11 High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Advertising affiliated items with significant payments is referred to as high-ticket online advertising. Some online sellers adopt it as a method to boost profit on less sales.

Resellers use strategies to increase traffic to websites in order to promote interactions and the purchase of these products. You’ll make fewer bucks the less visitors you have. High price partners offer customers more commissions on fewer purchases, allowing you to concentrate more on purchases and less on generating visitors.

Marketing automation, electronics, jewels, and heavy metals are examples of expensive goods.

The programme you’re marketing will determine your profits.

Several themes are home to numerous big cost affiliate programmes that are entirely legitimate.

All you need to do is know where to look.

Therefore, we’re going to share the top high priced affiliate programmes with you in this roundup.

List of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

  • Dream Cloud
  • Luxury Card
  • Sucuri
  • BigCommerce
  • OceanScape Yachts
  • Authority Hacker
  • Teachable
  • Thinkific
  • Plus500
  • Smart Proxy
  • Embroker

Dream Cloud

According to an ancient proverb, if you don’t have a quality pair of shoes, you’ll be lying flat on your back in the other. You only truly need to have these 2 essentials in life.

And surprisingly yet, expensive referral items like beds are popular.

It is an enterprise with a yearly revenue of at least $15 billion USD.

The most expensive mattresses may be purchased for approximately $2,000 from vendors.

Which securely puts them in the high-priced group of goods and services.

On the contrary, DreamCloud is of the opinion that getting a decent good rest shouldn’t cost an astronomical amount of money.

Because of this, their mattresses are far less expensive than those offered by their rivals.

Additionally, your new mattress comes with a 12-month trial period to allow you to decide whether you enjoy it.

The typical order is worth roughly $1,200.

It is on the top end for an online advertising product with a premium pricing.

But in contrast to some other partner deals, you will not receive any compensation from each transaction with this one.

However, marketers get a fixed fee of $150  per mattress purchase.

Program Link:Dream Cloud affiliate program
Commission Rate: $150.00
Cookie Duration: 365 days

Luxury Card

In a compilation of high priced referral goods, we might have included any of a variety of credit card ecommerce platforms.

But given how similar they are in terms of appearance and tone, it might be difficult to distinguish their offerings from the internet noise.

You won’t experience this with a Luxury Card,  since it is a unique, specialised card.

Perhaps a 24-karat bonus pack is an upgradeable option.

This card connects directly to airport lounges, free flights, a round-the-clock travel agency, and many other travel benefits.

No big issue; you may choose from a variety of premium online payment partner marketing ploys.

Numerous of them are undoubtedly expensive affiliate items.

Program Link: Luxury Card affiliate program
Commission Rate: $405
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Now, let’s talk about another pricey item.

Privacy violations on websites always “happen in real life.”

Imagine how you would feel if a group of hackers destroyed your affiliate marketing agency.

They just need a little error in document access settings in order to control over your site and 90% of your revenue.

This is why possessing a company like Sucuri at your disposal is practically priceless.

They can both stop your blog or your website from becoming infiltrated from the beginning place and repair a hacked site once it has already happened.

Even one “urgent hotline” is available when you require assistance immediately.

One of the irksome compensation schemes, uncommon in high price affiliate networks, can be found in this CJ affiliate offer.

Therefore, we’ll make things simpler here.

Partners are paid $100 for the sale of a “Agency” pack and $210 for the sales of a “Business firewall” product.

Consequently, you may profit from this high price affiliate scheme, although the target market may be quite specialised.

Program Link: Sucuri affiliate program

Commission Rate: Up to $210
Cookie Duration: 30 days


In terms of establishing an online shop, you have two options:

Self-hosting, self-registration of domains, and self-designed websites

Expect to be paid for a ready-made remedy

There are other possibilities available, however Shopify will likely attract the majority of new online entrepreneurs.

And one of the most widely used is BigCommerce, which makes it easy to launch an online shop and market your goods.

Big brands like Skullcandy, Jeep People, and Ben & Jerry’s currently utilise them.

Therefore, you are among friends.

Essentially, you don’t have to depend on a collection of designs; you may create the shop you desire.

And the finished product will look just as well on smartphones as it does on PCs.

Additionally, each site of your business will load swiftly owing to the underlying Google Cloud hosting.

However one of the best things about BigCommerce is that it can expand along with your company.

Therefore you won’t have to switch e-commerce suppliers in the middle of the process  and almost always when least expected.

The compensation amount is quite clear-cut: 200% of the initial monthly fee paid by your recommendation.

If they select the “Plus” plan, you would be paid $159.90.

If your recommendation joins BigCommerce’s “Enterprise” plan, it rises to $1,500 per transaction.

Therefore, with the correct audience, this may generate significant money.

Program Link: BigCommerce affiliate program

Commission Rate: 200% of first month’s payment
Cookie Duration: 90-day cookie

Oceanscape Yachts

All but the world’s richest individuals lack the monetary resources to buy a magnificent mega yacht.

They may run into billions.

But due to businesses like Oceanscape Yachts, you might well enjoy the “feeling” of having one.

Yes, you and 3,000 other individuals may reserve a luxurious yacht for a family vacation.

However, that is nothing compared to owning a superyacht to yourself in just about any destination you can imagine.

Any of the many Pacific or Mediterranean countries to the Arctic Circle.

Yachts are undoubtedly high cost referral items, therefore there is the opportunity to earn substantial money with this scheme.

The typical “amount” of compensation for each sale is $1,250.

As a result, it ranks among the best affiliate programmes we’ve ever used.

Program Link:Oceanscape Yachts affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: Permanent

Frontpoint Home Security

Your back door might be left unlocked every night in a perfect scenario.

You live in the real world, not an ideal one, nevertheless.  Where criminals get away with everything but the most heinous offences and crime is currently on the rise.

Because of this, selling a software like Frontpoint Security is a cinch.

In their homes, people want to feel safe.

And every month of the year, they’re willing to pay for it.

This approach may be effective in a variety of fields, including home automation and personal protection.

How much money can website companies will make, however, by ensuring that individuals feel secure in their homes?

$25 for each recommendation.

This is more than the average income of affiliate marketers using credit card affiliate schemes.

One of the affiliate programmes that is simple to ignore yet should be at the forefront of your list of possibilities is this one.

Program Link: Frontpoint Security affiliate program
Commission Rate: $125 per lead

Cookie Duration: 20-day

Authority Hacker

Who exactly are these Authority Hacker folks? How did they manage to get into this collection, too?

Well, there are numerous online advertising education programmes available.

The distinction is that they independently do research, create, and manage their entire portfolio of affiliate websites.

It is how they earn a living.

Additionally, they’re not simply repeating information from a community.

Additionally, everything they undertake is legal and ethical, so you should be protected from Google’s ban hammer.

Additionally, they often update their courses—like once a year.

As a result, you constantly receive the most recent knowledge on topics like site layout, link development, and specialty and keyword search.

You’ll see the exact procedures and techniques they use to create their own successful affiliate websites.

It’s like having to observe them construct an affiliate website from above.

Additionally,their affiliate program pays a $990 commission for each transaction.

For advertising a programme that may actually assist individuals in achieving economic freedom, it is a significant sum of money.

The company values its brand.

Therefore, they don’t accept every applicant.

Program Link:Authority Hacker affiliate program

Commission Rate: Up to $990 per sale
Cookie Duration: 180-day cookie


A programme called Teachable offers a service that includes software to help prospective entrepreneurs create online training courses. It makes sense to work in the elearning business, which is expected to be worth an amazing $350 billion until 2025.

It is clear that Teachable and its clients nowadays are actually earning a large part of those revenues given that Teachable’s 100,000+ producers have really used the platform to promote more than $1 billion in programs and mentorship.

The Teachable referral programme gives tier-based incentives that start at 30% per purchase and rise to 50% after meeting specific monthly requirements, giving members an income level of $450.

The finest part of its advertising network is its share option system, which lets you earn incentives over time rather than just when you refer to new artists.

Program Link: Teachable affiliate program

Commission Rate: Up to 50%
Cookie Duration: 90 days


A similar company to Teachable, Thinkific also lets users create and market classes online and subscription websites.

The system has been utilised by more than 50,000 content providers, who have generated over $650 million in revenue. The partner programme for Thinkific is designed together around the benefit sharing concept, much as Teachable.

You will get a 30% ongoing reward on all monthly or yearly paid versions each time a new client joins up using your exclusive affiliate program for as long as they remain subscribers. This implies that you might make up to $1,700 for recommendation annually!

Program Link:Thinkific affiliate program

Commission Rate: Up to $1,700 per referral per year
Cookie Duration: 90 days


Another big ticket affiliate programme in our list is finally at hand.

Digital trader Plus500 has been operating since 2008.

They focus on CFDs dispersed over 2,000 financial products rather than attempting to be a Jack-of-all-trades.

A CFD, or “Contract for Difference,” pays you the disparity among an instrument’s closing and opening prices on a particular day.

And by “investment products,” we mean anything from indexes and currencies to metals and cryptocurrencies.

Traders bet on which of these will close at a certain price, and Plus500 pays out if your guess is correct.

Although CFD investing is prohibited in the US, Plus500 services are accessible in 50 other nations.

They don’t charge commission, provide minimal trading expenses, but maybe more significantly, they safeguard your customers from uninvested cash.

Such that they won’t have to worry about losing their apartment or shirt.

The registration fee for this affiliate programme is $150.

Which represents the bottom end of a list of expensive applications.

However, the affiliate income is still more than what you would earn by marketing the typical credit card deal.

Program Link: Plus500 affiliate program

Commission Rate: At least $150 per sale but up to $600
Cookie Duration: TBC

Smart Proxy

Affiliate marketers frequently utilise Proxies as data extraction or research methods.

But it doesn’t provide the whole story.

The location of the Internet of today’s world is the height of foolishness.

Therefore, whether you’re going abroad, you’ll have to have a method of obtaining information in other nations or your own.

You may find a remedy with SmartProxy.

With monthly costs beginning at about $50, they provide both home and datacenter proxy solutions.

Therefore, they are not like the typical low-cost proxy packages you get for dirt cheap.

Their “items” are compatible with all popular browsers and hardware.

Additionally, they have tens of millions of IPs, thus there is almost little possibility that your scraper or streaming service will be stopped.

However, how much will partner marketers get paid by this programme?

In this programme, all transactions are subject to a 50% origination fee.

However, you may make up to $1,500 from one sale.

Thanks to the $400 monthly cost of some of their proxy solutions.

As a result, promoting this affiliate programme to a suitable market gives it one of the top options.

Program Link: SmartProxy affiliate program

Commission Rate: 50%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Prior to the advent of insurance coverage, business insurance already existed in our culture.

To reduce a long tale short, having enough company insurance helps protect entrepreneurs from going bankrupt.

However, how then can you locate the top commercial insurance for your requirements?

Embroker is employed.

This firm, which was established in 2015, has aided more than 20,000 companies in finding the ideal insurance.

Additionally, their technical solution to a long-standing issue is transforming the way company insurance is purchased, valued, and offered for sale.

Why then should affiliates promote this above other expensive affiliate schemes?

They do, however, pay a fixed $250 compensation for any new client you send their way using a referral link.

One of the many shows that, with the appropriate affiliate and market, might provide money equivalent to a full-time employment.

Program Link: Embroker affiliate program

Commission Rate: $250 per lead
Cookie Duration: 90 days

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