Rate:  25%
Cookie Duration: Permanent


Below is a completely distinct account of a business venture in the hemp industry.

A 66-year-old conservative named Richard Waggoner founded HempLand in 2014 after personally seeing the very beneficial benefits of CBD use.

All of their goods, including lotions, gel capsules, CBD doses for your dog, and even a salt bath, are made from hemp that is cultivated in the United States.

Yes, you really can soak in hemp’s benefits.

In addition to offering a military bargain and what are said to be the greatest hemp oils in the country, HempLand claims that a portion of every transaction is given to a charity organisation.

You do, however, receive a 15% fee on just about everything you market, which amounts to about $22 on average each deal.

In addition to that, you receive a 30-day cookie and an exchange rate that is, on the whole, rather respectable at slightly below 6%.

Program Link: HempLand affiliate program

Commission Rate:  15%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Hemp Tailor

Like the ability to produce textiles from it, which is precisely what Hemp Tailor does.

However, a few of the earliest hemp clothes seemed to be constructed of sturdy canvas but was really scratchy and unpleasant.

However, Hemp Tailor has improved the production method to the level that they now use hemp to manufacture anything from dresses to coats and pants.

They hand-harvest the hemp for their apparel line, and it derives from a naturally renewable resource.

Hemp can be cultivated without the application of chemicals, takes up just a third of the space needed for other products, and needs less time to cultivate.

They barely offer a 4% compensation rate, which makes their referral program less appealing than their items.

However, this is really rather typical in the apparel industry.

The selling cost of their denims is $225, so you must also consider that you would still make $9 in revenue there.

Their 3-day cookie is out of the ordinary.

Therefore, be confident that the only nice, pre-qualified visitors you bring to this offer.

Program Link: HempTailor affiliate program
Commission Rate:  4%
Cookie Duration: 3 days


The 8000Kicks affiliate programme is a fantastic way for all you footwear addicts out there to convert your enthusiasm into some real money. This fantastic shoe company has created the first waterproofing “cannabis” sneaker in history, primarily using our dear pal hemp. Working with 8000Kicks is a great opportunity to spread the word about a cutting-edge hemp fabric which is not only very green but also extremely fashionable.

They can assist you in monetizing whether you are a trader, an influencer, or just have some connections since joining is free and simple.

Make income from all sales and receive referral rewards of up to 20%.

Program Link:  8000Kicks Affiliate Programme

Commission Rate: up to 20%
Cookie Duration: Not Given

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