12 Herbal Affiliate Programs

It’s understandable that individuals are seeking solutions beyond the mainstream medicine given the rising worries about drug-resistant infections and the sporadic illness breakouts that are occurring all over the planet.

Since at least 3,000 years ago, people have been applying herbs to cure a wide range of ailments. This technique originated in China and then moved to Greece, India, Egypt, and Babylon.

Hippocrates, the inventor of modern medicine, also worked as a herbalist.

Before continuing, you may want to drink a cup of chamomile because the market for medicinal herbs is presently projected to be worth US$71 billion annually.

Additional expansion is anticipated.

This statistic caught our attention, so we made the decision to go into this area, working in the miners.

Best Herbal Affiliate Programs

  • Hyperion Herbs
  • Health Fitness & Longevity
  • Lucky Vitamin
  • Primal Herb
  • Mountain Mel’s
  • HerbsPro
  • Best Life Herbals
  • Herbal Goodness
  • Paw Healer
  • iHerb
  • Aero Garden
  • Vitamin Shoppe

Hyperion Herbs

The 10% fee is not excessive, but Hyperion Herb handles its associates unfairly. One benefit is that it offers useful materials on its backside. It would be simple for you to join up and create advertisements to sell this business if you are an online seller for many companies.

To interact with your guests, they offer customised email text, eye-catching banners, and unique product links. Additionally, you can keep tabs on who hits on your referral link and how much income you will get if the transaction is effective.

Hyperion Herbs offers you a lifelong chance to profit from your recommendations, unlike many other companies with a one-time click deal. Getting them to complete their initial transaction within 30 days is everything you need to accomplish. After that, you are paid 10% of any further purchases they make.

Many companies have repayments thresholds that must be met. Contrary to these companies, Hyperion Herbs is a great venue for both small and large advertisers. Regardless of whether you make a few dollars or hundreds, you get all of your money.

They provide solutions to a wide range of issues, so you will have a large pool of prospective consumers to approach. Their goods make the following claims:

  • Improving the immune system
  • Upbeat attitude
  • Reducing tension
  • Enhancing sleep

Program Link: Hyperion Herbs Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 10 %
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Health Fitness & Longevity

You can get the advantages of herbal products with HFLy), however you do not need to spend the time or effort making your own combinations or treatments.

In order to receive from a completely natural current solution on 20 decades of expertise, your customers simply have to connect their health issue with the suitable HFL item.

They should provide at least one nootropic (smart medicine) solution; in my judgement, they are the development of the health sector.

Their whole line of medicinal herbs is vegan, Kosher-compliant, and prepared exclusively with natural herbs.

Program Link: HFL affiliate program

Commission Rate:  30%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Lucky Vitamin 

The amazing fact about Lucky Vitamin is that, despite the fact that their advertising makes it seem like they just opened for business, they have existed for over 2 decades.

No one suspected!

Their ecommerce marketplace offers 35,000 things, but the big perk here seems to be affordability: the majority of items are discounted by 75% off wholesale.

Instead, now let us concentrate on the 229 types of plants, some of which I am physically unable to pronounce.

As a result, they have a plant for every need.

The harsh reality is that they merely provide a 7-day cookie and charge 2% reward on normal transactions.

This hurts partners in both good and bad ways.

However, for any Lucky Vitamin (LV+) subscriptions you offer, you will receive a 10% reward.

Although you shouldn’t depend entirely on this program to bring in referral fees, it is still worthwhile to market to the correct demographic.

Program Link: Lucky Vitamin affiliate program

Commission Rate:  Up to 10%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Primal Herb

The ease of use while using Primal Herb’s goods is its finest feature. Although Hyperion Herbs is a terrific brand, it’s a pain to have to browse among several of their finest items before finding anything you adore.

Primal Herb, in contrast, identifies each of their products with its function. You merely need to click the ones that catch your attention. Whatever troubles your clients face, there are several solutions available.

In addition to other ailments, the line addresses digestive, cardiovascular, psychological, pulmonary, neurological, ageing, hormonal, tiredness, liver, renal, and inflammatory disorders. Additionally, certain treatments aim to improve the immune system generally, assuring a wide range of clientele.

One of the multiple opportunities from among natural remedy affiliate networks I’ve evaluated currently is the partner revenue offered. Additionally, you possess up to two months to make money from clients that arrive via your connections. They additionally assist you with your promotional campaign while doing follow-ups, as if this weren’t sufficient.

Program Link: Primal Herb Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Mountain Mel’s 

Mel Mutterspaugh, a young woman, is the “Mel” driving Moutain Mel’s.

She became aware about how frequently individuals put substances to their skin while working as a camping counsellor in Oregon’s vast open areas.

Later transported those same pollutants into the untainted splendour of nature, possibly contaminating all they met.

She then had a concept for a line of teas, basic care products, and aerosols that would be good for both people and the environment.

From the moment it began, her company has expanded greatly.

There aren’t many partner rewards because this Refersion Marketplace extensive network has only recently began operating.

You will receive a 20% reward on any sales made using your referral link, having stated that.

But their EPC is what you need to focus on since it gives you a signal about how well-liked this scheme will be among partners.

Program Link: Mountain Mel’s affiliate program

Commission Rate:  20%
Cookie Duration: 45 days


The ability to reach a high demand is the primary important benefit HerbsPro partners receive. You are able to select which categories are of importance to you out of the over 50,000 things the firm sells. Additionally, it makes way for several online marketers enthusiastic about various herbal items.

The organisation offers you a variety of ways to generate money, including via the sale of supplementary, sports, pet, and cosmetic items.

Additionally, buyers may get discounts of up to 60%. By demonstrating how they can achieve this, you not only get a large audience but one that is more likely to convert. Additionally, the business provides affiliates with discount coupons so that their recommendations may get a better deal.


Additionally, you get some materials to aid in persuading your readers. You may add ads and backlinks from HerbsPro to your marketing platforms. Additionally, you have the choice to create a distinctive banner and receive data updates about your advancement.

Program Link: HerbsPro Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Best Life Herbals 

The majority of the botanical wellness products offered by Best Life Herbals were created under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Greiff.

The catch in this situation is that their line of products is geared towards preserving people’s quality of life as they age.

Because of this, a variety of products exist that promise to assist with issues relating to the bladder, the prostate, increased virility, and lowering cholesterol.

However, they also provide herbal items that are good for people of all age groups, such as sedatives and even anti-aging treatments.

Purely said, more individuals are getting older than at any point in history of mankind, making this special business attractive.

Partners earn a 25% reward on any goods sold using their advertising network, however a 90-day cookie is required for it to occur.

Thus, your pre-selling will be under less stress.

Bringing a large number of visitors their way is worthwhile because this deal is now performing at roughly 8%.

Program Link:Best Life Herbals affiliate program

Commission Rate:  25%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Herbal Goodness 

If you’re looking for herbal ecommerce platforms with affordable charges, Herbal Goodness is a great option. The company encourages partners to learn more about them and promote them with enthusiasm by offering a beginning payment of 30%.

While still greater than other herbal affiliate schemes, the 30% only lasts for one month before dropping to 20%.

In addition to the substantial income, online sellers have plenty of time for follow-up advertising. You have 3 months to persuade interested people to purchase a quality item and profit in the process.

Furthermore, the company sells a wide range of goods—herbal goodness—hence the name of the company. Customers may choose from teas, pills, kid’s items, superfoods, and more.

You may connect with people who require items for their digestion, intestines, immune system, circulatory system, hair, skin, nails, cleaning, lungs, energy, and sleep. Their website is well organised, with items arranged according to the herbs they contain, their health advantages, and their packaging style.

They give advertisements, journalistic articles, status updates, and social postings to assist you in reaching these crowds.

Program Link: Herbal Goodness Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%-30%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Paw Healer

Moreover, Paw Healer stands out from the rest of the list since they only make herbal treatments for cats and dogs.

The fact that their formulae are rooted on Chinese herbal therapy makes it even more intriguing.

And since everyone enjoys the concept of employing “herbal wisdom passed down through the generations,” it provides for a very fascinating perspective to leverage when advertising it.

Additionally, owners of household pets desire to supply them with the greatest experience possible in appreciation for their devotion and unwavering affection.

Your customers may get a personalised mix designed just for their dog or cat from a selection of pre-made remedies that address various health conditions.

That’s really great.

You have a fantastic chance to make a difference because this program is  completely in ShareASale’s ecommerce website.

Their high EPC suggests a regular amount of purchases, and their typical partner reward is $17.

Therefore, guys, there is profit to be earned here.

Program Link: PawHealer affiliate program
Commission Rate:  15%
Cookie Duration: 60 days


A well-known company with a lot of favourable feedback is iHerb. The organisation has strong roots in 186 nations, offering you access to a sizable market.

Additionally, consumers may utilise 34 different payment methods and 74 different currencies to make purchases on the website. Customer service is available 24/7 in ten different languages. It is, in fact, the ideal partner scheme for increasing your earnings if you own a well-known site, social media account, or YouTube channel.

The organisation provides 30,000 goods and works with 1200 shops to meet everyone’s requirements. Among the other given niches, your references might choose from beauty, sports, nutrition, and health.

In order to keep customers interested, healthy, and coming back for more, iHerb offers regular promotions, sizable reductions, a loyalty programme, and free samples of products.

The lengthy waiting period and high barrier are the only negatives (180-days). This is the provider to use if not for these two.

Set this up as a backup strategy, however, to fill in the gaps created by rivals. Additionally, if you like promoting many products, this offer is guaranteed to get a lot of interest.

Program Link: iHerb Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Aero Garden 

Finally, we reach our area of expertise, which includes those diagonal affiliate marketing programs that no one else bothered to consider.

You may purchase herbs directly from internet sites, yes.

You might also just produce your plants to be completely organic.

In fact, you may not even require the area needed for a regular yard thanks to AeroGarden aquaponics system, which are a brilliant method to achieve it indoors.

Since marijuana is a herb you may still cultivate at apartment certain places, we previously highlighted these goods in our blog article on marijuana ecommerce platforms.

From electrically operated gardens to the herb starter kits, Aero Grow has everything you’ll need.

You may receive a 7.5% reward on a typical purchase value of $100 by registering a referral link for their items.

This means that for every 100 people you direct to their webpage, you earn $7.50.

So this assumes a purchase of at least $100 every time; some AeroGardens, for instance, cost approximately $500.

Program Link: AeroGarden Affiliate Programs

Commission Rate:  7.5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Vitamin Shoppe

Despite the fact healthy living is once again “in,” Vitamin Shoppe is already “supporting you to achieve your best possible version” from 1977.

They were practising it long before it was fashionable.

They have the widest selection of herbal ingredients available online, both in liquid and pill form.

In terms of the enormous variety of goods they sell, these people have it down. I am quite knowledgeable about herbal history.

However, they also provide a wide selection of herbal goods and treatments for anything from arthritis and muscle discomfort to sleeplessness.

Therefore, there are several options for your guests.

For purchases made via backlinks, all partners will get a 4% profit.

If you’re able to show you are able to increase sales and visitors to Vitamin Shoppe, they could raise this to 10%.

They are indeed the top-performing herbal online system on Commission Junction, but that is only a perk.

Program Link: Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program

Commission Rate:  4%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

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