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13 Killer Solar Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Marketing


Solar energy is single-handedly the most abundant and renewable energy source in the world. This energy is essentially radiation from the sun which is then converted into electricity or heat to be used for a magnitude of processes. 

Another amazing fact of solar energy is its quantity; there is so much of this energy source available that if utilized in an efficient manner, it alone can cover all the energy requirements that this earth has.

Many companies have realized this huge opportunity in the market so you must be completely aware of the different solutions available at the moment for solar energy conservation and utilization. 

Many companies offer amazing affiliate programs so as to form mutually beneficial partnerships with interested people and organizations. If you want to know more about some of the best solar affiliate programs of 2021, read on ahead!

Best Solar Affiliate programs:

  1. Solgaard Affiliate Program
  2. SmartPower4All Solar Affiliate Program
  3. Goal Zero Affiliate Program
  4. SunPower Affiliate Program
  5. Soliom Affiliate Program
  6. Tesla Affiliate Program
  7. Inergy Affiliate Program
  8. LuminAID Solar Affiliate Program
  9. GoGreenSolar Affiliate Program
  10. Outdoor Solar Lamps Affiliate Program
  11. Home Depot Affiliate Program
  12. SunJack Affiliate Program
  13. BioLite Affiliate Program
  1. Solgaard Affiliate Program

Although this company manufactures backpacks primarily, it is still a champion of solar energy utilization. Their backpacks are made out of waste plastic collected from the oceans and they have a separate solar panel. This panel allows you to charge your electrical devices on the go as long as you soak in some sunlight wearing the bag.

Other than this bag, they sell solar power banks and watches as well. One bag sells for $165 which no doubt is a hefty price, so more often than not the company needs a little boost in promoting and marketing them to the right kind of people. That’s where the affiliates come in hand.

URL: Solgaard affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%; $17.14 on average per bag

EPC: $25.51

Cookie duration: 90 days

  1. SmartPower4All Affiliate Program

Normally, getting your batteries and electrical appliances charged via solar energy would require you to break your bank because you would need to purchase a solar power system, but what if we tell you that you can make your own?

Yep. This company with the very long name brings you the opportunity to build your own smart solar box within $200. If you are able to invest in a few of these babies you can potentially save more than 60% of your utility bills. Plus you are also helping the environment.

The good news is that you can make a whopping 66.65 worth of commission per sale but there’s a catch; since this box needs to be assembled, the base costs $40 to make and in order to climb up the commission ladder, people would need to buy the other parts via your referral. Overall, it’s a pretty sweet deal to take.

URL: SmartPower4All affiliate program

Commission rate: 75%

Cookie duration: 60 days

  1. Goal Zero Affiliate Program

This company has a very inspiring story of how it came into being. The CEO Robert Workman was intent on finding a solution for Congolese people in terms of providing them with renewable energy. In this process, he was able to start his company which now sells portable solar generators, solar panel kits, power banks, lanterns, and a full range of accessories.

It is now one of the most popular companies to commit to promoting solar power for as many people and communities as possible so they can live their lives with ease. If you want to sign up by becoming an affiliate for Goal Zero, you will have to register yourself with PepperJam who are responsible for running their affiliate program.

The average cost of their order is $350.

URL: Goal Zero affiliate program

Commission rate: 5%; $17 per sale approximately

EPC: n/a

Cookie duration: 14 days

  1. SunPower Affiliate program

This company is also dedicated to popularizing solar energy production. They offer an innovative solution to solar related issues from the comfort of your own home; you are able to select whatever custom solar solution you want to implement.

This is why the commission in this case would be based on the number of leads instead of the amount of products sold. In fact, you will still earn your commission just based on how many leads or appointments you manage to get despite them not even buying anything.

URL: SunPower affiliate program

Commission rate: $75 per lead

Cookie duration: 45 days

  1. Soliom Affiliate Program

Ever heard of a solar powered doorbell? Well, now you have. What a time to be alive, eh? Solium manufactures amazing doorbells that don’t need any electric connection to a grid or power supply because it gets its energy from the sun, which shines for long hours over it.

There is absolutely no need for electricity even during power outages because this doorbell stores sufficient solar energy to be functional 24/7. In addition, they also sell security cameras.

Next time you want a bell, get Solium or better yet, help selling them and earn for yourself! The average customer at Solium spends $200 approximately each time. You will earn $8 for every referred sale.

URL: Soliom affiliate program

Commission rate: 8%

EPC: $35.95

Cookie duration: 60 days

  1. Tesla Affiliate Program

How does one not mention the mother of energy conservation brands when talking about solar energy? You were probably already thinking of Tesla when you began your hunt for the perfect affiliate solar program. Though they need no introduction, you should know that in addition to electric cars, they have an array of solar powered products as well such as solar roof tiles, and the Powerwall storage battery.

If it already isn’t such a spectacular company with such an awesome vision for a sustainable future, they also have an affiliate program to help people earn. However, just like everything else they do, their program is also not very traditional.

If someone buys a Tesla as per your referral, you will get 1000 miles of free supercharging for your own Tesla. Those of you who don’t have a Tesla, if someone buys a solar panel on your referral, you get paid $100 per panel sold. They don’t have any info on EPC, commission rates or percentages.

URL: Tesla affiliate program

Commission rate: $100 or 1,000 miles

Cookie duration: TBC

  1. Inergy Affiliate Program

This company definitely deserves a few words of praise because they legitimately work for the betterment of people. They offer a variety of solar solutions with a sole goal in mind; to give people the right to have a comfortable and sustainable light.

They don’t compete vigorously in the industry because gaining market share isn’t as big a need for them as is for many companies in any industry. This is also why all of their operations are kind of away from the public eye. Not much info is available on their affiliate program but here’s what we know: each entry-level solar panel sells for $1740.

URL: Inergy affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%; $174 on average


Cookie duration: 30 days

  1. LuminAID Affiliate Program

Another heartwarming story of people showing their humanity, LuminAID was created based on the inspiration that light too can be a scarce resource in addition to food, water and shelter especially in third world countries.

They have a variety of solar products which are waterproof, durable and they are able to be used for up to 30 hours without charging them again. Their most popular item is the PackLite Hero. Their lights are lightweight and portable, making them extremely convenient to use.

If you think you know places to foster the sales for this company, you will have to be accepted by AvantLink Network in order to be eligible to become an affiliate. On an average, each order costs $70.

URL: LuminAID affiliate program

Commission rate: 8%; $6 approximately


Cookie duration: 30 days

Note: you will get commission on only high-end lanterns, not cost-friendly products.

  1. GoGreenSolar Affiliate Program

GoGreenSolar is your good old company that has been committed to the mission of normalizing solar energy solutions to people. They are a trusted provider of solar panels and solar panel kits. Their products help people in reducing their utility bills by substituting their power needs by renewable energy.

Although they have a standard affiliate program, they go a step beyond by offering their affiliates more; for every order that exceeds $150, affiliates get free shipping along with a price match guarantee, financing options, and renewable tax credits.

URL: GoGreenSolar Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 3% per Sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

  1. Outdoor Solar Lamps Affiliate Program

These guys offer you high-end trendy lamps to hang outdoors either in your garden or patios. People have a variety of designs to choose from. The best part is that they require no wiring or electric outlets to be connected to; it’s all solar! The sun charges them up during the day so that they illuminate your nights.

URL: Outdoor Solar Lamps Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 15% per Sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

  1. Home Depot Affiliate Program

Do we even need to introduce the giant that is Home Depot to anyone? One of the biggest home improvement companies in the world, Home Depot has an interesting affiliate program as well!

URL: Home Depot Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 2-8% per sale

Cookie duration: 1 day

  1. SunJack Affiliate Program

This company specializes in making solar portable chargers for all sorts of electric devices. The company claims to make the best ones too. Just like other ones on the list, they have an impressive profile but the factor which stands out the most is the bonus option in their affiliate program; they not only offer a standard commission but also give bonus commissions to star performers.

URL: SunJack Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 10% per sale plus 20% bonus tier for good performers 

Cookie duration: 30 days

  1. BioLiteAffiliate Program

Committed to sustainability, this company amazingly utilizes fire to generate energy to be used for a variety of uses such as cooking products and chargers. The average order here is approximately $175. Here are the details of the commission program.

URL: BioLite Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 7% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Final Word

This brings us to the end of our list of the hottest and latest affiliate programs in the solar niche, so now you have a variety to choose from. Each program has its own perk to offer so hopefully you’re already registering yourself as an affiliate for at least one of these as we write and you read! 


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