13 Amazing Side Hustles For Introverts

Do you get energy by being alone? 

Then you’re an introvert. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be the center of attention to build a lucrative side hustle. 

In fact, some of the best entrepreneurs are introverts. Although you do need to know how to sell, but more on that later.

As an introvert, I enjoy working from home. I get the chance to focus on the work I want to do, without needing to interact with people all the time (like you do in an office). 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a recluse, but I just enjoy peace and quiet. 

That’s the beauty of the world. There’s so many opportunities to make money that you don’t need to be a slap-your-back, happy, go-lucky salesperson to be successful. 

Network marketing? Cold calling? Creating Youtube channels? 

Probably not the best idea for an introvert. 

That’s why I’ve created this article to help you guide introverts into the best side hustles. If you’re looking for legitimate ways to make extra money with a side hustle, without talking to (or dealing with) people all day, then keep reading! 

Freelance Writing

This is my favorite side hustle. 


Because you can get started right now, and high quality writers are ALWAYS in need. Even if you’re writing for $.04/word (which is very low in the industry) you’re still making $80 for every 2,000 words of content. 

If you can write the content within 2 hours – which is easily accomplishable – you’ll be earning $40/hr. 

Not bad right? 

That’s just content writing too which is one of the many niches you can focus on. 

I’m so enthusiastic about this side hustle for introverts because it aligns so well with the introverted personality. You don’t need to talk with people, you can just write. 

Not only will you get paid to write, but by writing your going to crystallize your thinking and become a better thinker. 

I started freelance writing back in 2015 when I was still in college. The only job I was “technically” qualified for was a valet job and that was the last thing I wanted to do. I found out you could make serious cash by writing online, so I joined oDesk (now called Upwork) and made my first $30 within 24 hours. 

Not too shabby right??

It’s still very much possible for you to get started right now too. 

Here are some niche ideas for freelance writing you can try out: 

  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Ghostwriting
  • Self-Publishing
  • Brochure writing
  • Script writing
  • Technical writing
  • And much more

It’s very possible for you to make a great living, not just as a side hustle, writing online. 


Maybe writing just isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re more of a reader. 

If so, then proofreading is right up your alley. 

As a proofreader you’ll be responsible for correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 

There are over 4.4 million blog posts published every single day. With this much content being circulated on the internet, someone needs to proofread them and ensure it’s readable. 

Not only will you get the chance to earn money while you read, you’ll also read some really interesting books in the process!


People really sleep on bookkeeping. It’s one of those side hustles you don’t need any serious credentials to perform, but are so necessary for the businesses. 

Bookkeeping is the process of managing financial records for a business. You’ll be directly reporting to the CFO. You’ll be responsible for handling the financial reports of a business.

If you’re good at math, and don’t want to talk to anyone, then bookkeeping is a great option. 


Can you type faster than 70 words per minute without breaking a sweat? 

Do you have good hearing? 

Then try out transcription work as a legit side hustle. It’s the process of turning audio files into text documents. 

There are generally 3 major areas for transcription work:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • General


This is the process where you transcribe voice-recorded medical reports which are provided by nurses, physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. It’s a critical aspect of the industry to keep records accurate. It’s also very crowded with transcription providers.


This is the process where you transcribe recordings made by paralegals, attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals. This is often what people think when they hear of a transcriptionist.


This is the process where you transcribe recordings made by the general communities. From business executives to podcasters (which is really popular!). This is the fastest growing niche of transcription right now. 

Video Captions

Here’s another fun option you can try out which is related to transcribing. Video captions. 

Did you know the second most used search engine is YouTube? There’s so much video content being produced, and almost all of it needs captions for those with hearing disabilities. 

Even Facebook ads and videos need to have captions because it helps increase click through rate. 


This is always recommended as the number 1 option for side hustles. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic method to earn money. You can sell a course, get adsense revenue, even make a little money from affiliate marketing. 

The problem? 

It takes a really long time to start making money from a blog. You need to build the authority of a website so Google trusts you enough to start ranking you for search results. 

You’re no longer able to write about what you ate this morning. You need to actually provide valuable content by writing about things people actually need help with. 

The nice thing about blogging? 

You’re completely location independent and you control your traffic. All you need is content and backlinks. 

Graphic Design

This is for you artists out there. If you’re looking for ways to monetize your creative and artistic abilities, then consider graphic design.

Personally, I’m not very good at design. I think a little too “left-brain” for this kind of work. However, I do know many people who have serious freelance businesses where they sell design services. 

Here are some niches you can start with: 

  • Logos
  • Landing pages
  • Infographics
  • Ebook covers
  • Animation videos

You also don’t need to actually talk with anyone really. You can go to Upwork or Fiverr and get started. 

Pro Tip: Get the paid version of Canva. It’s the bee’s knees. 

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Virtual Assistant

If you’re an organized person who loves doing admin work, you’ll enjoy working as a virtual assistant. 

You’re going to be the backbone of the organization ensuring the key activities business owners need get accomplished on time. 

Here are some services you can offer: 

  • Project management
  • Email management 
  • Data collection
  • Social media management
  • Ghostwriting
  • Data entry

It’s fast and easily affordable to get started. All you need is a computer, grit, organization skills, and a positive attitude.

You can set your own schedule and you’ll get the opportunity to work with some incredibly smart people. 

I’m friends with someone who went from being an executive assistant to becoming a Vice President because of all her experience and 1:1 time with leadership. 

Dog Walker

You might get drained with people, but how do you feel about pets? If you’re anything like me, you love being around them and they don’t drain your batteries. 

If this is you, then a great side hustle is becoming a dog walker. You’ll get the chance to make money while exercising too!

You can go to sites like Rover or even Care.com where you’ll set your own rates and find clients to help. 

Another good idea is becoming a pet sitter (or even a house sitter), where you’ll go to the homes of people vacationing and take care of their pets. 

Freelance Web Developer

It’s never been easier to learn how to become a front end developer. Every website you see was built by a web developer, and I’m willing to bet a large portion of those developers were freelance. 

Freelancing is one of the fastest ways to make money coding, but it’s also one of the best paths for introverts who don’t want to speak with people on a daily basis. 

You’ll be working on coding projects basically every day where you’re dealing with objects instead of people. 

The best part?

You can actually get paid to learn, even as a freelancer!

Cleaning Services

Nearly all your cleaning jobs will take place with clients still at work. 

A cleaning business will have low overhead, very small operating expenses, and you’ll “usually” never need to interact with clients. 

Most of the cleaning jobs are going to be just normal chores you do everyday anyways. You’ll do dishes, scrub floors, clean bathrooms, and beyond. 

You can even get started right now to find clients by going to sites like Care.com and even TaskRabbit, until you build up a book of business.

Video Editor

Demand for video content is at an all time high, and it’s expected to increase every year. There’s a saying I really enjoy: “When there’s a gold rush, be the person selling shovels.”

Video editing is being that person. Plus, with the advancements in remote collaboration, you’ll never need to meet people face to face, or really need to deal with them. 

You can just advertise your services as an editor only, not a producer. This way you won’t need to be part of a crowded filming set, and you can just do your thing at your house. 

Data Analyst

Data is the new oil. It’s some of the most valuable information you can get, but only if you understand what the data is telling you. 

That’s where a data analyst comes in. You’ll be responsible for understanding new and emerging trends or user behavior which will help businesses make accurate decisions. 

Many people think a data analyst is working for a large corporation like Amazon or Facebook, but in reality you can be a freelance data analyst and control your own freedom and flexibility. 

The best part is you’ll be working mainly with numbers and figures, not people. The perfect side hustle for an introvert. 

QA Tester

Every website and application needs a quality assurance tester. You’ll be the person who interacts with the product to ensure it’s an easy, simple, and positive experience for the end user. 

Basically you’ll give feedback to the developing team about the kinks, bugs, or positives you noticed using their product. 

You’ll need to have an eye for detail and the ability to give transparent, but constructive, feedback. 

If you have an eye for detail and like playing with gadgets then consider being a QA tester. 

Executive Summary: Side Hustles For Introverts

And there you have it! 

The 13 top side hustle options for introverts. 

Do you have any options you think should be added? If so, leave a comment! 

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