11 Home Security Affiliate Programs

Everybody deserves to be secure in their own house.

However, some individuals disregard that privilege and are always hunting for places to steal into.

That clarifies the reason why there were more than a minimum 1,249,000 burglars in the US in 2017 only.

One occurs each fifteen seconds.

From past experience, having your home broken into puts your whole family through a great deal of anxiety.

The excellent thing is that 60% to 70% of thieves will stay away from houses with safety systems of any type.

You could also build a successful niche website around a certain subject, offering several affiliate schemes for home safety.

Best Home Security Affiliate Programs

  • GunSafes.com
  • Liberty Insurance
  • LA View Security
  • Hippo
  • Revo Alarm & Security
  • Zmodo
  • SmartHome
  • Tink.Us
  • Guardline Security
  • Century Martial Arts
  • FrointPoint


Although Gun Safes.com may not appear to be an easy answer for inclusion in such a list, we have really reasonable grounds for doing so.

The initial reason is that burglars pick particular residences as they are aware that they have firearms there.

Weapons are private property, therefore it only stands to reason to safeguard them against theft or abuse.

The average order amount of approximately $1,400, which is higher than any other partner program we’ve reviewed, is our secondary justification for mentioning this programme.

According to the aforementioned, the typical associate may anticipate making $69 per transaction, which is comparable to the majority of economic affiliate programmes.

Also it’s important to note that just their “Silver” partner category, rewarded for purchases up to $5,000, offers a commission rate of 5%.

However, “Platinum” partners get 7% of purchases over $10,000, or at least $700 per transaction.

Program Link: Gun Safes affiliate program

Commission Rate: 5% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Liberty Insurance

There shouldn’t be any reason to introduce Liberty Mutual as a business.

Since we want you to get a second programme, for instance the initial programme you were advertising has problems, they are indeed the second property insurance provider we’ve highlighted in this collection.

In terms of size, Liberty is the fifth-largest estate carrier in the United States and has locations in 30 other nations.

Their homeowner’s private insurers include the actual house as well as private possessions, liabilities, and even extra living costs.

For a legitimate home insurance premium filed in an equilibrium situation, their Commission Junction affiliate programme pays $10 per referral.

Although their EPC demonstrates that partners are certainly earning a significant sum of money by recommending their items, their compensation per purchase could seem to be relatively modest.

Program Link: Liberty Mutual affiliate program

Commission Rate: $3 – $10 per lead
Cookie Duration: 120 days

LA View Security

From 2012, Laview Security has really been providing a variety of DIY security camera systems to consumers in North America.

To get started, get a simple IP camera in order to watch over your house and animals while you are at work.

Alternatively, you might go for a full HD NVR imaging system; it all relies on how much you have to invest.

They provide a wide selection of HD camera systems, IP cameras, video buzzers, etc. in any case.

LaView caught our interest not just because they provide home security systems clearly, but also due to they consistently do well on ShareASale.

Additionally, a more-than-respectable EPC for a home safety affiliate programme supports their connection speeds.

Although they may not provide as many products as other businesses, what counts most is that their consumers are purchasing the items they are offering.

Program Link:LaView Security affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 90 days


Hippo is in this list  due to property destruction and stolen items average $2,000 for a household during a break-in.

You will be obligated to compensate for such damages out of your own money when you don’t really have insurance.

What’s remarkable is that there are over 70 million unprotected households in the US, frequently out of choice rather than financial need.

As a result, you already possess a market segment of tens of millions of individuals.

Your visitors may get a quotation from Hippo in just 60 seconds and save up to 25% on house insurance coverage.

Partners get $25 for each referral, and a cursory look at their enormous EPC reveals that Hippo is doing an amazing job of turning even tepid visitors.

Due to Hippo’s recent activity on the ShareASale platform, the average selling price in the image is indeed $0.00.

Program Link: Hippo affiliate program

Commission Rate: $25 per lead
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Revo Alarm & Security

In the security cameras market, Revo America has established a reputation for providing “…high – tech gear yet at competitive pricing.”

Although you may rely on them to maintain your home safe, their product line is similar to what you would find at a casino, institution, or terminal.

Because of their ‘EZLink’ program, that allows you to connect to your video system through a computer or phone, you can accomplish this from any part of the globe.

As a component of the package, Revo buyers receive delivery service, a 90-day refund policy, lifelong support, and a 2-year guarantee.

Although the $755.79 purchase frequency amount is great, it’s unfortunate that they don’t provide a somewhat larger transaction fee.

However, even with a 5% origination fee, you’ll still make an average of over $40 every transaction, so you can offset that by just sending more people their way.

Program Link: Revo America affiliate program

Commission Rate: 5% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days


The manufacturing of Zmodo’s selection of surveillance camera equipment began in Shenzhen in 2011. Ever since, a selling branch in California and a technical support division in Champaign, Illinois, have been established.

For its solutions, which include exterior and interior surveillance cameras like the Zmodo Snap PT, the Sight 180 interior, or their Sight 180 exterior versions, they have also received a number of commercial and technological prizes.

Additionally, they produce the “Greet” line of video doorbell devices, which begin at around $100.

Therefore, even if you haven’t known about Zmodo yet, you probably will in the near future.

Even though the Zmodo brand name is quite fairly priced, their average purchase amount is considerably over $500, which is intriguing in this case.

This informs us that their clients are either buying whole camera systems or a number of separate home security cameras at once.

The one significant drawback to their affiliate programme is a 7-day session; if they intend to attract more partners, this should be extended at minimum 1 month.

Program Link:Zmodo affiliate program

Commission Rate: 5% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days


In addition to selling home surveillance systems, Smart Home also offers a wide selection of other smart devices gadgets that the ordinary DIY fanatic may setup without the help of a trained professional, such as lights, security, and entertainment gadgets.

While advertising recently launched affiliate programmes is already pleasant, there are instances when it is just simpler to pre-sell a firm that has been operating from 1992.

Security devices, cams, movement detectors, controlled lights, doorbell video devices, and even central locking are part of their home safety offerings.

Partners should be aware that their typical purchase value is $220 or more, and that you receive 4% of that amount, divided over 13,000 manufactured commodities.

Please keep in mind that highest partners may always request a better compensation rate, that Smart Home is regularly releasing new items for you to evaluate or promote, and the home safety sector won’t be disappearing any real soon.

Program Link:  Smart Home affiliate program

Commission Rate: 4% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Dr. Julian Hueck and Dr. Marius Lissautzki created Tink.us in Berlin in 2016. Their objective was to establish a company that offered low-cost, simple-to-install smart home goods and gadgets.

Initial designs for intelligent devices focused on enhancing human comfort  and perhaps even power efficiency.

A home safety device no longer needs to cost thousands of dollars; instead, it can be purchased for as low as $150 thanks to linked home innovation.

Being part of their selection of security goods, Tink.us offers interior webcams, exterior cameras, alarm systems, and video doorbells.

The average purchase amount is $237.09, so you can anticipate earning roughly $23 for each client you direct to their website. Partners earn 10% of every transaction that they recommend.

You would be marketing a programme which already generates income for other partners because they are one of the best players on the ShareASale platform.

Program Link: Tink.us affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Guardline Security

However, Guardline has been producing and marketing its own range of cordless motion detectors since 2011. Guardline first started offering a movement warning system early in 2001.

The greatest home safety systems provide a client with several alert and defensive levels.

Guardline devices alert you if anyone enters your property without authorization and opens a gate, parks in your driveway, or does anything else.

That provides you the opportunity to safeguard your house and call the police in your area.

Most partners don’t market alarm systems at all, despite the fact that they should always be one component of a home security system.

This is due to the fact that they are solely committed to pushing “smart devices” security and/or CCVT systems.

Their failure is your profit, however, as you’ll earn 25% of every successful transaction for Guardline, or around $28 for each client you refer to them.

Program Link: Guardline affiliate program

Commission Rate: 25% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Century Martial Arts 

Century Martial Arts are not simply another business taking advantage of the MMA and BJJ craze that is now popular. From 1976, they have been in operation, and a lot of their staff members are active martial arts.

Now what martial arts have in common with home safety, you’re presumably asking.

This is essentially a no-cost lesson on how using your imagination may give you access to a wide variety of possibilities.

Although there are 11,000 things available, we are particularly interested in their selection of tactical gear.

In a perfect world, no one would ever break into your house.

Or, assuming it is, that the authorities react swiftly enough just to thwart the crime while it is still being committed.

However, you could be forced to protect your house and your family if you have no other alternative.

The strategic items from Century Martial Art may help you in that regard by giving you the equipment you really have to protect your house.

We would anticipate a programme like this to pay 5% compensation, as the majority of martial arts programmes do.

Despite this, martial artists often binge purchase, particularly if they discover equipment or gear that they can’t get anywhere else. Their average order value is $150.

Program Link: Century Martial Arts affiliate program

Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days


A really well provider of home surveillance systems, The Frontpoint joined the industry in 2007. Aaron Shumaker, Peter Rogers, and Chris Villar, three superstars in the home safety business, formed the business.

Frontpoint has quickly established a reputation as one of the top security solution providers in the industry since it was founded. The business takes pleasure in offering dependable and superior domestic security products.

The gadgets they provide in this respect are all created using cutting-edge innovation, giving home buyers full control over through the safety of their residences. Their solutions comprehend the arrangement of the home and instantly notify consumers in the event of an intruder or activity.

The devices from Frontpoint not only provide exceptional security, but they are also inexpensive, simple to use, and straightforward to install. Frontpoint places a high value on producing items that are both inexpensive and of excellent caliber.

One of the handful of private security companies with a stellar reputation, this business is deserving of your support. In terms of the business’ affiliate programmes, it provides some of the greatest rates available.

Partners are eligible at least of $300 in payment for each registration! Because of this, one of the most prominent affiliate programmes on the economy today now is for the Frontpoint home automation system.

Program Link: Frontpoint Security System Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $300

Cookie Duration: Not Stated

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