12 Home Decor Affiliate Programs

Our experience during the lockdown has demonstrated to us how crucial it is to possess a home that we can relax in. It should be no surprise that many more individuals are remodelling their houses and spending on brand-new home furnishings: 40% of UK residents purchased new home furnishings during lockdown, and a similar percentage moved their stuff for a fresh viewpoint.

Among the most common ones were bathroom supplies, file cabinets, art, and beds. In addition, consumers were eager to spend in garden furniture, a 110% increase over the prior season. In the United States, compared to the same week last year, purchases at home repair merchants increased by 32%, while purchases at department stores rose by 6%. Americans generally paid 10% mostly on home renovation work in 2020 than they did in 2019, according to HomeAdvisor.

Patterns may be observed across the Skimlinks community. Distributor revenues in the home decorating sector climbed by 73% between 2019 and 2020, with APAC seeing the biggest gain of 113%, then the US at 80%, and Europe at 59%.

It’s a fantastic moment to write about home décor affiliate programmes since more fashion firms, like Mango and SSENSE, are branching out into home décor and because new home and design businesses are starting up. Here is a list of the best 17 home décor affiliate programmes to aid authors in discovering new sources of income.

This is one of the factors that will contribute to the home décor industry reaching US$664 billion by 2020. It may surprise you to learn that the home décor sector is virtually as lucrative as the debt settlement one.

Let’s now take a look at how you could assist others improve their homes or flats while making a large income.

Best Home Decor Affiliate Programs

  • One Kings Lane
  • The Home Depot
  • Wayfair
  • Keetsa Mattresses
  • Pier 1
  • Aroma Tech
  • MAT Living
  • Ted’s Woodworking
  • Baloo Blankets
  • White Terry
  • Rug Source
  • bsedi

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is aware of the strong speech your home design makes regarding your taste in fashion.

Yet they bring it to an entirely different level by providing you the option to create your custom furnishing in addition to the standard selection of furniture, carpets, mirrors, and wall hangings.

You can essentially make your personal bespoke equipment via their Palette function, that they’ll make and send to you.

You’ll then understand why One Kings Lane is distinctive in the home design industry when you take into account their selection of antique furnishings and accessories.

And distinctive is often far simpler to market than commonplace.

Partners should anticipate earning around $10 for each client they suggest, with an average purchase value of $200 per client.

But make an effort to go beyond simply basic earnings.

However, pay attention to their program profits and EPC as they are a clear indicator of how well-performing the genuine partners are.

Program Link: One Kings Lane affiliate program

Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 14 days

The Home Depot

Let us just begin with The Home Depot, the biggest home renovation shop in the US. They certainly don’t require much of an explanation, but for amateurs and specialists, this is a one-stop destination for everything you might possibly want. I could not possibly include all of their products, although they do have a selection of the major home décor subcategories:

  • Flowers and plants made of plastic
  • Candles and Aroma Ornamental Containers
  • Nurseries and children
  • Festive Décor
  • Room separators and Home Accents
  • Dining room and kitchen decorative elements
  • Mirrors for the bedroom and bathroom
  • Home Office Mats and Area Rugs

Of course, the aforementioned list is in addition to their other selection of goods, which also includes furnishings, equipment, art, accessories, home technology, and other aesthetic necessities. Although their compensation levels are not as great compared to others, this website offers a lot that you could certainly build a respectable network marketing company purely on the basis of it.

Program Link: The Home Depot Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: 2%-8%
Cookie Duration: 1 Day


Everybody “should reside in an apartment they enjoy,” according to Wayfair.

In order to guarantee that customers can find precisely what they require from Wayfair or its associated companies Joss & Main, Perigold, All Modern and Birch Lane, they have made it their goal.

On Wayfair, interior designers may fairly find everything they require to equip a new house or give remodelling projects life.

That covers anything from pillows to towels to kitchen gadgets of all different sizes and kinds.

This partner network’s EPC won’t change your life, but it’s still impressive.

The typical order value is $300, and the over $50 EPC results in a home decorating campaign that is definitely good enough to justify marketing.

The 7-day restriction is the only possible drawback, although fans of home décor sometimes make impulsive purchases.

No one ever departs IKEA without purchasing something.

Program Link: Wayfair affiliate program

Commission Rate: 7%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Keetsa Mattresses

In order to make a collection of 6 mattress toppers the finest they could be, Keetsa spent over a decade honing them.

Additionally, all of these distinctive mattresses is covered by a 12-year guarantee, and your guests may use their investment decision to stretch the expense.

But they provide more than just beds.

Along with producing mattresses, pillows, bedding, and relaxation sheets, they primarily produce headboards.

Given how different their internet advertising is from the typical staged photos of furniture in a “perfect location,” we decided to offer Keetsa a shout-out here.

The average sales amount of $650 per client is really what attracts us (and, by extension, you) to our home décor affiliate programme.

Keetsa’s online website also has a bit of a unique quality.

Furthermore, we believe it will benefit partners in terms of overall exchange rates, meaning you’ll receive more money.

Program Link: Keetsa Mattresses affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Pier 1

Another great website, Pier 1, has a variety of imported products that are intended to somehow be “exciting, entertaining, colourful, innovative, and absolutely out of the usual.” Obviously, there are simply too many to attempt to describe below, but their classifications contain:

  • Couch Cushions & Pillows
  • Lamps & Candles for Decoration
  • Rugs and Textiles
  • Furnishings for the bedroom and bathroom
  • Carpeting, tablecloths, dining, and partying

Yet again, there is unquestionably sufficient content on this website to support the creation of an internet company, or it would be a wonderful addition to almost any existing online company serving any of the aforementioned markets. A sizable part on trends and fashion is also included, along with tips and tutorials.

Program Link: Pier1AffiliateProgram

Commission Rate: 7%

Cookie Duration: Not Stated


Animal friendly, vegans, raw, and natural oil blends are produced by AromaTech, along with the diffusers needed to utilise them.

Since such MLM firms promoted natural ingredients as a panacea for all recognized illnesses, we are aware that they have a negative reputation.

With AromaTech goods, you don’t need to be concerned about that as well.

We like the “Perfume Your Business” concept, which suggests that you might utilise AromaTech to produce a smell that people will connect with your brand or organisation in addition to making your team more content and effective.

You are offering a variety of items ideal for dogs, vegetarians, as well as commercial and residential premises, and you have typical purchases over $200, 20% profit on those, and a $460+ EPC.

The very next greatest part to a formal money making scheme could be to promote AromaTech.

Program Link: AromaTech affiliate program

Commission Rate: 20% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

MAT Living 

Let’s continue to get more specific, beginning with MAT Living. A selection of modern, opulent, and historic rugs to match any home décor are available at MAT Living, a “specialised rug shop to choose your favourite floor carpet.” There are many types and designs of these accessible.

Additionally, there is a wide selection of pillows and pouffes for individuals in the goods industry.

There is definitely not quite enough material here to support a complete partner company, but this one might be effective in any field related to interior décor, speciality room arrangements, or house design. Additionally, there is the potential for customization, which you may negotiate with your audience.

Program Link: MAT Living Affiliate Program
Commission Rate: up to 30%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Ted’s Woodworking

At first sight, Teds Woodworking may not appear to be the best choice for a piece on home decorating ecommerce platforms.

However, home décor encompasses a wide range of projects, from picking out a new throw for your couch to gut remodelling a townhouse.

As well as what specific aspects for your customers to understand plenty about woodworking to undertake a portion of the task themselves to acquire the exact outcomes they require?

Individuals who buy this media product on ClickBank get access to comprehensive directions for 16,000 woodworking.

And certainly, there is something for every level of competence.

If you’re not acquainted with ClickBank, their “Gravity” score—rather than their EPC—matters in this situation. In this instance, it’s 139.88, indicating a very, very strong seller for this product.

Additionally, as shown by the ‘Avg Rebill Total’ statistic above, you may be able to generate ongoing revenue from a single transaction.

The fact that the typical homeowner may safeguard themselves against shady contractors and con artists by being knowledgeable about the fundamentals of woodworking is one method to advertise this curriculum to them.

Program Link: Teds Woodworking affiliate program
Commission Rate: $54.69 per sale
Cookie Duration: n/a

Baloo Blankets

A cover that may brag about is produced by Baloo Living, making it the ideal item for just about every household we can imagine of.

These blankets are not your standard everyday cover.

The blankets in question are heavy ones that conform to your physique as you rest.

Additionally, it seems that being tight increases levels of serotonin, therefore in addition to being comfortable, you’ll likely awake feeling refreshed and happy.

It’s among the important advertising presentations we’ve seen in a while, however we have no clue.

Weighted blankets were completely unknown to us before we discovered Baloo on ShareASale, thus we believe you qualify as an enthusiastic supporter.

You may anticipate a 10% reward on their $180 purchase frequency amount, or around $18 per transaction, regardless of whether you are an early adopter.

Who wouldn’t want to get a better night’s rest right? That’s another pretty nice aspect of advertising Baloo blankets.

Program Link: Baloo Living affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10% on each sale
Cookie Duration: 15-days

White Terry

The struggles of a young mother with two children who was attempting to obtain sufficient sleep every night to deal with her infants gave birth to White Terry.

However, she discovered that the pricey sheets she purchased either weren’t as comfy as they claimed to be, tore quickly, or were an irritating mix of both.

The complete White Terry line is created from 100% natural fibres, and a part of the company’s earnings are used to buy beds for children in underdeveloped nations between the ages of 6 and 12.

As a result, you may support a worthwhile purpose while promoting a variety of organic bed sheets, pillows, bedspreads, and baby sheets.

Program Link: White Terry affiliate program
Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Rug Source

You won’t be surprised to learn that Rug Source offers hundreds of various styles of carpets, that will fit any household.

Additionally, “That carpets truly pulled the place nicely,” as a smart man reportedly remarked.

But the truth is that people who adore home furnishings rugs are prepared to spend a lot of cash to have the precise one they desire.

Rug Source takes advantage of this by providing a broad selection of rugs, ranging from inexpensive replicas that sell for a few hundred bucks to expensive real Persian carpets that may cost thousands of dollars each.

How much money can you expect to earn as an affiliate is the information you care about the most.

The average order value at Rug Source is $784.42.

Their EPC is evidence that their affiliates are generating a lot of money since an order of that amount would result in a commission of $235.

Any DIY, craft, home improvement, or renovation blog might gain from publicising this initiative.

Program Link: Rug Source affiliate program

Commission Rate: $30%
Cookie Duration: 180 days


A family design which founded the smaller website bseid (Blue Sky Environments Home Décor) identifies themselves as “adoring fans and marketers of distinctive home design.” However, with items offered in the categories listed, their variety size most definitely does not fall into the “little” group:

This website might perform effectively well enough for individuals in the “personalised” home interior sector with a product category targeted at the young at heart, the perfectionist, or the domestic goddess.” The website also provides a wide range of resources and support to help with this, including blogging, style manuals, and seasonal guidance.

  • Bedding and pillows
  • Windows and Walls 
  • Walls & Windows
  • Lamps
  • Furnishings & décor

Program Link: bseid affiliate program
Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: Not Stated

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